Portable Audio Recording Devices Best Of The Best

Portable Audio Recording Devices

We are going to be talking about the “Best Portable Audio Recording Devices” to bring you closer to your seamless audio production quality. After suggesting what should possibly be your first, or next audio interface in the articles here and hereand extracting the “Best Multitrack Recorders On The Market”. We scanned the internet and dug up some of the best portable audio recording devices, as there are many different types of audio recorders.

Questions To Ask About Your Portable Recordng Device

Being portable demands having great features, to provide a usable gadget to so to say “fit in your pocket”. Whilst being able to give you all you need at any time or any place. Having an I/O interface on your recording device, will define and complete your desired wishes, does it have a built-in microphone that records onto their internal memory or external SD card? What about multi-input options? Yes, as you can see, the attention to detail is always a crucial thing to have by your side.

Recording Your Audio For Sampling

There are two main reasons for using portable audio recording devices. First, for recording your surroundings and expanding your sample library. Second, for recording vocals and instruments. The latter is better doing with a bigger and more drive specified mic. With more studio-like acoustic treatment, vocals are also one of the most delicate things to mix. So be very careful here.

Know What You’re Doing/Recording

The quality of the studio equipment is not the only thing to keep in mind. It`s useless to own them if you actually can`t really hear the difference they bring with each different model. So, it`s essential to acquire some knowledge first and really understand what you are doing. Don`t just do something because the video or many of the self-proclaimed instructors say. If music production is your calling, you have nothing to worry about.

Key Specs Of A Portable Audio Recording Device

There are a few things you need to know when choosing between some of the best portable audio recording devices. If you are a multi-instrumentalist or just travel and move a lot with your recording group or a partner, you are going to be needing one solid portable hardware. Do you want to record yourself whilst singing and playing guitar at the same time? Or are you an inspiring beatmaker and you need new sounds for your distinctive workflow? We’ve got you covered. With these key feature notes you will find the fastest way to your portable gadget. 

Top 8 Things Every Portable Recorder Should Have

1 -> Microphone Type – (internal or external one)

2-> Number Of Recording Tracks – (some recorders can take only one track recordings; others up to four, making them your top-notch portable multitrackers)

3-> Size Of The Memory – (most of recorder`s memory would do just fine with internal storage; but it`s always better to have an extra space outside)

4-> Battery Life – (crucial to any device; most of them are equipped with standard AA or AAA batteries and their life lasts from 10 to 48 hours)

5-> Audio Quality – (maybe the most important feature of them all; some recorders catch only voice, while others can take basically anything you put them in front of; the voice recorders are designed in a of way that they block all of the background noise in order to catch the best and the clearest of the vocal frequencies; not good if you need to record other things than that)

6-> Audio Format – (the standard is MP3, but in our case, you will need recorders that support WAV and AIFF ones, because the quality can`t take a downside here at no cost)

7-> Bonus Features – (depending on whether you`ll need some effects instantly to add warmness to your vocal, or additional filters, an LCD screen or not, your audio recorder could easily transform from a single recording/playback device to a “all in one” portable studio) 

8-> In The Box Accessories – (should you need a nice bag to help you carry your device safe with you as you switch places, or tripod/mounts to catch the best angle of your audio forms, this few accessories are surely going to leave mark when missed)

Best Portable Audio Recording Devices List

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Zoom H1

portale audio recording devicesBuy From Amazon – Zoom H1 Handy Digital Recorder White

Tascam DR-05

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How To Stay On The Right Audio Page?

The above listed models in deed are the Best Portable Audio Recording Devices on the market today. But, you know we are not just going to left you hanging on some list. Even though it`s shorter then the whole internet wide choices you will encounter by personal detection, it just wouldn`t be fair to close the door on you like this. For your reasonable completion, it`s only right to give you a few final touches. A few tiny directions based on your taste. Or should I say urge.

A goal, current or definite, should be addressed well and attained with no hesitation. That said (or written 🙂 ), if you`re looking for the recorder with best microphone, then first pick from the list is your winner – Zoom H1. 

If your type is one with the best battery life, then scroll down to the end of our list and our last pick, the amazing Olympus WS-853 and Sony PCM-M10. For recording music, some music professionals recommend the powerful Tascam DR-05 before other models. The type we put in the picture above will also be your type of handheld recorder for studio session. It`s Zoom H2n and you`re going to love it.

A Catcher In The Air

Maybe you want to track ambient noises and/or speech? Roland R-05 is your portable gem. Live string session gets perfectly captured with Olympus LS-14. A great field recorders are definitely the Marantz PMD-661 and Sony PCM-D100. 4-track recorders that help in your artist work a lot are Tascam DR-40, Zoom H5 and Tascam DR-44WL. If you`re a good student, you should definitely treat yourself with your first portable audio recorder and grab Olympus VN-541PC. 

If you cut on your balance and currently strive on a low budget, start with Sony ICD-PX312. Unswitchable consistency in action comes with impressive Tascam DR-100MKII mark. A budget mp3 recorder for starters is decently assembled Olympus WS-853. And for the splurge spree and professional use, we must point you to impeccable Zoom H6, Olympus LS-100 and  Tascam DR-44WL. 


Equipped Enough?

Another great producer/artist circle pick is successfully closed. As always, we put all of our effort into portraying the best character-suitable hardware for your hungry demands. The rest is up to you. If you ever encounter on some issues or would like to share your experience on some specific type of model, don`t hesitate to comment on any of our articles here.

Next big review patiently awaits to serve your next bulls-eye upgrade. Whether it`s software or hardware, know this: we got your Hip Hop Artist back covered. You just make sure you are safe with your seat-belt on. Because, we promise a majority of future rides together to be seamlessly fairy-dusted!  Until the next magic wand swing!

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