Prodigy – Hegelian Dialectic (Album Review), Mobb Deep Rapper Prodigy Dies At 42 {Sickle Cell Related}

Prodigy – Hegelian Dialectic

Mobb Deep`s co-founder Albert Johnson aka Prodigy just dropped his latest solo album Hegelian Dialectic (The Book Of Revelation)” two days ago. The project`s title comes from German philosopher George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, and idealist who studied imprinted the framework of thoughts guideline.

The album consists of 14 songs with only one feature on the last track with Cash Bilz and rich bag of producer powder, with most production cover done by Beat Butcha. 

Hegelian Dialect Tracklist

  1. Intro
  2. Mystic
  3. Broken Rappers
  4. Tyranny
  5. Mafuckin U$A
  6. Mic – Rocosm
  7. As If
  8. New Balance
  9. Snakes
  10. The Good Fight
  11. Mr. President
  12. Spiritual War
  13. No Religion
  14. Hunger Pangs (f. Ca$H Bilz)

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Serious Intro Pass

“Hegelian Dialectic” starts of very dramatic-edgy, with serious choir chants and dark suspense music in background, giving the oomph  to that extra tension, I surely did not expect. As the drama unravels in the “Intro”, we hear female voice giving an explanation of this project`s theme, talking about warfare, insinuating at current political and social state in the promised land today.

The mystery continues with second track, “Mystic”, produced by The Alchemist, a slow-grinder that rings of very acoustically, with some ancient Tibetan vibes. The soft notes of elegant flute and acoustic guitar bring that hope desperately needed when dark times cover the human nature.

Prodigy reminds:

“You are now listening to the sounds of
A god in the flesh, my lineage is ancient
I come from beyond any place you could imagine
In your imagination
Mommy was my spaceship
It took her nine months to get me here, I finally made it”.

In the next track called “Broken Rappers” produced by Beat Butcha, talks about Prodigy`s perspective on both female and male side as he spits about that one girl and a boy who are in their own opinions about the music and Hip Hop culture in all. Portraying both sides of the picture, Prodigy strongly criticizes the new and old with the strong urge to a change. He explains from both angles:

She said she don’t like that old shit
She wanna hear some new shit
The game that these lames be runnin’ so stupid
Juvenile and foolish, she long for a change
Yeah, that would be refreshin’ for her brain
Her ears are deaf to all the nonsense
She wanna hear some progress
It’s too easy for her, you gotta make it complex
Provoke her thoughts, take her to another level
Engage her intelligence, make her feel special
She a fan of rap music, she love the way I do it
She said she missed me while I was gone
These other dudes been droppin’ fast food shit
Microwave songs”;

and from boy`s perspective:

“Yeah, lil homie said music ain’t the same
He said it’s the business, the artists are to blame
He only listen to Eazy-E and Too $hort
‘Cause these new fools too flashy, too much floss
Too much conceit, not enough consistence
Too much beefin’ instead of makin’ hits”.

Political Assault For Justice

Next stage brings a strong statement lines from Prodigy in an open-minded versology from condescending government`s pale face ode in “Tyranny”, an  over-exaggerated mind-conditions in “Mafuckin USA” and really -mic-rockin` rhymes with “Mic-rocosm” examined via Prodigy`s intelligent magnifying glass. Aldough not so much musically lifted, but the words are most impressive so far on “Mic-rocosm” with breath-taking part like this:

“W-A-R, nigga it’s all theatrics and one great, big drama
Whole universe in the audience
Now think about how really small we are
We like blood cells movin’ through the veins of a heart
Inside Mother Earth body, and damn she thick
You ever think abut that on weed? It’s a trip”.

“As If”, goes down a bit sloppier in the energy and impression scale, then we pass through a short interlude titled “New Balance” and a very touchy perspective of survival, that welcomes us to “Snakes” tale. There Prodigy tried to describe some more of his mind state, but to me again seemed a bit tiresome, making us listeners spinning in circle with not at all addictive sound notes.

Raw lyricism comes in “The Good Fight”, a family praise bar drop, but again I am not liking the musical support at all on this album. But the real rap is there as shows once again:

“Grandmama taught me how to run my own business
Granddad taught me how to write my own lyrics
My pops taught me violence, my moms taught me peace and love
That made a great balance”.

Back To Presidency

Turning our looks to the politics again, the eleventh single is another crucial interlude named “Mr. President”, where again a female voice-over talks about the imperialists and defines the ugly truth of their corrupted idealism.  Song takes over to the next one, “Spiritual War”, where Prodigy continues his thought and emotional fight, accenting the war going on in our spirits. The Hook explains this the best:

“Careful with that shit
Quiet on the set, police on our neck
Your head, light that up, let me get that Ace
Unholy water, my cup, a little Henny
In this mental, physical, spiritual war
Yeah it’s a spiritual war
It’s an actual, factual, supernatural war”.

In Mobetta beat for “No Religion”, we can enjoy the quietness of smooth old school instrumental with sampled Jay-z rhymes in the hook. And the last joint made by amazing Mark The Beast called “Hunger Pangs” feat. Cash Blitz, we can exit Prodigy`s project lightly and with ease, inhaling the tender breeze in the most charming single of the project. Cash delivered nice layup, goin` like:

“In a world full of hatred, insanity and vanity
We all forget the basics, destroying what is sacred
Often lose patience for instant gratifications
Whether tail that you’re chasing or the numbers like the Matrix
Well this is cash bills unplugged
The flow’s medicated, those with their brain on drugs
Heavily sedated, sleep walking through it all
With plans to run the city, I’m just out here for a jog
And I’m about to walk it off, cause I ain’t racing y’all lames
Ringing bells, long as I jingle like small change
And keep the small thing right in the boot
Was in the club, some niggas wanted my loot
I’m outside
I feel incredible, Miss Angelou poetical
Giving all my caged birds a better view
A better me, a better you
My nigga Mills be home in a few
They gave him 10, he got two more to do
I’m still (waitin’ for)
Brothers dyin’, mother’s cryin’
Police wyldin’, they actin’ like tyrants
We hear the sirens, get in the crib
Man they still tryna change where I live
I’m waitin’ for it”.

Slayed on them bars one hundred percent. Incredible job there.

Final Score

Well, I did not expect anything at all from this project, positive and negative both, but could really have done this much better energy wise. The lyricism is there, but I was really thrown off by this odd instrumental background, not suiting my ears at all. The only thing it did is dull my hearing taste, making me impossible to hunger more for Prodigy`s rap flow.

Even the beats that are decent, sound too meaningless in overall look, that made this whole project sound unlively unprofessional. Therefore my final score for Prodigy`s “Hegelian Dialectic (The Book Of Revelation)” is 4,5 of the max. 10.

But don`t just take my words on it, take a listen for your self and prove me wrong here. Download & Stream Prodigy’s Hegelian Dialect.

Hegelian Dialect

Prodigy Passed Away At 42

The Mobb Deep rap legend Prodigy,  died on 20/5/17 after his performance in Las Vegas. Prodigy was recently hospitalised for health issues related to Sickle Cell.

He was found unconscious in Las Vegas, the cause of his death is unclear however P’s publicist sent a statement to XXL explaining the MC’s death.

“It is with extreme sadness and disbelief that we confirm the death of our dear friend Albert Johnson, better known to millions of fans as Prodigy of legendary NY rap duo Mobb Deep. Prodigy was hospitalized a few days ago in Vegas after a Mobb Deep performance for complications caused by a sickle cell anemia crisis. As most of his fans know, Prodigy battled the disease since birth. The exact causes of death have yet to be determined. We would like to thank everyone for respecting the family’s privacy at this time

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