Steinberg UR-12 Audio Interface Review

Steinberg UR-12 Audio Interface

For our next equip review we chose Steinberg UR-12 Audio Interface. Steinberg`s reputation goes a long way, but we are not here to glow everything up. With your trained ears keeping up with us weekly, we are diving into every possible glitch and highlighter.

Feeling Skeptical About Steinberg UR-12?

Steinberg team made quite a introduction, promising the extreme in the compactness of the design. And outstanding build quality. But we just have to be skeptical for a few more minutes or so. Just until we grab to the whole branching system of information from both sides. 2in-2out Steinberg UR-12 U/I gives another standard procedure when connectivity comes to question. Apparently Yamaha`s D-PRE amplifier gave bulletproof shield for this music boxer. And they are not strangers to low-latency monitoring and multiple-software compatibility either. 

steinberg ur12 audio interface
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Compacting Steinberg UR-12 Back

Back to the compact build Steinberg`s so bragging about. Without a doubt, this company can really put the baddest cards to the table. Poker-face or not. Besides the Steinberg UR-12 D-PRE pristine reproductive quality, the UR-12 also offers the second alluring and most needed input. The Hi-Z In guarantees even better sound quality outcome, so plug in your favorite guitar or bass instrument and rock the house down.
Previously mentioned metal casing in a small-boxed space promises not only firm mobility, but the outstanding hi-fidelity sound even in the loud outdoors. It is equally suitable for beginners as well as much more advanced enthusiasts and pros. And what`s Steinberg UR-12`s most attractive deal, the undeniably affordable price they offer. But, we`ll leave that for the after party time.

Leading Features

Steinberg UR-12 Main Features:

  • 24-bit/192 kHz USB 2.0 audio interface
  • 1 Class-A D-PRE Mic Preamp supporting +48V phantom power
  • 1 MIC Imput (XLR) plus 1 Hi-Z Input, 2 Line Outputs (RCA)
  • CC Mode for iPAD (See system Requirements)
  • USB-Powered for Mac & PC
  • Loopback Functon for Internet Live Broadcasting
  • Rugged Metal Casing
  • Includes CUBASE AI for MAC & PC

Steinberg UR-12 Pros

  • steel build
  • ease of use
  • lightweight
  • clear sound
  • great price
  • iOS compatibility
  • quality mic pre-amp (very quiet)
  • USB2 vs. Micro USB optional choices
  • durability
  • portability

Steinberg UR-12 Cons

  • no volume knob on the headphone input
  • no XLR input
  • bad computer connectivity
  • no stereo recording options
  • no MIDI port
  • in some cases, poor sound quality
  • breaks easily
  • latency issues
  • no Power ON/OFF switch

Top User tip: Not suitable for instruments with active pick-ups. 

The End Line

Now, we all know that, if you know your needs well, as well as limitations, you won`t be having any trouble with your final decision. We have put out some real ear-stormers as an excellent spectrum collection for your tech upgrade. Before we leave you with the Steinberg UR-12, you should check our two previous audio interface options and combine all three reviews for your top choice. Go and peep everything you need to know about “Buying Focusrite Scarlett 2nd Gen USB Audio Interface”.  And read-test the “PreSonus AudioBox iTwo” we thoroughly scanned for you here

Know Your Budget & Current Situation

It`s not about the hearing problem. But your real listening transformation you must see to. You have to recognize your limitations and act accordingly. If you`re on a budget, don`t expect a spaceship in your studio from Steinberg UR-12. Listen to your current capabilities and needs. Second, learn to make proper use of what you own.

There’s No Such Thing As A Perfect Audio Interface

Maybe Steinberg UR-12 is not for your wishing standards. And that`s totally ok. But it`s crucial to understand that working with different types of tech equipment, will have slight glitches. And that`s totally acceptable and fine. Like the software bugs, the hardware takes the same amount of responsibility weight. And since the human race is (still) not so perfect, therefore neither their masterpieces can. 🙂

Current Worth Of Steinberg UR-12?

Coming from a fancy maybe a bit overrated price of about $150Steinberg UR-12 can now be copped for a street price of 75 bucks. And maybe even less. Very affordable for the quality of functions you get.

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