Tremz Liverpool No Fame Music Video

Tremz  Liverpool No Fame

Tremz  Liverpool No Fame is a real Bangor, Tremz is too cold.  We have seen him develop his skills over the last 6 months, he is showing a lot more of his character.

No Fame is a dark production, the beat and his lyrics are on point.  He is doing his thing big, and has put Liverpool on the map!  It seems like Tremz has a  couple of haters, or people that doesn’t like to see him win.  Apparently he did dirt at a Mc Donald’s, where he tried to steal from there.

Tremz Liverpool No Fame
Tremz Liverpool No Fame

If you have not got haters, then that means that your not popping.  It does not matter, what people say. Negative or positive, it’s all publicity at the end of the day.  It is more of a problem when, people stop talking about you.

Another thing that we also noticed, was a young rapper called Traemondo Kid. Had put out a video on the same channel, No Fame was released after Traemondo’s  video.  Link Up Tv, disabled the comments, for Traemondo Kid’s video. So naturally, people gravitated towards Trem’s video. To express thier feelings.

Tremz Liverpool No Fame
Tremz Liverpool No Fame

Some people don’t rate Link Up, for featuring the kid on the channel in  the first place. Its all about the money, but sometimes the amount of money is not worth loosing trust over. They seem to have a strong fan base, so it probably won’t affect them much.

With all of that said, it still doesn’t take away from No Fame. Tremz is doing his thing, once you get past his strong northern accent. You catch on to his vibe, Its like French Montana when he gets wavey. No Fame is more on the drill type of feeling, which suites him well, especially with his thick accent.

Check out Tremz  Liverpool No Fame Music Video.


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