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A three-thunder “Storm” was never been more welcomed on this frosty weather then it is now. And how can you not expect a huge climate change when its creator arrives at your door. Of course, if we were talking about the real nature around us, it would be a devastating news, but this weather prognosis will warm your cold ears, at least that`s what it`s long experience should cover. 

What The Storm Is Going On

The art of music has never been more unique then when this man tells it. Aaron Dontez Yates, best known for his signature spit stage name Tech N9ne, released his seventeenth studio project called “The Storm”, as the follower of his debut from 1999 “The Calm Before The Storm”.  Tech wanted his “Storm” date dropped on the 17-years anniversary, but due to a few setbacks, like T`s divorce and his aunt being shot at his neighborhood, the “Storm” time had to be pushed back another month, so instead September 9th, it came out on  December 9th. 

In an interview Tech gave to “HipHopDX”, he elaborated more on this: ““I have to stay focused, it’s hard but I make sure that I have some happiness around me when everything is fucked up. This actual album was supposed to come out September 9. I wasn’t done so I missed that beautiful date.”


A Three-Headed Thunder

Strange Music CEO prepared a three-chapter sonic story for his fans with all of them describing his three-way character. The Deluxe version has 32 tracks and a huge base of collaborators and is divided into 3 sections: “Kingdom”, “Clown Town” and “G-Zone”.  N9ne explains: “I first introduced The King, The Clown, and The G on Everready (The Religion) in 2006, and I wanted to bring it back because these are the characteristics inside of me. I know I’m a king and I know I can be narcissistic at times. I know that I’m the “killer clown” lyrically. I know I’m a G.”

Here`s what this three-headed thunder monster possesses:


1.  Godspeed
2.  Need Jesus (feat. Stevie Stone & J.L.)
3. Sriracha (feat. Logic & Joyner Lucas)
4. Wifi (Skit)
5.  Wifi (WeeFee)
6. Erbody But Me (feat. Bizzy & Krizz Kaliko)
7.  Get Off Me (feat. Problem & Darrein Safron)

Clown Town
8. I Get It Now (feat. Krizz Kaliko)
9.  Hold On Me (feat. Kate Rose)
10.  Starting to Turn (feat. Jonathan Davis)
11.  Poisoning the Well

12.  Buss Serves (feat. Big Scoob & Young Devi D)
13. No Runnin To Yo Mama
14. Buddah (feat. Boyz II Men & Adrian Truth)
15.  No Gun Control (feat. Gary Clark Jr. & Krizz Kaliko)
16. What If It Was Me (feat. Krizz Kaliko)
17.  Anywhere (feat. Marsha Ambrosius)
18.  Til I’m Gone (feat. Kiddo A.I.)
19.  The Needle (feat. Krizz Kaliko)
20. The Long Way (feat. Krizz Kaliko)

21.  Fuh What?
22.  JL- Own Thang
23.  Choosin (feat. Brandoshis)
24. Darrein Safron- Ignorance
25.  Mackenzie Nicole- Deleted
26. Ces Cru- Gridlock
27.  Wrekonize- Last Day Alive
28.  Kansas City (feat. The Popper & Rich the Factor)
29.  Wet
30. Murs- Colossus
31.  Mind Kcuf (feat. Krizz Kaliko)
32.  We’re Not Sorry (feat. Mackenzie Nicole

33. The Thing

The Fire Inside

His throat maybe raw, but his fire burns like Hell. Entering the “Kingdom” with “Godspeed” we get enslaved at point where Tech N9ne raises above like a real God. Sick dark instrumental by Seven tucked in so nicely fitting Tech`s dramatic wisdom style and the rest is history. Here`s a sick verse sneak peak:

“Kill every thing in sight before the light say Habari Gani
Longevity, haters don’t wan’ credit me
When I’m steadily reachin’ people like mom said it’d be
They yawn heavily, like they be gone medically
When I`m bussin` on this bitch industry like Ron Jeremy,
This song’s therapy, strong genetically, bomb palms red if he’s blond
Here to denouncin’ The Don’s pedigree”.

“Need Jeasus” has got that E-40 style of story telling, where we encounter more of sickness of Tech`s incredible spit rap. Instrumental is produced by N4 and where JL from B. Hood delivers an Eminem type of dope rhyming. Seven produced most of the track and did an outrageously extraordinary job. I mean, it is just too unnecessary to describe every song in its own line.

I`m already down to no. 6 and I didn`t  find a single glitch in this Godly perfection. I cannot single out any of my favorites yet, because all the jams are extremely hot and super well done. But if a slight change can still separate the taste then it`s no.1 the “Godspeed” and no. 6 the cluby “Erbody But Me”. 

The Rest Of The Tech City

Clown Town consists of four houses, “I Get It Now (featuring Krizz Kaliko)”, “Hold On Me (featuring Kate Rose)”, “Starting To Turn (featuring Jonathan Davis)” and “Poisoning The Well“. It`s a twisted journal of different moods, from crazy brass symphony in “I Get It Now” to soulful “Hold On Me”, metal-aged “Starting To Turn” feat. Korn member and movie-dramatic “Poisoning The Well” where Kate brought the tension to spice things up here.

G-Zone Revolving Door

Last nine tracks are reserved for the third chapter  or third part of Tech N9ne`s character named “G-Zone”, already tipped into explanation. I radically enjoyed the first two alter egos and  just can`t wait to explore the gangsta mug too.

Now, in the next few final rounds we hear the evil El Chapo bossing around when “Buss Serves” slide opens the G-Spot revolving door. The Trap hood mission continues with well defined seriousness hustle thread in “No Runnin` To Ya Mama” and the R`n`B wind blow puffs into the sky with Boys II Men jumping into the “Buddha” joint.

When metallic pipes like wicked bells resonate with raw electric guitars that`s when “No Gun Control” sign blinds your emotions filling your ears with sore distorted flavor. Then some more E-40 bar drop with “What If It Was Me” drama, just before my soulfood jam comes in with lovely Marsha Ambrosius blessed vocal for “Anywhere”. 

The tenderness continues with the featherly neat “Til I`m Gone” ballad rap with outstanding vocal imprint from Kiddo A.I. Same mood continues through the not so G energy in “The Niddle”, but the next “The Long Way” keeps the course back and steady for the Tech G ride.

Bonus Gift

In the exclusive bonus deluxe edition N9ne puts some of his dope cats on solo mics. The guys nailed every bar and made this extension even more special. After Tech`s usual mix kill on “Fuh What”, JL of B. Hood club-bangs the “Own Thang” with his own swag. I loved this joint and it`s my third (or fourth I can`t even remember) favorite, but still standing to my starting decision that complete piece rays out immensely.

After the rolla “Choosin”, Darrein Safron hits his solo performance in “Ignorance” and stuck to my narrow favorite list. Mackenzie Nicole kept the woman power in mesmerizing R`n`B jam “Deleted” another add to my top favs. Incredible vocal.

Ces Cru screwdly slayed the “Gridlock” chopper and I am just filling the personal hot jams playlist. “Last Day Alive” refreshes this Trap air a bit with sick rap rendition by Wrekonize. Then Tech comes back with The Propper and Rich The Factor to rip the verses in “Kansas City” anthem. N9ne goes alone in “Wet” classic Trapper, after which Murs snaps his outrageous bars in “Colossus”. 

Back to slow grinding jamz with “Mind Kcuf” where Tech displays his skills in cooperation with Krizz Kaliko`s angelic vocal. Slow motion ballad like atmosphere keeps progressing when Mackenzie joins forces with Tech again in “We`re Not Sorry”. And even though it`s 32 official tracks on the deluxe album, I did find one more song that appears on some Storm tracklists, so I am not sure if it counts, but judging by it`s composition, it should. “The Thing” was Tech N9ne`s collaboration with Krizz Kaliko once more bringing back the 90`s swag.

An Expertly Mastered Serving Meal

To be fairly honest with you guys, not only did I not had faith in Tech`s deliverance with this extreme longitude of the studio product, but I am thrown out of my studio seat with my tongue pinched between my teeth. Yes, I was dreadfully dead wrong about first impressions on this one. Maybe because my taste was slightly set off after E-40`s “The D-Boy Diary Books”, but still, seeing the 32-track piece, even from a legendary cat like Tech N9ne, did not include my persuasion alarm button.

But was I out of my rhythm or what. This Godly made work of art, served in the most expertly given mastered intellectual mind, is a wonder deed awaiting to Universally expand. With not a slight regret and doubt I give it a pure 9 and leave you Tech N9ners to firmly dwell in the masterwork paint that Aaron`s creative mind whisked through like a finest brush would. Grab the tape here. Download & Stream The Storm.

The Storm

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