Mozzy And Trae Tha Truth “Tapped In” (Album Review)

2015 was all about this new fire cat from Sacramento, California and this year he goes even harder on his hustle. Now residing in LA, Lil Tim, now known as Mozzy has teamed up with none other than Houston icon Trae Tha Truth to cake us up with mutual project called “Tapped In”. Album came out on December 16th, has 17 tracks and hosts star names like Snoop Dogg, J-Dawg, Jayton, Ink, Lil Boss, E Mozzy, Bobby Luv, Rod C, Jadakiss, Dave East. Special feature comes from the man that stands behind most of the album`s production and who`s house studio hosted the entire project is June Onna Beat. So, before you purchase the tape herestay with me within the next 1000 words to see if it`s worth your hear. Lets go!


The Tracklist

1. “Errbody On Go”
2. “Get Um”
3. “Ground Rules” Feat. Snoop Dogg
4. “That Ain’t How They Feel” Feat. J-Dawg
5. “Take Flight”
6. “Haha Davis” (Interlude)
7. “Slimey” Feat. Mack Biggers
8. “Respect My Name”
9. “Can’t Believe You” Feat. Jay’ton & Ink
10. “Today” Feat. Lil Boss
11. “Haha Davis” (Interlude)
12. “Takin’ Chances” Feat. E Mozzy
13. “100” Feat. Bobby Luv
14. “How Low Can Get”
15. “Going On With Out You” Feat. Lil Boss, Rod C & Ink
16. “Line It Up” Feat. Jadakiss, Dave East & E Mozzy
17. “Wit Tha Shit Tonight”

Unrolling The Tape

“Tapped In” starts real strong, dramatic light synths with 808 bass and thin hit rolls characterize the “Errrbody On Go”. Even though the beat is dope and totally in Trae`s style, seems like the whole production is heavily smashed during the mix and master, the vocals are slightly pushed back, maybe on purpose or because of the home studio recording. Either way, even the layman can easily notice the huuuge difference in audio signal, dubbin to the rear and back, hitting you hard in the face when vocal solos out.

In “My Life” Mozzy and Trae write a story about their life as the title says, about the thug way of living, handling their business packing heat and dealing with some serious decisions. Melancholic beat follows their mood righteously.

First collaboration comes with Snoop Dogg, another dramatic, street talk tale, where dramatic dark piano tones holds the whole picture. Staying on the same lane, boys preach about their street grind and playin by their own rules. Again a bit heavy with that compression switches. Way to noticeable.

J-Dawg helped with second collabo “That Ain`t How They Feel”, squashed at hook as usual, I can`t hear the vocal in the chorus, but the verses are ok, Trae lays his usual signature dubs. Still too much slow for me, but in the good old school style mood.

Flying Via Ducking Waves 

From 5 to 9 is not the working time, at all. Same old frequency of dragging notes, similar vibes and same thing with that compressing jamming. June played a lot with the ducking, but didn`t execute the final cut all the way through. “Can`t Belive You”, even though wiggling between the audio signal strength, still came up addictive. I can say, my first like goes for this project in collaboration with Jayton & Ink. 

Then Mozzy and Trae Tha Truth teamed up with Lil Boss to keep that dramatic sense with another set of serious piano keys in “Today”. Ear pleasing thriller where guys pray to God for their sins and not wanting to get bothered.

“Takin` Chances” with E Mozzy tells a story about the gangsta life of Mozzy`s and Trae`s crew. They post serious threats to their enemies, teasing them to push their luck if they are brave enough to attack.

Bobby Luv shares his soulful vocal for the “100” joint, where boys talks about “100 models, bottles and niggaz” on their side. Lavish life and focus on their hustle. Nice hook brings this slow jam up one ladder. I may take this as the second best single on the “Tapped In” craft.

Street Talk And Nothing More

Last four tracks bring a powerful bar lines from Mozzy and Trae both, but I am still hanging on this mixdown bugg, deep extremely visible, no, “hearable” compressor attacks and that is not something so easy to get used to. Line It Up” sticks out a bit more from the others in the ending group, and last track ‘Wit Tha Shit Tonight” can join that category.

Words are great, but hardly notable due to some heavy mixing, still strong on them lyric pipes, which sadly isn`t enough to promote this entire studio project through a better light. There`s really nothing more to mention unfortunately. Sometimes dope lyricism can tame the beat so much that there is no need for music at all. Other times, amazing production can make you unintentionally skip some pretty good rap bars.

On a project like this, assuming that the final production glitch don`t bother you, Mozzy and Trae can`t be awarded for a top star deed on “Tapped In”. I`m sure even the fans of Mozzy and Trae will mostly agree with me on this one. Without further explanation, because there is really nothing more special to say, the “Tapped In” LP fairly stretches out to the no. 4 on the 10-star scale.  I wish I could enjoy more with this, and without any attention to ruin Mozzy`s and Trae Tha Truth`s image, I encourage you to stream the album first before you buy it, maybe some of you can find their string flow and song away side to side with Mozzy and Trae. 

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