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Machine Gun Kelly
Machine Gun Kelly

Colson Baker aka Machine Gun Kelly drops his third studio album titled “Bloom”. Upon album`s release Ohio rapper twitted: “waited my whole life for an album like this. happy it finally came.” “Bloom” came out two days ago with thirteen tracks available and features like James Arthur, Hailee Steinfeld, Quavo and Ty Dolla $ign and more. Let`s see official track list skeleton first, before we jump into deeper critique details.


“Bloom” Track List

Machine Gun Kelly
Bloom Official Cover Art


1. “The Gunner”
2. “Wake + Bake”
3. “Go for Broke” Feat. James Arthur
4. “At My Best” Feat. Hailee Steinfeld
5. “Kiss the Sky”
6. “Golden God”
7. “Trap Paris” Feat. Quavo and Ty Dolla $ign
8. “Moonwalkers” Feat. Dubxx
9. “Can’t Walk”
10. “Bad Things” (with Camila Cabello)
11. “Rehab”
12. “Let You Go”
13. “27”

Hardcore MGK Raps

Machine Gun Kelly

Machine opens really heavy right from the start. Displaying his powerful state of mind, and clearing the picture for many MGK spits:

“I am the Alpha Omega, came from Sonic on a Sega
Crumblin’ chronic on the table
Mumbling lyrics in the basement
Like I’m finna go Super Saiyan”.

Deeply distorted beat was produced by amazing Slim Gudz. Dark piano keys, short electronic synth transition hits, reverbed snares, gun drops and fat bass line tangled with hard core metal guitars, pick up the energy straight up from beginning. No time to warm up.

Second of top, “Wake + Bake” continues that heavy electric guitar distortion, faded into a deep space behind a listener. It`s like a new 808 Trap/Rock era. Wonderful! Jim Jonsin produced this slick beat. The most authentically imprinted first impressions i had in a while. definitely the first favorite. Slamed guitars all the way!

“Go For Broke” is a first collaboration with James Arthur and a production by The Monarch and The Runners. It`s a softer noted slow jammer, slightly leaning towards Pop/Rap. The arrangement is a typical courage boosting, “song for everyone” type of jam. Nicely done.

The Beauty Of Imperfection

Machine Gun Kelly

From the second collab with Hailee Steinfeld in “At My Best” (prod. by Happy Perez) and more soulful stamina triggers in “Kiss The Sky” (prod. by Slim Gudz), Machine Gun Kelly tries to give all his life experiences in one big evidence pack, showing that imperfection is ok, and that no matter what happens, you got to keep your head up and move on. Strength, awareness, acceptance of who you are, striving for the better version of yourself and having a firm peace of mind is what Kelly is shooting up for here. There`s a really nice part in “Kiss The Sky”, that explains Machine Gun`s character better, saying:

“Always real but never realistic
Want the world but nothin’ in specific
Don’t need shootin’ stars to grant my wishes
I’m a superstar, let’s go and get it”.

Moving down one more track, we are getting back to that hard 808 Trap mess. Machine Gun Kelly dumps his hard bars for another Slim Gudz production in “Golden God”. Another typical Rapper`s retrospective on the life before fame and acceptance and acknowledgment of today` s accomplishments. Snappy snares and steady low bass mixed with heavy filtered vocal chant sample creates an EDM/Trap slow roller. 

Machine Gun Kelly

When that road ends, we turn right over to France for “Trap Paris” dopeness. Featured by Ty Dolla $ign and Quavo, MGK twits that is was “inspired by a wild night in Paris”. Unique taste beat made by Ty and Sonny Digital, with Ty Dolla`s and Quavo`s signature rap dubs makes this another super-hot favorite jam of the month.

Three Different Odors Of “Bloom”

Machine Gun Kelly

Closing to an end of this pretty well done project, we run into the next three joints, all unique in their own way. With “Moonwalkers” feat. DUBXX who is also a producer on this, we hear a light Trap version of a randomly-inhaled fast life. Machine Gun Kelly tries to depict other free time activities, the relaxing time and chilling with his crew.

In “Can`t Walk” it`s totally different vibe. The much stronger, heavier energy in amazingly made beat by the mega team of The Futuristics, Sonny Digital, Jim Jonsin, Happy Perez and Benny Blanco. Full of diversity, “Can`t Walk” is one crazy inspired instrumental. MGK explains his next period of lifestyle in hook:

“Y’all can’t see my eyes behind these shades
Y’all can’t see my eyes behind these shades
I been fucked up for the last two days straight
I been fucked up for the last two days, dog
And I can’t walk, and I can’t walk”.

Machine Gun Kelly

Third single in this diverse zone switches back to that Pop/Rap softness. Machine Gun Kelly sings together with Camila Cabello in “Bad Things”. Same energy and arrangement fix as with “Go For Broke”, “At My Best” and “Kiss The Sky”. Just this time, MGK turns to a romantic topic and addresses the relationship issues that anyone can relate to.

That Drug Called Love

Machine Gun Kelly

Last three singles dive even deeper into Machine Gun Kelly`s emotional spree. “Rehab” talks about MGK`s breakup of a relationship due to many of author`s vices like alcohol, drugs and pills. “Let You Go” is another love story where Machine Gun reminisces about another relationship and the slow disappearance of that sparkle between the two. His girl has lost that sparkle and no longer lusts for him as she was at the beginning.

Machine Gun Kelly

Last track is an audio-letter from MGK to his devoting fans. It`s titled “27” as the current Machine Gun Kelly`s age and serves as a reminder to fans that even if her dies now, they don`t have to be sad, because they will always have his music to come to and keep the memory of their favorite rapper. Very touching second half of the “Bloom” craft and very open-hearted author`s  performance.


Energetic And Emotional Clipping Of One Poet`s Mind

Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly did bring up the unexpected wonders with his latest studio piece, and “Bloom” followed the motion of its captain`s instructions. It`s a serious slice of criminal blend and heavenly stapled sentiment that drives this emotional draft through a forest of open-door festivities. It must be given the same energy feedback, thus a mighty 8.5/10.

Buy the album here, or stream right away in the player below:



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