Where Will Black People Be In 100 Years?

Where Will Black People Be In The Future?

Where will black people be in a 100 years was sent in to us from an anonymous user, who seems to feel passionate about the situation.

Where will black people be in 100 years?

We will never know the answer to that question but can guess.
Hopefully some will survive if we stopped killing each other.
We can go to any drive through and have the option for rice and peas and chicken.
Wah gwarn will be in the dictionary. News presenters will say “lickle more” instead of “bye bye”
We will all know the full truth about slavery.
The classroom register will have to be written phonetically to help the teachers read the names.
There will be degree courses on how to act black subtly (what is subtle)
Everyone will know how many carribbean islands there are and say them in alphabetical order.
Everyone will know that Africa is a continent and say the names of each country also in alphabetical order.
All African Americans will know what tribes they are from.
Black people will realise the importance of melanin and stop bleaching.

Hopefully black people

Will be at their own full potential. We will adopt what other cultures do as far as education and careers are concerned. “No son I know that you are 7ft tall but basket ball is saturated, become an astro physicist instead”.

We just don’t know but those were just a few suggestions. We are more than what they told us we can be and yet have the  potential to excell.
Willie Lynch Syndrome will be Gone.

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