Hot Hip Hop Urban Weekly List 1 [Keep Up With Top New Singles]

HipHopSavvy’s Hot Hip Hop Urban List 1

Every new day brings a fresh vibe to it. Whether it`s by sight, color or movement, new frequencies traveling by air constantly remind us that without them, none of our existential functions would work. But with one of their most beautiful forms, music, our lives get the feel of much higher, Godly importance.

And getting even more specific into it, Hip Hop as a basic pillar of Urban Culture already spread its roots into such a wide versatility that is almost impossible not to find at least one fracture that completes you soul`s hunger. With this new article series we will make sure your urge for tasty new bites gets satisfied on a weekly level.

We will bring the hottest trending singles/videos firing up the weekly fan chart in both UK and USA music scene and hopefully help you maintain your natural satiety.

Mid Summer Rookie Week

Our first week bares nine dope projects. Some with starting couple of hundred views, others kissing the 9 mil. boundary. But either way bringing the hot urban waves to top the compelling 7-day period.

 And even though their names are one of the most used in most of the USA and UK Hip Hop fan base, I`m afraid that couple of numbers didn`t quite match right. Regardless of his catchy vocal sonics, think Future could do a lot better on his latest banger “Extra Luv” featuring YG. But obviously the 9 milli peep count has a different story to tell.

UK Rap & Us Hip Hop Go Hard

Crossing the ocean to the other side, not so divergent picture as expected either judging by our early feel. Although reflecting the real life story and a lot better lyrical construction, Fredo checks in the hood with his new single “Like That”. Young UK fire kept his originality, but still feels like his vibe energy is somehow repeating itself. That way making the gangsta look feel un-natural. But since this is all art, we`ll absolve the unpleasant emotions.

Hot Hip Hop Urban Weekly List
Fredo (on the right)

 Raw Bars Of Serious Notation

Second block of new art craft ideas brings more seriousness to the table. With notable sick bars that let a new fire tap us on a back confidently of Rick Ross`s new protege Bruno Mali and his “Monkey Suit” to Kendrick Lamar`s infallible black cypher “Good Man Remix” the Hip Hop wires get to be tuned in properly again.

The Uprise Of The African Vibes

Fan of club jams? That African grind colorful vibes will definitely refresh you with Lethal Bizzle`s new banger “Hold You”. Done in collaboration with young MC “Gangster With Banster” album owner Mostack. 

And just when you think men took over the main weekly scene, you might think again. This female rapper refreshed the UK podium drastically. With her sultry rap accents Nadia Rose completely turned out the swag on the rest of the competition. She preserves the real woman power in Hip Hop today with her “Wat Up” jam.

Hot Hip Hop Urban Weekly List
Nadia Rose

UK`s Trap-A-Holic Innovation

The most outstanding surprise for me is this man. Amazing vocalist whos addictive chords stayed glued to my ears like a magnet. With the help of Fredo and his own irreplaceable sexy looks, Ian Greenidge aka Donae`o rocked the new single “Whole Life” utterly. Undoubtedly the most impressive joint on our weekly scale and undeniably yours too.

Dark Trapping Bangers

Deeper Trapping comes from London native Skrapz. “Not Like Me” charged-up banger lights in the originality of street talk. It faces some of the deepest and darkest corners of Trap music production. 808-bass slides keep rolling all the way up to the very end of this weeks hit list. Completely feels the whole atmosphere with one pesky rap bars. Safone and J Gang drop some weighty spits in their shooting session “Target Aim”. 

Ready To Press Play?

This concludes our first week of the “Hottest Hip Hop Urban Weekly Singles”. You are a few stairs away from a single/video review. From one coast to another, the new search discovered some new drafty lessons. First is that, even though a number means a lot in this material world we are living into, it often doesn`t have to act like a final judge.

Hot Hip Hop Urban Weekly List

Money still, can`t buy everything and fame can often distort a pure image unconsciously. That`s why, a thing like these article series here sometimes can reflect in a way that will shake your automated blurred judgement. And it will get things floating on the right clearer streams. Enjoy first week`s hottest Hip Hop, Urban singles and yell for more.

Hot Hip Hop Urban List Week 1









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