Logic “Everybody” Album Review [Stream Online]

Third studio piece from Maryland rapper Logic seems to be cooked for “Everybody”. Released yesterday, album features thirteen tracks (14 in Deluxe edition), with high-praised guest names like Killer Mike, Chuck D, No I.D., Juicy J, Alessia Cara and more.


When asked about the meaning of his latest project, Logic explains for the Billboard: “I wanted to tell the stories of other people who may not have the voice I do.” Let`s see if he can really stand up to his words with notes.


Everybody`s Track List

Everybody Official Cover

1. “Hallelujah”
2. “Everybody”
3. “Confess” Feat. Killer Mike
4. “Killing Spree” Feat. Ansel Elgort
5. “Take it Back”
6. “America” Feat. Black Thought, Chuck D, Big Lenbo & No ID
7. “Ink Blot” Feat. Juicy J
8. “Mos Definitely”
9. “Waiting Room”
10.”1-800-273-8255″ Feat. Alessia Cara & Khalid
11. “Anziety” Feat. Lucy Rose
12. “Black SpiderMan” Feat. Damian Lemar Hudson
13. “AfricAryan” Feat. Neil DeGrasse Tyson
14. “Everybody Documentary” (Deluxe Edition)

A Wonderful Mind-Opening Beginning

DOVER, DE – JUNE 19: Rapper Logic performs onstage during day 2 of the Firefly Music Festival on June 19, 2015 in Dover, Delaware. (Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Firefly)


Logic`s big change reads through the emotions right from the start. The heavenly-arranged “Hallelujah” is Logic`s invitation for an open mind and author`s soul-dripping expressions revelation. The outro then fades away into the skit story about a guy named Atom and his car accident which leads him into the God`s waiting room with the voice of the God being dubbed by Patrick Starr. This is very pleasant surprise from Logic, to make a track project like this, so big step up on his raise scale. Beat is produced by Logic and 6ix.


Second of the track list top and already at album`s thematic hit “Everybody”. Sustained main line was made with vocal chant samples, with PSTMN taking sides with the same duo on production works. This is another big impacted song, taking racism as main  bullet point.  Logic says: “This was the first song that I wrote for the album, this was like two years ago, which is crazy to say that. I just knew it was something that I wanted to say. I just felt compelled, and I didn’t even really still know about the whole concept of the album yet, like I had this idea in my mind, but this is just something I really needed to say.”



Confessions And Social-Media Repression


With first feature guest Killer Mike, Logic admits some of his bad moves in “Confess”. After the fast-delivered, Gospel-like performance, and Logic`s story on a non-believer and a man who thinks and knows he`s bad, Mike jumps in to smash the outro in one take. This is a part of what he had to say straight from his heart:

“I’m locked up and half my friends
And then when I get out, or I make it out
I’m expected to somehow give back
To people who never wanted to see me escape
I’m startin’ to hate the man in the mirror
And it’s gettin’ clearer
That society was designed to keep me on the bottom
So, if you real, if you’re out there for real
Please explain to me why
Why do we suffer? Why do we die?
And why do the people

Who go against everything you ever said always get ahead?”


An Actor`s Divine Musical Execution

Another greatly-impacted sonic craft is a social-media bomb drop. “Killing Spree”. Logic`s second collaborator is one of my most respected young artists, “The Fault In Our Stars” and “Divergent” actor Ansel Elgort. The biggest surprise ever so far. I didn`t even know he can sign, especially in a Kid Kudi like inspirational integration. And OMG did he delivered. He burst-opened the whole track beautifully. Here`s the magnificently recorded verse:

“Oh, I know it’s hard, I know it’s hard like
I know that’s the reason you turn up at night
Livin’ yo’ life, just livin’ yo’ life
Can’t nobody tell you how to do it right
Come away with me, come away with me
Let me take you from this world of insanity
Come away with me, come away with me
Far away from flying bullets on this killing spree
Oh, I know, I know
It’s hard, yeah, it’s hard, yeah, yeah
I know it’s hard sometimes
It’s hard sometimes”

Real Logic Terrorism

“Everybody” is growing up super-fast on impression meter. After my first “KIlling Spree” favorite, it took only two mouse clicks to tap down my second one. “Take It Back” is another amazing Logic performance of life as a whole and the things he`s been experiencing from early ages and nowdays. He speaks about racism and therefore fights for equality. “Peace”, “Love” and “Positivity” is born here. And one of the most catchy hooks on the album so far.


Real talk continues with Logic`s first ever political attack. “America” is another wonderfully produced beat with features like Chuck D, No I.D., Big Lenbo and Black Thought. Logic really sprays his explanation on this one. Here are a few inserts: “I’ve never done a song like this ever. I’ve never gotten political.  I love America but there are a lot of things that go on in America that I don’t necessarily agree with or find to be something that I can stand for. So everybody on here is rapping from different perspectives.

Black Thought is rapping from his perspective on America. I’m rapping from my perspective on America. On both of my verses, Chuck D is rapping from his perspective of what’s going on.  You know what’s funny? Getting No I.D. on here was like the easiest thing ever. It was hard for me to muster up the courage but all I did was ask.”



Material And Black Matter

In the next two sound-stories we hear Logic hitting everybody up, even more. In “Ink Blot”, produced by 6ix and Deats, Logic calls Juicy J to sparkle up the atmosphere. In a story about a rapper being preoccupied by material things, which, no matter how fitting may look, seem to bother more, Logic tries to touch on the main character`s awareness and realization of becoming a listener`s puppet, depending on the mood and a taste of a listener or a popular circle, and not being your truest self in art.


With single after, in “Mos Definitely”, Logic gives respect to one of his most favorite rappers, Mos Def, and gives a strong black lives matter rap speech, in the Pharrell-like vocal rendition, praising the black culture and the black society in all, inspired by his close-friend`s story. The fast, alternative Hip Hop beat is made by Dj Khalil and C-Sick. Both tracks are fire.


Reincarnated Blissfulness And NSPL

Logic`s “Everybody” can`t get any better than this point. After various inspiring stories and sentimental adaptations, album hits its astonishment peak. On the “Waiting Room” we continue to follow the story of Atom, who`s in the reincarnation waiting room, talking to God. In a wonderfully made long lyrical dialogue skit, an unique and Universal message of life was beautifully created.


” 1-800-273-8255″ is a new collaborating project with Khalid and Alessia Cara where Logic attempts to reach to the ones who seem to have given up on themselves, offering them help noting the track`s title number, which is a direct line for any person with suicidal thoughts problem. The number is as real as it gets and it`s a phone of National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Logic already has that ability and soul-fulfilling magic of being one of the most influential young artist, a true magnificent pureness of intelligently-made creative mind that can spin a world a bit faster with every new spit.


More Of Logic Humanity Dust Off

At the end of “Everybody”, Logic prepared three more great tales. First is about his anxiety problem that he`s been fighting for a whole year and managed to turn into his power, instead of weakness. It`s called “Anziety” because of  a spelling mistake from hi leading producer 6ix. Great hit on leaving that on.


Second is another humanity check labeled jam named “Black Spiderman” featured by Damian Lemar Hudson. Logic again pins out the importance of every race, sexual orientation, religion making a real human wisdom stamp out of the word everybody. The album`s alternative title could easily be “one”. 

Last one titled “AfricAryaN” reflects on Logic`s personal history, his background and the trace it has left onto his life. Equality is the key chain on the whole project, especially accented in this joint. And talking about alternative album`s title, it was actually going to be “AfricAryaN”, but then Logic makes the final cut on “Everybody”. And this is not the end of it. There`s much more on the final single. After long-driven verses, we also finish the chapter on Atom and his meet with God, and after we get a special outro surprise guest mic drop by J.Cole. So, stay tuned all the way down to the last note.



Everybody`s Album


From it`s definite title, author`s switch up realization of album`s lead meaning, to inspiring real life moments stories, not only did “Everybody” stand for a human race as a Universal response, but it left an eternal fire on everyone`s shoulder to bear. Made to reflect on everybody with depicting everybody and siding his self-egoed focus, Logic creates something more than an usual artist miracle imprint. He builds up a fence around the globe, making a unique sanctuary for every one and all to come and heal of bad intentions, energy, thoughts and deeds. Really astounding piece of art and therefore astoundingly deserving 9/10 for Logic`s miracle mindfulness.

Grab the album here and/or stream direct below.



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