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 Rich Homie Quan
Dequantes Devontay Lamar aka Rich Homie Quan

Atlanta`s Trap gem with super-recognizable voice dubbing, Rich Homie Quan drops his long announced Mixtape/album work under the name “Back To Basics”. April 14th is the official release date and Quan gathered 11 tracks to showcase his hustle as a debut record on Motown Records label. With only one feature with Cyko, Rich decides to ride solo most of the audio time signature. After “Heart Cold”, “Da Streetz” and “Replay”, let`s see if the rest of it makes sense too.


“Back To The Basics” Official Track List

Rich Homie Quan
Back To the Basics Official Cover Art


1. Never Made It

2. Heart Cold

3. Back End

4. Lord Forgive Me

5. Gamble

6. Word of Mouth

7. Da Streetz

8. Money Fold

9. Replay

10. Safe (feat. Cyko)

11. Str8


 Back Turns And Deep Focus

Right from the beginning, Homie takes the hit to those who turned their back on him, elaborating on loyalty and the ones he though to be his friends. “Never Made It” then turns from slight surprising disappointment to Rich Homie`s focus on more success “like he never made it” in the first place.


His determination beats every bad karma along the way. That is shown in the next one, “Heart Cold”, produced by Izze The Producer and Robin Banks. Rich displays his lavish life and his cold hearted ego.

Rich Homie Quan


And staying on the same thematic lanes here comes my first favorite. “Back End” which is also produced by one of my favorite ones, Cassius Jay aka Trap Sinatra, streams among the same expressions. Rich Homie Quan maybe best explains his situation with wonderful lyricism claps like this:

“Nigga lurkin’, cell phone, no serivce
Tent on the car, not working, so I had to close them curtains (Ooooh)
Pulled up in something they ain’t never heard of
I ain’t seen no caution tape, but the whole scene I murdered
(Woooo) Lying to me, I’m used to bitches
Watching out who I’m talking to, cause a lot of niggas, they superstitious
Dirty pots, cause I used the dishes
40 Glock, keep it in my britches
50 shots of them big bullets, that lil’ nigga might need stitches”.

Confessions Of A Hustla

Rich Homie Quan

“Lord Forgive Me” is Homie`s confessional preach, where he asks of forgiveness for the many wrong deeds he has done or he is going to do in the near future. But regardless the great lyricism, what is of way more better appearance is Rich Homie`s vocal-to-beat patch and sync that will get the most out of your inspirational attention. Exampling  out the great hook:

“Pull up in a brand new Bentley drop top and I got 4 hoes with me
Everybody know the 87 Audi that I drive got little bit of gold in it
Leave a nigga dead on the beat got the nigga feeling bad like a [?]
I ain’t saying that I’m perfect, I know I sin everyday all I ask is Lord forgive me , lord forgive me
If I can’t make it at the church every Sunday just understand
Lord forgive me
If I’m pressured to kill a nigga hope you see where I’m comin from and listen what I’m sayin’
Lord forgive me
I know I’m not married but I’m fucking these bitches every city I go
Lord forgive me , lord forgive me”.

Rich Homie Quan

After the tamed and easy slipped piano riffing clutched into a super-massive 808 bass line in “Gamble” where more lavishness is lyrically and audialy disposed, Homie drops the tempo down a bit. Produced by Yung Lan “Word of Mouth” dwells on Rich`s less then none care about them small, gossip chants around the block. He still stays on his strong mind goals, letting no one interrupts that.

Slamin` Trap Trails

Another well known and favorite playlist hit “Da Streetz” slides through for another enjoyment roll after which a new favorite rises up. Very crispy like Trap clanks away beautifully, sailing via Rich Homie Quan`s raw vocaling. “Let that money walk” in the bars says everything on “Money Fold”, a intensively super-natural beat progression.

Rich Homie Quan

“Replay”  is a third lead single of the “Back To The Basics” record and is most powerful is displaying Homie`s personal establishment focus. The Rapper defines this couple of times in the single:

“I’m so content with the person I am
I can give a fuck about what you think about me, honestly, bro”


“Niggas a wannabe, niggas a drama queen
I be in between that money like a comma be
Run it up and stack it, you makin’ money backwards
I’m throwin’ nothin’ but Jackson, rip it out the plastic”

then most impressive line

“Everybody know it, since I cut my hair

I feel like everybody Quan, haha”.

The only collaboration come at the end with “Safe” joint. Hatred is still in the air and Quan doesn`t give a damn about it. He still keeps his hustle on one hundred and enjoys it every day to the fullest.

Rich Homie Quan

Last single “STR8” is surprisingly very cheerful like, leaning towards commercial Trap, which is a bit odd for Rich Homie Quan but even that is possible. 🙂 Very inspirationally  instrumentally written, with Homie`s half-singing rapping drops that boost up the energy of a listener. It brings a fresh air of hope for the better future and is actually a great pick for the finishing touch.

Quan`s Rich Home Base

Rich Homie Quan

Rich Homie Quan manages to withhold his no. 1 Trap spot as I am concerned. His “Back To The Basics” craft did bring everything it stands for. The basic Trapping, and then some new, fresh bubbles of inexhaustibly catchy vocal and lyrical takes and writings.

Homie`s legacy stays untouched and spread even wider, and “Back To The Basics” is just a middle-grounder for the things to come. And you may rest assure things that are yet to come will only expand the shine of Rich Homie Quan`s amazing modern day artistry. I give it a straight 8/10. 

Rich Homie Quan

“Back To Basics” is available for buy for four days now, but you can always stream it online first, as usual in the “Spoptify” player below. Trap it up!

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