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Teenage Emotions Lil Yachty
Lil Yachty

It`s this juvenile`s time to rock, or should I say Rap the stage up with his at last on the Sun debut project. 19-year-old Miles Parks McCollum aka Lil Yachty finally drops his first studio piece under the name “Teenage Emotions”, which widely and righteously belongs to his actual state of mind, so nothing too odd with the freshmen album main theme.

Album is released on May 26th via “Quality Control Music”, “Capitol Records” and “Motown Records” and Yachty gave us 21 songs in the package. Features include Migos, YG, Diplo just to name a few, but most of the tracks Lil Yachty rides solo. By the first Critic impressions, Yachty didn`t get that super-polished shine, but maybe things are not so black and white from the New Era Hip Hop addicts like myself here point of view. So, lets revise!


Emotional Single List

Lil Yachty
“Teenage Emotions” official cover art

1. Like A Star
2. DN Freestyle
3. Peek A Boo ft. Migos
4. Dirty Mouth
5. Harley
6. All Around Me ft. YG and Kamaiyah
7. Say My Name
8. All You Had to Say
9. Better ft. Stefflon Don
10. Forever Young ft. Diplo
11. Lady in Yellow
12. Moments in Time
13. Otha Shit (Interlude)
14. XMen ft. Evander Griiim
15. Bring It Back
16. Running With the Ghost ft. Grace
17. FYI (I Know Now)
18. Priorities
19. No More
20. Made of Glass
21. Momma (Outro) ft. Sonyae Elise

Confidence Booster

Emotional revelations Yachty starts with an appreciation. Appreciation of the current success, the support of his mother and also acknowledges the hater element. Just a slow smooth introduction of a young emotional rapper. After “Like A Star”, we jump to a freestyle called “DN Freestyle”. No secret behind the DN acronym, it simply stands for the producer behind this beat`s name DigitalNas. In his usual awkwardness, Lil Yachty drops some not so entertaining bars on his sassy way of life. Dirty lyrics are not even attractive that much to be fully noted, as the simplicity of the audio background.

Lil Yachty
ATLANTA, GA – JANUARY 27: Lil Yachty back stage During the Washinton Wizards VS Atlanta Hawks Game at Philips Arena on January 27, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Prince Williams/WireImage)


In “Pick A Boo” Trap banger, we already know what`s up. It`s a straight up fire of a beat done by North Carolina Ricky Racks and since it`s collaborated lyrically with Migos, the lyrical embodiment lights that cocky dust right of the raw ground. A real Trap treat. Although explicit, it matches the naughty rapper`s mind perfectly.

Talkin` about “Dirty Mouth”, Tillie and 30 Roc dive down deep in the sub bassing 808 world to bring another crazy arranged instrumental for Lil Yachty. Raising more of that filthy spit, Yachty transforms again into his alter Lil Boat to callously slam the not so heavy bars. Yet acceptable much.


Dirty Mind, Dirty Rides

Lil Yachty

Expressing his, well, in his way romantic skills, Lil Yachty offers his lustful teenage emotions with his nasty mind inviting this girl to “ride it like a Harley”. Produced by K. Swisha, Yachty`s “Harley” did not bring the speed to his energy, although his singing rap imprints did stick in my ears so some time:

“Ridin’ like a Harley, Harley, Harley, Harley, Harley
My new bitch a bot
My new bitch a Barbie
And I’m ballin’ hard
Can’t nobody guard me, no, no”.

Lil Yachty

Next collabo is made with Kamaiyah and YG titled “All Around Me”, basically follows the same mind state. With Lex Luger on the smooth beat, this dirty trapper goes like some type of romantic ballad. A dirty version one.

In “Same My Name”, Yachty teases the critics to “say his name”, accenting his success and that nothing will stop him to reach his goals. Nice one.

Easy Going Emotional Messages

Continuing in slow pace, Lil Yachty takes his emotions further into the unappreciation of fake friends in produced by Earl “All You Had To Say”, sayin`:

“Niggas be faker than facelifts
People switchin’ like the late shifts
It’s not a secret no more, no
Niggas be actin’ like gang
Until you get changed, then they change”.

Lil Yachty

Then he jumps into his happy place sending the message of calmness with “Better” instrumentally arranged by The Stereotypes. It`s an inspiring love song that encourages the listeners and spreads a lot of positive energy, although I was not that much thrown away.

And “Forever Young” tries to express Lil Yachty`s feelings towards his special one. He wants to “stay forever together, and forever young” with his partner. It sounds way to Pop for me. And way too corny.

Seduction Moves And Gangsta Notes

With “Lady In Yellow” and “Moments In Time” Lil Yachty attempts to seduce this girl he has put his eye on. I must say, WondaGurl did amazing job with “Lady In Yellow” beat, it is so distinctively catchy, it`s one of my biggest favorites on the “Teenage Emotions”. 

Lil Yachty

After the love notes, we U-turn to some gangsta tips with another freestyle “Otha Shit” where Yachty pin points some crazy words:

“Ayy, 330 plays, fuck that other shit (gang)
And that’s not your money, that’s ya brother’s shit
And my brother locked up for the dirty stick
He on some other shit
That’s on some other shit
I just bought a new watch for my other wrist
And I just bought a new purse for my buttered bitch”.

Hard Knocker Emotional Break

Next collabo “X-Men” made with Evander Griiim, is a super-dipped 808 Trapper with some more dirty spicing on top. This is the most hammered-down track on Yachty`s “Teenage Emotions”. And, you know what, I like it. The beat is as usual, extremely oddly addictive and the raps patch up smoothly too:

lil yachty

“Runnin’ head first in your shindig (uh)
Boy your raps weak, keep your day gig (uh)
19 years old, I got 7 figs (yeah)
Break the bitch back like a tree twig (bitch)”,

goes Yachty at the opening. Evander had his dope share also:

“Hop out, president
Rollie president
Iced out all my friends
Call us X-Men
Cyclops Fendis, yeah
Swipe, swipe, swipe
Take a sip, bye”.

Back To 80s

Surprisingly Lil Yachty brings us back waaaay up to the 80s with his romance touch. “Bring It Back” is another love song, that, actually is kind of sweet and doesn`t stay off the tracks at all for another weird reason. Don` t know why, but I like this twisted Yachty version of something that fits perfectly for Weeknd. 

lil yachty

More past emotions come to surface with another great collaborative ballad and maybe one of the most impressive tracks on the “Teenage Emotions”. Collab partner Grace introduces herself with her angelic voice and takes over the entire energy boosting this single up impressively high. Great job on “Running With The Ghost”. 

“FYI” gets back to LIl Yachty swag and his wonders of his fame and why some still do not know about Lil Yachty. 

Fast Forward To New School

And finally at the ending closure we get the one fully potential Trap banger for the summer. “Priorities” gives that slick crazy energy of a song to dance to for this summer. Produced by K, Swisha, it keeps that dirty lyricism, but the sassiness of it clicks in the sync of a bothered now day teenager turned artist. The best track on the album.

Saturated with his young money, Yachty admits he can`t keep it “No More”. His tiered of different tour chicks who sleep with him just for the money. So he`s saying no more. 

lil yachty
ATLANTA, GA – SEPTEMBER 17: Lil Yachty performs onstage during the 2016 BET Hip Hop Awards at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center on September 17, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/BET/Getty Images for BET)


His disappointment in love is described in track no, 20where author keeps loosing his mind about this girl his in love with, but she doesn`t even notice him, which makes Yachty wonder is he “Made Of Glass”.  After that lovely performance, we come to the last track named “Momma” and guest singed with heart-melting vocal Sonyae Elise. It`s a dedication song for Lil Yachty`s mama. TrapMoneyBenny did a fine job with the easy-going soft beat that enabled Yachty and Sonyae to hit their best in the booth.


Was It Really That Bad?

Based on my personal experience, I would say the Critics did go a bit harsh on Yacthy here. The “Teenage Emotions” did not fail completely. Even so, they preserve the seductive oddness that keeps the divergence on the fine scale, they give exactly what most of teenage emotions produce and with a slight stepping out of the boundaries, still stay on a stronger side of Trap expressionism.

lil yachty

Lil Yatchy surely could do a lot better looking at the project in whole, but absolutely didn`t completely disappoint. This could pass with respectful 6/10. Not a point less nor more. Take your critical listen into it and dig into “Teenage Emotions” in the player below:


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