Tizzy Gang “Opps Next Door Vol.1” (Album Review) [Stream Online]

UK`s Grime crew Tizzy Gang, consisting of artists like Merky ACE, Tre Mission, Cadell, with also including MIK, Vic Santoro, Nasty Jack and more finally releases their studio debut under the name “Opps Next Door Vol.1”. Album was dropped today and features a Mixtape worth 20 tracks to grime to. “Opps Next Door” was published via “Last Gang Records” and has already peaked at high praise levels. Let`s hear if any of those fresh new impressions are actually true.


“Opps Next Door Vol.1” Track List

Tizzy Gang
Opps Next Door Vol 1 Cover Art


1) Intro

2) Steeze
3) OppsNextDoor
4) Round Table
5) Junk Food
6) Mf
7) Qwerty
8) Breakfast
9) Eski
10) Shekel
11) Pay Da Bill
12) D_S
13) New School
14) Old School Roadman Jacket
15) Mr. Chin
16) Field
17) Speculations
18) Alive
19) How Comes
20) Are You With Them

Peaking Through The Lock

Intro introduces “real life” with some real talk from the Johnny Porter, after which first song rolls in. “You`re like the average Joe, Budden” sticks to my ears when intriguing “Steeze” walks in the sound room. Tre Mission on the lovely, tender musical background providing sound ground for them boys and they synced their rap perfectly.

Tizzy Gang
Tizzy Gang

Album`s theme jam “Opps Next Door” opens even wider cracking out my curiosity. Nasty Jack, Tre Mission and Merky ACE nailed the rap bars with their slick vibe. Some strange broken keys cross in between the next real rap splurging among Vic Santoro and Jason Packs. The two-chorus hit showcases a drama-like lifestyle and a survival techniques from the young bloods.

More Serious Drops On A Way

After “Opps” another great project enrolls. “Junk Food” joint is a tension-tied slow trapper produced by Splurt Diablo and vocally imprinted by Tre Mission, Cadell and Merky ACE. Boys depict their own angle of view on life with passionately-made lyrical drops.

Splurt kicks in another one for the “MF” with Nasty Jack and Cadell on the mics. “MF” opens with lots of tension and hood ego. It`s an upbeat joint, short, but very energy effective.

Tizzy Gang

“Qwerty” types in another great fast-rap elegance. Another gangsta-like performance with dramatic underlining. Slow tempo dictates the strong implementation of dramatic synth lines with boys`s sharp rap notes.


Tasty 808 Lines And Flavored Lyricism

Down the road, “Opps Next Door” becomes more and more interesting, chippy but in a dope way and very addictively strange. “Breakfast” maybe explains that emotion the best. Crazy mixed-in vocal samples with chimey synths and rappers strong bars, keep the grime level too hot. Tre Mission had a really hungry bars:

“Tizzy Gang, Lewi to the 6 is a great crew
One sixteen to his head, that’s flatline
Full sixteen in my clip, that’s flat top
And I rock shows when I show up with the crack rock”.

Tizzy Gang


In “Eski” we hear a slightly bigger collaboration interpretation, with Nasty Jack, Merky ACE, Tre Mission and MIK killin the mics. Electrifying beat was made by Filthy Gears that constructed a real horror-like background cut for “Tizzy Gang”. “Shekel” keeps the tension in the message while guys continue slaying the spits with their versatile lyrical creativity. Very dark renditions keep the tonality and stamina of the whole album.

Captivating Vibes Treasure Hunt

Maybe one of the best done tracks on the whole album, simply because it brings the most out of my impressions is this next single. “Pay Da Bill” stays the most addictive because of the sick stormy synth line that controls the main mood of the track. And also the extremely catchy repeatable hook that you won`t be able to get out of your mind any time soon.  Definitely the best hit on the “Opps Next Door Vol.1”. 

Tizzy Gang

Slowing down the steps from “D_S” where we hear another interesting story on boys`s life chapters. But then again beat switches up the energy and comes back to real Grime in “New School” with again nice vocal chops integration and fast-implemented rap from band members.

Quick Old School/New School Check

From new school, we instantly jump to modern-made old school Trap Grime with 808 basses and snare/hit dance in “Old School Roadman Jacket”. Very impressive intrumental that will make your neck break a few times per seconds. Raw vocal drops keep this burner up high. Another favorite.


Last Opp Keys

Slowing down the tempo and getting to the seriousness again with real talk. “Mr. Chin”, “Field”, “Speculations” and “Alive” all have a deep dark messages that shape the life inside us as well as around. Last two, “How Comes” and “Are You With Them” are more of a night club type ones. “Are You With Them” is the third favorite.

Tizzy Gang

With these last keys of “Opps Next Door Vol.1” the Tizzy Gang crew really made quite an impact. You would think that 20 tracks are too much, but once you dive into their creative empire you will see that that is not a problem at all. This is one ear-pleasing debut that not only Grime scene would widely accept, but the Trap and Electro too.

Tizzy Gang

UK holds its youth chain as tight as possible and really fits all the now days music standards. “Opps Next Door Vol.1” deserves a straight 9/10 and is available for purchase, but if you want to test your ears to it first, do so in the player below:


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