Parker McKenna Posey Net worth, Heather Stone, Polo Posey, Jennifer Freeman Now, Damon Wayans Net Worth, Siblings & More {My Wife And Kids} See How They’ve Changed 2017

Parker McKenna Posey Aka Kady Kyle

Parker McKenna posey smiling

Smile Parker

Do you recognize this person? Remember the African American sit com “My Wife And Kids”. This is Parker Mckenna Posey aka Kady Kyle. Parker Mckenna Posey was born in 1995 in LA, California, she grew up with her mom Heather Stone & her three siblings. Their names are: Jewel, also known as Dilynne, 15 years old, Carl, 10 years old and Jake, 2 years old. Her father`s name is Rodney Posey.

She first publicly appeared in a Kodak commercial at the age of two. After that, she tries out as a model for Disney catalogs and stars in ad campaigns for Old Navy and also gets a role in playing a young Macy Gray in her “Sweet Sweet Baby” music video.

Parker McKenna posey with her feet up

Can’t touch this

Parker’s mother Heather Stone is also an actress, she has been acting since the mid 90’s & is more known for being in films such as “Backstreet Justice”, “Leo’s Oscar” and most recent “Pals.” The “My Wife & Kids” star Kady Kyle is now 21, her father’s name is Polo Posey. There is little to no information about Polo Posey, all we know is that he’s Parker Mckenna Posey’s dad.

Parker McKenna Posey

Paerker McKenna with her mom  Heather Stone on Graduation Day

Parker McKenna Posey

Parker with aunt and mom

How Parker McKenna Posey Use To Be

Parker McKenna when she was kady Kyle

Kady Kyle

She’s all grown up now, and has become virtually unrecognizable as you can see from her Instagram pictures.

She has fallen off as far as her acting career goes, if you want to compare her now to her childhood success, but she seems happy enjoying life with her family.

Parker’s Background As An Actor

Parker Posey starring into the camera

Parker was discovered at a very young age starting at aged 2. She played the role as Kady for My Wife and Kids at the age of 4.

Personally, I think that Parker has shown that she is an excellent actress. Discovered very young and is now taking the time out she needs.

She guest appearances on a various TV shows like “NYPD Blue”, “Strong Medicine” and “iCarly”. Also appeared  in tele-films like “Meet the Santas” and “Summer Camp”. Then her beautiful face could be seen in ad campaigns for multiple brands like Verizon, Visa, Pizza Hut, Marshals, Cap N’ Crunch, Barbie and Vons.

Parker McKenna Posey acts in Movie lucky girl

She made her big screen debut in 2007, playing Elizabeth in the movie “Alice Upside Down”.

She acted in stage plays such as “Restless Peace” and “Shock Therapy”. Recent works include cast in movies such as “Lucky Girl” (2015), “90 Minutes of the Fever” (2016), “This Is Real” (2017) and “Streets of Money” (2017). She has also piloted in the upcoming TV series “Snowfall” in the role of Melody Wright directed by John Singleton.

Braking Out Of Her Shell, Bye Bye Kady

Growing up under the spotlight could not have been easy for Parker. Maybe the nature of her pictures are a way of her either rebelling or just expressing herself. Either way, people seem to enjoy looking at her pictures. She is now 21, so you don’t have to feel trippy about perving. If you can manage to get the old image of Kady, out of your mind, then you will most likely, have your eyes glued onto her body.

Parker And Problem

A lot of guys would kill for a chance with Parker. Unfortunately, most guys probably wouldn’t get the opportunity to see her in real life, but never mind. You’ve always got pictures! And a fact that rumors spread fast, especially about Posey`s love life, targeting her and rapper Problem in Honolulu, Hawaii together.

One of the sites has given themselves the opportunity to estimate the current McKenna value. And they got to the number of 1.5 million. Pretty impressive for this lovely lady.

Watch out for this ravishing Leo, her claws may get deep under your skin in times of a milliseconds.

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What`s Up With Her Fellow Co-Workers

Jennifer Freeman

Parker Mckenna Posey

Jennifer Freeman looking stunning

The “My Wife And Kids” cast whereabouts are just as interesting, in case you wondered. TV Show`s Claire Kyle, Jennifer Freeman establishes her career duly noticeably. She continued her series roll play, starring in 2006 TV Show “One On One” as Alicia. The same year dropping a role in “Mercy Street” drama alongside De’Angelo Wilson (“8 Mile”, “The Shield”) and Aimee Garcia (“Dexter”, “Lucifer”). Latest work includes a short movie drama called “Before We Crash”, alongside handsome Dijon Talton. 

Parker Mckenna Posey


Freeman has one daughter from her short-term marriage to now a 37-year-old Earl Watson, a former professional basketball player. Daughter`s name is Isabella Amora. Earl used to make a pretty envious amount of cash out of basketball, earning a $1.4 million in 2014. And according to the latest info, Jennifer`s current net worth is about $500 thousand. She has twin sisters Megan and Melissa. 


Noah Gray-Cabey

Parker McKenna Posey

Noah Gray-Cabey aka Franklin

As for young and multi-talented Noah Gray-Cabey, well, there`s just so little not to say about. Classical pianist and an actor, Noa comes as a perfect artistic match. His extraordinary piano skills that were pulsing out of his genes from the age of 3, enabling him to play complicated pieces of music, immediately gave him a handful of live acts. He has an astonishing prodigy memory, that made him repeat the whole piece just by watching his dad play once. And still not knowing how to read sheet music. Pretty damn amazing figure right? What is he up to these days?

Parker McKenna Posey

Noah Gray-Cabey has grown into a man

He`s actively acting, gaining a role in “Code Black” TV Series and just finished the Horror titled “Fog City”. Hands up and hats down for our 5 feet 2 inches “My Wife And Kids” Franklin. 


George O. Gore II

Parker McKenna Posey

George O. Gore II aka junior

From “Juice” and Michael Kyle Jr. of “My Wife And Kids”, and most recent “Second Generation Wayans” from 2013, George O. Gore II finds his acting peace well established too. Marlon Wayan`s nephew is said to be currently net worth $1 million at the age of 34 and is still single, so all of you free birds, you know what to do. 🙂


Damon Wayans

Parker McKenna Posey

Damon Wayans aka Michael Kyle

Talking about family, the “My Wife And Kids” chief, creator, lead head, call it how you want it, is maybe one of the most familiar TV Show faces out there. With the longest family three for sure also. The throne is in the Wayans house no doubt. Four brothers (Marlon, Keenen, Shawn and Dwayne) and five sisters (Kim, Elvira, Nadia, Diedre and Vonnie) makes their branches fairly wide.

Parker McKenna Posey

Damon Wayans Family Tree

Damon has four kids himself. They are Damon wayans Jr., Michael Wayans, Cara Mia Wayans and Kyla Wayans. And he is estimated of hideous (and I mean this in the most positive way) amount of 35 million US dollars! If curious about the entire family, hmm, the word spreads around the number of $183 millions. Like the previous number wasn`t as attractive.

Parker McKenna Posey

Damon Wayans Family All Together

And that`s about it with the heads of the almost every show in front of them cameras, whereas they be professional or an amateur ones. Hope your aspirations are raised even for one bar, make sure you strive for that urge of yours, followed by these great talent examples we are giving you here. Keep that hat on your head and all together up. Until next time!


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