Mist Madness UK Birmingham Rapper Rising

Mist Madness UK Birmingham Rapper Music Video

Mist Madness UK Birmingham Rapper. Mist has blown up! He has travelled some distance to be in the position that he is in now, I guess hard work really does pay off. The first song that I heard from Mist was “Smokey”, he hasn’t stopped putting out bangers since. It feels good to see him on the top of his game.

Mist Madness UK Birmingham Rapper Blew Up From Pain

“I blew up from my pain it’s a mad ting, my mom’s in the grave it’s a sad ting, but when I feel pain its a lab ting”. Even though Mist has more or less made it through and gone clear, the fact that his mom is not here to see his success. Seems to trouble him, which is more than understandable. “Pain in my chest still hurts that my mom can’t see my success“. You can feel his pain on this emotional banger produced by Steel Banglez, The visuals compliment the song well, cinematic movie levels that will draw you in instantly.

Mist Madness UK Birmingham Rapper MIST EP

Mist dropped his EP months back, it’s been doing very well since firmly putting Birmingham back on the map for UK rap. The EP is 6 tracks long, however 4 of those songs were released anyway (Smokey, Karla’s Back, Sick made & We ain’t the sane). The other two songs “Dab Cuz Were Winning” & “Times”, are bangers aswell but that’s another story for a review.

Mist Ep Tracklist


Karla’s Back

Sick made

Dab Cuz We’re Winning

Ain’t The Same


Mist Madness UK Birmingham Rapper Winning

Check out the music video for Madness, the visuals are on point as usual. We will have a review up for his EP in no time.


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