Lit Ceylon Old Skool Juicy J {Review}

Lit Ceylon Old Skool Juicy J {Review}

Lit Ceylon Old Skool Juicy J {Review}. Juicy J drops another banger, from the mixtape (Lit In Celon). Juicy j always has a flow, that never seems to dissapoint you. The song’s titled “Old Skool”, Juicy J has been killing it, since the early 90’s. He is from the old generation, but still manages to stay relevant, to the new generation. Juicy j who’s real name is Jordan Houston, is 41 years old and still winning! Juicy is a real inspiration to many people, it just shows that if you work hard. Stay about your grind, and be consistent over the years (20+). You will definitely be rewarded from the seeds that have been sewn, and enjoy the fruits of success.

Jordan Houston aka Juicy J, use to be apart of Three 6 Mafia. They were academy award winners, back in 2009. They got awarded for best original song, “It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp”.

He has never stopped working since he started, and his back catalogue of songs. Stretches over decades. Juicy J is one of the greatest. From the old school, but still managing to stay on top, with these new generation rappers.

Props going out to Juicy J! Old Skool is a banger, it gives you chills down your spine. Juicy J is going in. It feels good to see a brother on the top of his game, doing his thing bigger and better than ever before. Lyrically alone he has stepped his game up, he’s always been telling you something, but now it seems as if he is pushing to help people better themselves. He still has those crazy flows, that you never saw coming. Matched with the visuals, of the luxurious lifestyle that he depicts.

It doesn’t seem like, The Memphis Hip Hop Star. Is going anywhere anytime soon. Check out Lit Ceylon Old Skool Juicy J.


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