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Scarlett 2i2 is the best selling USB audio interface in the world, and for good reason. It focuses on just three things; achieving the best sound, the fastest speed and the easiest experience. Our latest generation continues to improve in all three areas. It is compact yet versatile, with two natural-sounding Scarlett mic preamps, super-low latency* and the same class-leading sound quality and digital conversion as the rest of the latest Scarlett range. Take it anywhere, connect by a single USB cable to a computer, plug two mics or instruments straight in, and easily record studio quality audio. Focusrite is the perfect partner for Pro Tools. To celebrate this Scarlett 2i2 now comes with an exclusive version of Pro Tools | First Focusrite Creative Pack, as well as Ableton Live Lite. It is compatible with all major DAWs, on Mac 10.10 onwards and PC windows 8.1 onwards . MIDI IO is not a feature of Scarlett 2i2; check out Scarlett 2i4 for all of the same features of the Scarlett 2i2…


Last updated on December 14, 2019 10:31 pm

Focusrite’s Best Seller

We are going to help you confirm your best music audio interface choice when thinkng abut buying the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. This 2nd Gen USB Audio Interface is one of the most purchased, and used hardware for audio production. Especially among home producers, because besides its more than fair price the Scarlett also brings an awesome audio reproduction quality and durable portability. We reveal valuable advantages & disadvantages of the Focusrite’s Scarlett 2ndGen.

Focusrite Scarlett 2nd Gen – Behind The Name

Yes we all know it, if you just started doing music, or you are already a firmly established producer, you cannot not know about Focusrite`s Scarlett 2i2. 2nd Gen has been here from June 2016 and of course, proudly sits on it’s own throne with its extreme affordability. Looking out for all of you home recorder’s make no surprise, and do not underestimate the power of this seemingly light weighted champion, for its quality/budget character will make your ears hearts warm as summer in the winter.

Second generation means a better version of this great audio card, besides upgraded sample rates, another top internal design includes new mic pre-amping. Analog protection circuitry is integrated for a powerful shield against any type of power overcharge and other issues that may suddenly occur. On the outside of the Scarlett face, there are also majority of firm-built control buttons. The so-called gain knobs are steel-made, metal like the whole Scarlett body. And we saved the last for the end, the main feature list to close the Focusrite Scarlett 2nd Gen.

The Reason Focusrite Scarlett Is The Best Selling USB Audio Interface

Focusrite seal their words on keeping the promise of excellent quality conversion, and more accurate precision of audio conversion. The history of their first digital converter goes all the way back to 1996. It was build into the mastering processors designed by Dave Malham. And there`s a whole science behind it, that, if interested, you can explore deeply at Focusrite`s official site on the following link .  They gave an awesome explanation why good conversion system depends on key features like noise floor, dynamic range, frequency response and distortion. Therefore, why their product is no. 1 selling in the world. 

Compatible With Windows & Mac

It`s Mac OS and Windows compatiblewhich gives you one more reason not to hesitate when breaking your final decision in shopping for this. It also comes with Pro Tools and additional audio hardware. You get the Focusrite Headphones and Microphone for a complete home studio setup. 


Specification: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Cheap Prices



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EAN List Element: 0815301008415

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Height: 429, Length: 193, Weight: 132, Width: 693






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Height: 244, Length: 835, Weight: 176, Width: 646

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Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (2nd Gen) USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools First, Red, 2i2 – 2 Mic Pres


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UPC List Element: 815301008415


2 years.

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