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Trae Tha Truth Tha Truth Pt.3
Trae Tha Truth

With a heart big as an Universe, this Texan veteran never stops giving. Not only is he deeply passionate about his music and art, but also is known as one of the most committing person in his hood. But first things first. Just yesterday, Trae released his ninth studio album of Tha Truth series, titled “Tha Truth Pt.3”. Its big numbers aren`t only standing in representation of tracks. But a superstar names that appeared on guest mics tipping only some of the names like: Post Malone, Young Thug, T.I., Royce Da 5`9″.


Trae Day Celebration

And today, July 22nd, is dedicated “Trae Day”, that Houston mayor created as his way of expressing gratitude to Trae`s immense contribution. His ability of being blessed to help others, especially his community,  Trae Tha Truth thoroughly explained:

“I’m going all out. I have over 30 artists coming out for a free concert and the celebration will last for three days. This year I have an area for snow and ice so kids can sled, I have an exotic petting zoo with camels and other animals, we have 20 bouncy castles, laser tag, face-painting, power wheels, and canoeing, McDonalds is giving away $10k in gifts and food coupons, we’re also giving away a few Bump Boxes, a set of rims, school supplies and backpacks.

Trae Tha Truth Tha Truth Pt.3

There’ll be a truck giving free immunizations and HIV testing, we’re giving free haircuts, and on the morning of my album release, I’m taking kids and their families with me to the Children’s Museum.” For Trae, being able to give others who are having a difficult time living and coming up, like the rapper himself had, means everything. And that`s why this album is: “my best album to date”. Let`s reveal the message behind it.


Tha Truth 3 Official Track List

Trae Tha Truth Tha Truth pt. 3
Tha Truth Pt.3 Official Cover Art


1. Can’t Get Close
2. Too Late f. Post Malone
3. Alleviation f. Kim
4. FrFr f. Lil Durk
5. Thuggin f. Skippa Da Flippa and Young Thug
6. Still Out Here f. Rara
7. Fallin Down f. D.R.A.M.
8. Trae Day f. Que
9. Pull Up f. Maxo Kream
10. Prodigy f. Sy Ari Da Kid
11. Break Out Tha Function f. Kim
12. Take Me Back
13. Tried To Play Me
14. Ghetto f. Ink, T.I. and Wyclef Jean
15. I Ain’t Mad At Ya f. Ink
16. Nothin to Lose f. Watson The Great
17. Feel So Lost f. Ink and Kim
18. I’m On 3.0 f. Chamillionaire, Curren$y, Dave East, D.R.A.M., E-40, Fabolous, Gary Clark Jr., G-Eazy, Mark Morrison, Rick Ross, Royce Da 5’9, Snoop Dogg, Styles P, Tee Grizzley and T.I.


Soulful Rap Rendition

In his signature deep, tamed voice, Trae starts of “Tha Truth Pt.3” confessions with a-cappella-like intro song “Can`t Get Close”. Trae fast-reps until 2 thirds of track before a short instrumental drop kicks in. This is a dedication to his best friend and brother Dominic “Money Clip D” who died in a shooting on June 20th, 2012.

Trae Tha Truth Tha Truth Pt.3

On first collabo Trae put his Rap-brother Post Malone on “Too Late” dark, dramatic piano beat. Produced by Mook Beats, this slick Trapper may easily be album`s first favorite. Post Malone gives a special mood to it with his catchy vocal dubs. Main line “it`s too late to slow down” explains a fast life the boys are living.


Mending Manners

Like his colleague, Meek Mill, whos album dropped on the same day (reviewed yesterday), Trae uses his art to express his life`s ups and downs until this very moment. He addresses the hard times he was going through wile in the come up. Kim helps him express his true side and self in “Alleviation”. Accepting the bad past and the good future.

Trae Tha Truth Tha Truth Pt.3
Trae`s bullet from the shooting back in 2012

In “for real, for real” acronymed “FrFr” feat. Lil Durk, Trae Tha Truth brings more dirt of truth. With a bit more confidence in his heart, Trae talks about them fake ones and his self-respect. He also never forgets to mention his big giving heart that mended many wounds in his blocks.


Spluging, Grinding And Praying

In the continuance of “Tha Truth Pt.3”, Trae stays on his real scale, shifting up and down through life`s moments. From throwing couple of lavish show off slaps in “Thuggin” with Young Thug and Skippa Da Flippa, to “Still Out Here” ft. Ra Ra and “Falling Down” (ft. D.R.A.M.), Trae firmly, determinedly flips a few more life book chapters.

Trae Tha Truth Tha Truth Pt.3
Trae Tha Truth

He acknowledges that he isn`t afraid of rough times, neither of his dark past. He accepts all of his trials and tribulations, but also doesn`t forgive a turned back. And stays being thankful for the good today and even better tomorrow, proclaiming he will not fall down that easy.

Trae Day

Trae Tha Truth Tha Truth Pt.3
Trae Day

One of the album`s hit singles must be this one. “Trae Day” in collaboration with Que, is one amazing super-addictive Trap production. Que gives a honorable push to this amazing Houston anthem for sure. The stoking hook will be sung like an hymn:

“Pull Up On Da Block It`s Like A Mo` Fukin` Parade,

Middle Of The Hood Feel Like I`m Standing On The Stage,

When I Saw My Face, Watch Out The City Celebrate,

Cuz` This A Real Nigga Holiday”.


Money, Power Respect

After the celebration, Trae hits down real hard on the bar lines. He terrors down haters in gangster-like joint “Pull Up” with Maxo Kream. A mega-banger. And he continues to hit them heavy blows in “Prodigy” ft. Sy Ari Da Kid. He demands respect and gves one if treated right.

Trae Tha Truth Tha Truth Pt.3

When Kim joins again for the “Break Out The Function”, Trae hit the break from a strong lining sniff. He talks about the strength of a real relationship and the true emotional commitment.


Blood Spilled Lyricism

Reminiscing about the past some more, Trae keeps going deeper, digging out some more prayers. His early days of hustle are depicted meticulously in “Take Me Back”. And after, comes one of the doppiest tracks Trae did throughout his long career. “Tried To Play Me” single talks about betrayal, is a way that Trae outdid his own expectations.

Trae Tha Truth Tha Truth Pt.3
Trae Tha Truth

The light, but dramatic, suspended, toned down piano atmosphere and floating 808 sub-bass, kept the distance between beauty and horrible truth. He obviously is mad at this girl that wasn`t there when he needed he the most. There`s a male back vocal on the hook here, but is still unknown artist. But this gem, is for ever.

Light Soul Scribbles For The End

Collaborative package of final tracks to lock in the “Tha Truth Pt3” right brought a light breeze of natural, human soul session vibes. T.I. Wyclef Jean and Ink built the “Ghetto” blocks together, singing/rapping  about “ghetto dreams” and basic survival skills.

Ink then stays for another one, a light-eared guitar acoustic session for “I Ain`t Mad At Ya”. Trae resolves all of his issues and stays unchallenged against his emotions.

Trae Tha Truth Tha Truth Pt.3
Trae Tha Truth

The sour scar tastes of loss is most powerfully described in “Nothing To Lose” with Watson The Great. Another slow beating piano lesson of fraud, dark ways and dealing with consequences.  Ink and Kim team up to provide another great aid to Trae`s “Tha Truth Pt.3” soul diary. “Feel So Lost” holds attitude towards misused friendship. Trae Tha Truth is not the one to be played, again and again.

And the last track “I`m On 3.0” a giga-collaborative mic play, serves like a great album finisher. A Dream Team of MCs on the roster cyphered-up the whole message of “Tha Truth Pt3”, and tag-closed Trae`s project perfectly.


Tha Real Truth Of Trae

Trae Tha Truth Tha Truth Pt.3
Trae Tha Truth

I gotta tell ya, Trae didn`t lie a bit about it. The “Tha Truth Pt.3” is one of his best pieces, lyrically and real message shipping likely. It breathes in the hefty bites of torn life pieces. It breathes out the courage, strength and will for a better version of a good man. The version everyone deserves.

Trae Tha Truth`s “Tha Truth Pt.3” justifies the whole meaning it was made for. You don`t have to think this through, grab the LP here and stream in the player below, it`s a clean 8/10:


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