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J Dilla Motor City
J Dilla


Ever since his misfortunate passing at young 32, seems and feels like rare diseases take super-rare talents for contribution to the rest of the Universe. Detroit`s one of the most promising artists, James Dewitt Yancey  aka J Dilla drops his posthumous act thanks to his momma Ma Dukes. The “Motor City” instrumental letter has just been publicly released few hours ago and features 19 of J Dilla`s beat crafts with 20th track being the J Rocc mix. 

And an limited edition packaged album was wrapped by Ma Dukes, who handwritten the letter to her son and included it in the album`s wrap. This raw material audial box contains untitled tracks, so the official Track list looks something like this:


Motor City Track List

J Dilla
Motor City Official Cover
  1. Motor City 1
  2. Motor City 2
  3. Motor City 3
  4. Motor City 4
  5. Motor City 5
  6. Motor City 6
  7. Motor City 7
  8. Motor City 8
  9. Motor City 9
  10. Motor City 10
  11. Motor City 11
  12. Motor City 12
  13. Motor City 13
  14. Motor City 14
  15. Motor City 15
  16. Motor City 16
  17. Motor City 17
  18. Motor City 18
  19. Motor City 19
  20. Motor City (J Rocc Mix)


Behind J Dilla Compositions

J Dilla
Motor City Cover Art

Playing at the top of “Motor City”, you could really appreciate Ma Dukes`s givings here. Although the tracks are simple raw examples of previously unfinished cuts, and they loop sometimes endlessly, they are extremely inspiring. Sounding as fresh as they are made into and giving this powerful emotional break from reality, J Dilla`s imprints beam out everywhere.

Lot`s of suspension string lines, brass hits, flower-tender cymbals and bell hits roll out of first two tracks. With sick dramatic vocal sampling and Dj stratches, from “Motor City 1″`s Kingdom-like atmosphere to “ready for war” “Motor City 2”, awesome energy fire spreads its rays out widely.


Sampling Diary

J Dilla

Rolling down the playlist, next three joints tell their own story individually. From African tom play in “Motor City 3”, a relaxing, head-bobbing crazy J Dilla diversity intelligence to “Motor City 4″`s classically sampled beat and really short, but double-banging thick thumping kicking in “Motor City 5” that resembles to something that could have been done for 50 and his better days with G Unit. 


Classic History Swipes

J Dilla

Next tipple-track blend comes in wearing a classical history hit-sampling.  “Motor City 6” could easily be titled “Baby, Baby”, giving its big accented vocal sample arrangement. Piano key annotations keep that dramatic sense of lust and love towards this lady`s gentleman.

Boxy, Country-sampled “Motor City 7” holds two stories. After the loopy cowboy swaggin`, we can hear another short example of blues vocal cutting all tucked in in No.7. 

Cheerful “Motor City 8” stays in the same sampling lane, this time focusing on male version of story telling. We actually have this version of J Dilla`s work in “Pandemonium” (Kenny Dope Remix) which you can preview here


Classic Hip Hop Of Motor City Continues

J Dilla
J Dilla Art

More blues like this time male vocal sampling continues. We can hear J Dilla`s extremelly emotional passionate outcomes as we go deeper into his lost tapes. “Motor City 9” is another double-story teller, which Ma Dukes assembled that gives a wonderful love story between two people needing no actual MC to jump in on the mic.

“Motor City 10” has this slick elegance of catchy drum suspension tone, which looping effect can never bore you. You could easily listen to this all day long without being monotonously drained.

And no. 11 aka “Motor City 11” characterizes in funkyness. Funky guitar riffs and soulful female chants bring the 60`s up in the air.


New Era Dilla Heat

J Dilla

Plucking kicks and handy claps are all up in this “Motor City 12”. Like old, crooked instruments came to life all of the sudden and made a wonderful symphony. “Motor City 13” is more of a New School rendition. 2000 and above Era is born here. Suffocating kick, rattled hits and futuristically dropped hit samples depicts J Dilla signature work.

On the third element of this personally selected tri-hit part Milestones, we can hear J Dilla`s creativity growth as the time evolves. “Motor City 14” drips out some filtered bass lining with super-dry cymbal hits that maintains this groove calmness. Great beat slide.

Quintessential Hip Hop U-Turn

J Dilla

Motor City 15, 16 and 17 bring the real essence of Hip Hop Culture. “Motor City 15” U-turns that instrumental background sustain while fat bass plays his solo concert giving your internal organs a massage they lacked for so long.

“Motor City 16” brings that Busta Rhymes vibing with crazy guitar riffing and dropping of a few extra guitar elements. Threading through the whole mass, intentionally noticable, couple of other great instrumental inserts make this another of J Dilla`s vastly influential deeds.

With “Motor City 17” we slow down into this laid-back instrumental mood. Late night chilling with friends on a hot New York night, hanging on the balcony or open roof of some super-expensive building is all that goes in my mind. For maybe a instrumental J Dilla video directing? Should be nice.


Motor City Tailing Lights

 Last two pieces are a common and very similar ones. The short looping gems are a perfect finishing spots for J Dilla`s “Motor City” album ode. In the “J Rocc Mix” we can re-live the whole project in a 30-minute time. For the tail-lighting influence it was as good as it gets.

As for my closing Critic circle, there is really so much that could be said and yet so little at the same time. Taking that it is J Dilla that we`re talking about, only emotions of gratitude can be evoked for his unselfish and determined will of procreating such a iconic musical marks.

J Dilla

There is actually no need of defining a final counting letter, but if I have to give one it would be a wide-angled 9/10. Cop J Dilla`s  “Motor City” right away and/or stream online in the player below. And as always, don`t forget to spread the word, give us feedback and keep coming back for more! Peace!

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