Suge Knight Says Dr Dre Put A Hit On Him

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Suge Knight Says Dr Dre Put A Hit On Him

Suge Knight Says Dr Dre put a hit on his head, back in the 2014 shooting in Los Angeles. Dre has found himself faced with some serious accusations, Suge Knight’s newest lawyer filed legal documents claiming that, Dr Dre worked with the LA County Sheriff’s Department to have Suge killed at the club 1 Oak.

There is allegedly a video that shows Deputy Henry Boyd, letting the gun man into the night club. The documents, have also been said to have a confession from the gun man, saying that he received $50,000 from Dre  to kill Knight.

A rep from Dr Dre’s legal team, has called the claims ridiculous in a report from TMZ

Judge Refuses To Identify The Witness

Due to Suge Knight’s past trap record, the judge has refused to identify a key witness. Suge is known for his Black Hat, intimidation tactics. So the judge is not going to reveal who the victim is. This information would be ideal for Suge Knight’s lawyer, it would help him build a defence case for Suge. His lawyer will not be able to interview him, which puts the Death Row pioneer at a disadvantage.

Suge Knight is currently awaiting trial, for the hit and run incident. It lead to the death of Terry Carter, he faces one count of murder, and an account for attempted murder. Also, he faces two accounts for hit ad run.

Knight has pleaded not guilty, he says that he was acting within self defence. It’s almost been a year and a half since he has been inside jail.

His attorney recently said, Suge Knight was admitted to hospital. For blood clots, that arose from the 2014 shooting in the West Hollywood night club. Where he was shot 7 times.

We will keep you updated as more information, comes to light.



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