Gucci Mane Releases Song Ft 2Pac {On Me}

Gucci Mane Releases Song Ft 2Pac

Gucci Mane Releases Song Ft 2Pac {On Me}. Gucci drops an absolute banger! Alongside Hip Hop legend 2Pac.

Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane switches his style up, he is rapping over a west coast beat! Which is something that his followers  never thought they would hear.

What makes it even more of a shock is that 2Pac is on the track with him. It’s like Gucci just brought back Pac from the dead, to make a fire song! His verse sounds fresh, on point and up to date, it makes you wonder where did this come from.

I’m sorry to all the 2Pac optimists, but his verse is not new. It was taken from Better Days Album, track entitled Fuck Em All.

Gucci Mane gets a serious amount of props for this link up! What’s even more exciting is that he is releasing an album, “Everybody Lookin” on July 22nd. He’s expected to sell a lot of albums, the public have gravitated towards him. Gucci’s name is in a lot of peoples mouth right about now, his popularity is increasing as the days go by.

“On Me” is a serious banger, Gucci The ATL King laid the track down right. Especially, because he is featuring with The Hip Hop Legend Makaveli.


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