Skippa Da Flippa x Mango Foo – Stunting

Skippa Da Flippa x Mango Foo

Skippa Da Flippa x Mango Foo. Skippa Da Flippa is doing his thing, he’s finessed his style and is starting to show more of his character.

Stunting is one of the hardest songs that he’s released, Skippa is in his own lane. There has been talk that he stole his flow from Quavo and Offset. Basically Migos.

Well he is signed to the Migos’s record label QC, but when you check it out he has been rapping like how he is from the beginning. At times they can sound similar, but when you pay attention closely you notice that Skippa Da Flippa’s delivery is totally different from Quavo and Offset’s. He is in his own lane!

Mango Foo goes hard as well, a good introduction feature. His bars go hard and he has a catchy flow, he leaves you wanting more. It’s going to be interesting to see what he comes out with in the near future.

Cool visuals, catchy song. Check it out.

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