Iamsu! “Boss Up 2” (Mixtape Review) [Stream Online]


Iamsu! Boss Up 2 Album review

Cali producer, rapper, singer and a songwriter Iamsu! returns with his second Mixtape installment of the “Boss Up” series. The “Boss Up 2” has just been dropped two days ago, ready to unroll its dopeness with 8-tracking style. With three features from Snoop, P-Lo and Rossi, Iamsu! hits the rest of the “Boss Up 2” road in solo mode. This Mixtape was widely enticipated, so Su, it better be worth the wait. 😉 Here are the inside deets.


Bossed Up Tracklist

Boss Up 2 Official Cover


  1. Addy (f. Snoop Dogg)
  2. Round & Round (f. P Lo)
  3. I Know It
  4. Weekend (f. Rossi)
  5. Nada
  6. Enterprise & Build
  7. Black Friday
  8. Wrong Time


   Good Time Chill “Addy”

First jam with LA`s very own Snoop Dogg instrumentally made to give us that good old times Snoop Dogg cruising shill, is a slow-roller that gives away a typical party-up call. Guys are inviting to their place giving “addy” or the address to meet them and have some fun.


Iamsu! brags about his lavishness and the things he can offer once you step in. Snoop joins in with same temper, showing of his swag, explaining how he can own any girl he wants. I`m no so much impressed with the beat though, it tends to drag to a way too saggy feel.


Round & Round Clubber

Gangsta grills are ready to bite on those big clubby spreakers as the “Round & Round” banger walks in. “Round and round and round it go” when the boys take over the club nights with them girls just having some more fun all together.


I really like the instrumental here. The main filtered some type of pad synth line, hanging real tight in the air, is picking up the energy, while P-Lo and Iamsu! drop down with their girl gang. Very subtle hit chanting serves as a wonderful make-up arrangement to make this heavy party-faced jam blush. Love it!


“I Know It” Ego Trip


“I know it, you know it”, repetitive hook shares Iamsu!`s showcasted sassiness about his egoistic character. His confidence runs throughout the whole jam, insisting you cannot outdate him in his goal reaching peaks. It`s a classic smooth beat, made for that “late night chauffeur-driven thoughtful laid-back ride.

It`s easy to remember and also light on the ear-catching so it`s another fine job done by Su. 


Weekend Hang Out


Rossi jumps in for the “Weekend” loving amorous anthem. This intimate invitation shows Iamsu!`s romantic way of flirting. While Rossi sings it in the hook, Iamsu! takes it all in one verse rendition.

“I love that you classic
Do it slow or in fast pace
We in the back of the club with her like so
Let me see you go to work, take no nights off
We still in this party
You don’t know what you started”,

states Su while trying to seduce this girl. It`s a short, but also pretty addictively acceptable joint.

Presumptuous “Nada” Trapper


Already officially listener-introduced, the amazingly crafted “Nada” slow-Trap roller wins teh “Top Fire Bangers Of the Month” star in every angle. Produced by Scorp-Dezel, “Nada” pokes the “talk-much, sayin` nothing” types of people.

Iamsu!`s egoistic cockyness continues, dropping some dope dirty lines with muffled vocal toning.


Iamsu!`s Enterprise And Build Motto



His enterprising skills and super-determing skills are all skinned down in “Enterprise And Build” motivational rap-preach. Comparing himself with a lion, Iamsu! empowers strongly with middle-speed rap rhythm.

Showing his independence, the importance of family and friends support, Iamsu! paints a nice picture of the way he came up and what it takes to be a successful artist. How can you describe it, if you ain`t really came from it” send a strong message to all the hard hussle and the meaning behind every rapped bar.

Welcome To Black Friday


In the soft Trappy instrumental background by the Architects,  Iamsu! prolongs his paper reign, bragging and sassiness. Strongly self-convinced, and righteously, rapper spreads some real talk, mentioning “diamonds on me dancin` like a chandelier”, “my city feels my struggle” and “do this shit for my culture, my sound is ultra”, Iamsu! goes big “balistic” on them bar rattle.

My favorite quote is: “Even when I`m on break, I do interviews, thats`s bitch press, I`m fly like insects I`m a person of interest, really hate when a family tryin` to fuck me over, that`s incest.” Definite winner among them hot bars drop. Super-slick work there.

Came To The Wrong Time


The Architects produced another one, the last track on “Boss Up 2” tape, this time giving elegance to a soft emotional state Iamsu! tries to express. Author tries to explain his relationship status, wearing off that Drake half singing/rap suit.

 “Happiness is all I need in this life I live,

nothing else is exiting me, 

Girl I know you the right for me,

but you know it`s the wrong time”,

that`s the hook right there. Obviously this girl picked a wrong time to play with his heart and even thought he likes he so much, Su knows it`s the wrong time and he is better off without her.

Boss Up 2 Final Call

Iamsu!`s “Boss Up 2” is good recommendable Mixtape to have. It`s a great refreshing pill for your tiered ears. Gives enough space for your sick dance moves and holds that emotional pace for when you need loving aspiration.


It serves good to the soul and them dancing muscles. My final verdict for you guys will be 8.5/10. Grab the tape here  or stream down below. Salute!

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