Meek Mill “Wins & Losses” (Album Review) [Stream Online]

Meek Mill Wins And Losses Album Review
Meek Mill

“It`s a rap album”. That`s how you`ll remember this one. No, not as a Trap, like you usually see this man going. Some will find it hard to believe, others may not, but as for Meek Mill right here, this time some real Rap bars are going to be dropped. His third studio album, out from today, is title-pitched “Wins And Losses” and sits tight with 17 tracks.


Dreamy Features And A Movie

Meek Mill Wins And Losses Album Review
Meek Mill

Features like Lil Uzi Vert, Chris Brown, Ty Dolla $ign, Young Thug, Young Gotti, Rick Ross, The-Dream and more in one of the strongest indicators this could be a serious 2017 project. Meek teased an “Dreams & Nightmares Part 2” (how this album`s initial title was suppose to be) through a short movie visuals. A four-part “Wins And Losses (The Movie)” was streamed on Mill`s official You Tube, four days prior to album`s release.

Here are all four parts of Philly Rapper`s movie to get your first impressions warmed up:








Wins And Losses Track List

Meek Mill Wins And Losses Album Review
“Wins & Losses” official album cover art

1. “Wins & Losses”
2. “Heavy Heart”
3. “F**k That Check Up” Feat. Lil Uzi Vert
4. “Whatever You Need” Feat. Chris Brown & Ty Dolla Sign
5. “1942 Flows”
6. “Issues”
7. “We Ball” Feat. Young Thug
8. “These Scars” Feat. Future & Guordan Banks
9. “Connect the Dots” Feat. Yo Gotti & Rick Ross
10. “Fall Thru”
11. “Never Lose” Feat. Lihtz Kamraz
12. “Glow Up”
13. “Young Black America” Feat. The-Dream
14. “Open” Feat. Verse Simmonds
15. “Ball Player” Feat. Quavo
16. “Made It From Nothing” Feat. Teyana Taylor & Rick Ross
17. “Price”

Trials And Tribulations Part 1

As announced, Meek Mill approached this project very seriously. On the first few tracks from the top up, we hear Meek`s anger and he sums up the whole main theme in first “Wins And Losses” cut. After that he turns his emotions to the other side, opens his heart to display his disappointment in his surrounding environment that leaves him with “Heavy Heart”. 

Meek Mill Wins And Losses Album Review
Meek Mill

And not until the first collabo is when we hear first Trap model of “Wins And Losses”. Of course when you sit down Lil Uzi Vert on a guest mic it that you gotta serve the Trap. Produced by MP 808, “Fuck That Check Up” plays a typical role it serves. Meek had some really hard bars at the beginning:

“Niggas running their mouth like they females
When you winning, they only wanna see you fail
When you winning, they only wan’ see you lose
Niggas steal and I can’t let ’em see my moves”.


Romance In Check

Meek Mill Wins And Losses Album Review

After that Trap dirt dusts of off our shoulders, a true romance checks into our love hotel. Chiss Breezy and Ty Dolla $ign help bring “Whatever You Need” to a whole another level of tenderness. Dj Mustard sits behind this great piano lead beat. It`s a new modern version of Tony! Toni! Tone!`s slick R`n`B ballad.  And a first album favorite.


Trials And Tribulations Part 2

“Back when I was broke, they was cool with it
Now every move I make, I’m in the news with it
Even if I ain’t do it, they be like, you did it
My teacher always used to tell me you gon’ lose nigga”.

Meek Mill Wins And Losses Album Review
Meek Mill

This is how the second part of Meek`s “Wins And Losses” keeps unrolling. So far he`s been paving his legacy notes in a most deeper way possible. The lyrics above are from Mill`s “1942 Flows”, so far the hardest-lyrical single craft Meek has put to life.

Meek Mill`s anger towards his tough life history keeps spreading all over the place. With “Issues” he again tries to shout off some of the problems he has with his enemies. And then again like you turned on the emotional switch, he backs down a bit to pay a respect to his fallen friends like he did in “We Ball”. Young Thug brings his bars here.


Meek`s Emotional Roller Coaster

Meek Mill Wins And Losses Album Review
Meek And Nicki

As expected, Meek`s “Wins And Losses” keeps waving from bottom to top frequencies of emotional bursts. And it`s only logic, because it`s clear that Mill changed his original album title from “Dreams & Nughtmares Part 2” to “Wins And Losses”. He wanted to show both sides of his life, the ups and downs, the goods and bad ones, black and white picture.

Meek Mill Wins And Losses Album Review
Meek Mill

So again, we have two strong messages, with firm Trap hitters. “These Scars” featuring Future and one of my highly respected soul singers Guordan Banks. And a super-heavy Trap banger Meek did with his MMG boss Rick Ross and Yo Gotti, “Connect The Dots”. A second album favorite. Or third, who else counting. 🙂 The beat was done by the Superman behind beatmaking Papamitrou from DreamChasers production team.

Another Love Poem

Meek Mill Wins And Losses Album Review
Meek Mill

With “Fall Though” Meek Mill explains how fast he falls in love with this girl and keeps confirming his love for her. Another soft jam that shows Mill`s romantic side and shares his affections towards a special one.

Meek Mill Wins And Losses Album Review
Meek Mill

He displays their relationship throughout the longer period of time, from the first meet to when he was incarcerated. And even though they both were in a relationship, especially Meek, he admits he was doing wrong but still holds on to this girl who he undoubtedly adores.


More Un(Trap) Hits?

Although strongly accented, “Wins And Losses” sound more Trap then the rapper himself wants to admit. Again with the two-hit block Meek talks about his life, how he managed to come up from nothing, but both tracks hit hard on them 808 bars. “Never Lose” feat. Lihtz Kamraz maybe managed to keep them under the pillow. But “Glow Up” wasn`t shy about it at all.

Meek Mill Wins And Losses Album Review
Meek Mill

Then focus switches to ordinary levels of modern Rap with another collaborative deed. “Young Black America” featuring The-Dream and produced by Street Symphony, samples Jay-Z`s “Momma Love Me” joint. Meek Mill elaborates on his growing up as a young black African-American and having hard times making in the game. He talks about the overall state of mind and police brutality and again sends a great message to them young minds living in the streets, acting on their bad education.


The Cake Topper

Meek Mill Wins And Losses Album Review
Meek Mill

Maybe it`s one of the dirtiest tracks, but its execution form is the smoothest ever and the top best heat on this album. The heavenly-constructed singing accents of Verse Simmonds belting up from his usual flow level made this jam a perfect candidate to start finishing this studio gem.


Back To The Trap Court

Meek Mill Wins And Losses Album Review
Meek Mill

After another definition of Trap type of beat, I am sure Meek was wrong from the start announcing a “real rap” album. I can`t hear a real rap from all these Trappers that, honestly, fit him the best and the most natural. Quavo joins next Trap collabo “Ball Player”, where boys sparkle up their ego bragging about their lavish life.



Exceptional, Epic Ending

Meek Mill Wins And Losses Album Review

One track before the last, Meek polished his “Wins And Losses” with an epic-arranged, epic-constructed and epic-expressed record “Made It From Nothing”. With enormous help of golden-vocal chords by Teyana Taylor and the boss Rick Ross once again, Meek Mill uses to display as the title says, his road from nothing to something. His success rise and its total completeness. Teyana did an awesome job handling and caring the whole piece on her vocal back.


Price Tag For The End Product

The last song is about the sacrifice. Meek called it “Price” as “the price of being great”. First Meek intros his confessions with:

“You got pay the cost to be a boss”
Check this
When you the nigga with the money
Somebody go to jail, you gotta pay they bail
Somebody die, they gon’ turn to you for the funeral
But I just be thinking like, “When I’m gon’ be able gon’ able to turn to somebody, shit”.

Meek Mill Wins And Losses Album Review


Then he tops the feeling in the hook and couldn`t have picked the better lining to finish of his album project with:

“Uh, when you sitting at the top and you think you seen it all
Caught up with your dreams with nobody else to call
With tears up on my face, ’cause I know I’m gon’ be straight
Had to cut a couple homies
Had to learn from my mistakes
This the price of being great
Oh, this the price of being great
They hate you when you’re winning
But they love you when you’re broke
This the price of being great
This the price of being great
Oh, this the price of being great
They hate you when you’re winning
But they love it when you when you break
This the price of being great”.


Ties And Cuts For The Main Lock

Meek Mill Wins And Losses Album Review
Meek And Ross

Well you`d thought Meek Mill`s mindset could actually be 360 degree flipped, when there is actually a small portion of it showcasing the difference. And this is not a negative connotation. It`s not a bad thing. But if someone asked me to recommend a good Rap album, “Wins And Losses” wouldn`t be one of them.

Meek Mill Wins And Losses Album Review

Regardless of having classic modern Rap inserts, “Wins And Losses” shifts through these two different music sub-genres of Hip Hop Culture, yet keeping the velocity in the Trap department mostly. As hard for him to admit, Meek Mill has made an excellent job on his third studio piece, but not as a real Rap ambassador, but rather like a true natural Trapper. 

Meek Mill Wins And Losses Album Review
Meek Mill

It`s colorful, don`t get me completely wrong, there is some good Rap, but it`s a mixture of the overall Hip Hop culture. Meaning, including wonderful R`n`B noting instincts and Soulful renditions to some raw Meek Mill lyricism. To make a final resolution I declare a strong 7/10 for “Wins & Losses”


If you think it`s any different, check it out in the player below:

“Wins & Losses” (Spotify)




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