Jeffery Young Thug Album Cover Why Is He Wearing A Dress? Find Out Why

Jeffery Young Thug Album Cover The Story Behind The Dress

Jeffery, formerly known as Young Thug released an album that has caused controversy. He changed his performance name back to his birth name (Jeffery), and the artwork for the album covers really stands out. The front cover shows Jeffery wearing a long frilly powder blue dress, with a hat that looks like a lampshade/umbrella.

Jeffery Young Thug Album Cover
Jeffery Young Thug Album Cover

On the back cover he reveals his face from up under the hat and seems to be looking really happy. Garfield Larmond was the photographer for the project who gave insight on how the eye catching artwork came to be.

Jeffery Young Thug Album Cover
Young Thug Jeffery Download

Young Thug aka Jeffery first saw the dress when he agreed to be a mentor for the VFILES (Fashion Show). Through the VFILES founder Julie Anne Quay, Jeffery was introduced to the dress. As soon as he saw the dress, he knew he had to have it. The dress was then brought over from the Italian designers homeland, to Atlanta where Young Thug is from.

The designer of the dress Alessandro Tricone said “I think his cover image exactly centered my point, which is that everyone can wear whatever they want to, everyone can be themselves. Ignore what people are saying and thinking.”

So, it looks like Young Thug has furthered himself into the fashion world. It’s not the first time we’ve seen a rapper wear a skirt (Kanye), but Thugger has taken it to a different level!

And before you even start to shallow-analyze it, Thug`s move on this shows so much more than a fashion taste. Much more than a quirky undefined state of mind. Actually, it`s quite the opposite. Jeffery`s dress wear confirms his mutual ideology with the designer Trincone, that is androgynous look at the world around us.

Even though some type of conservative people will take this as extremely unpleasant way of expression, Jefferey is actually taking enormous step in opening the big door of free mind to all the young people feeling a non-gender like.

In his book “Not Just A Label”, Trincone wrote: “The androgynous identity of my inspirational garments reinforces my belief of no-gender boundaries between men and women”. Which Thug later agreed upon with his own line of words: “I feel like there’s no such thing as gender.” 

Check out the album though, once you get past the covers it makes for a good listen to be fair. People will more than likely be talking about this project for years to come. Jeffery is really going for gold on this one. Read my review about “No, My Name Is Jeffery”



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