Giggs SN1 Landlord Stream Full Album Review & Download

Giggs SN1 Landlord Stream Full Album Review

Giggs SN1 Landlord Stream Full Album Review. It’s been a minute since Giggs dropped an album, his last one was “When Will It Stop” which was back in 2013. Giggs is staying true to his gritty, grimey upbringing and is taking it back to the essence of where it started. The SN1 founder Giggs is delivering it to you raw, uncut and is not sugar coating a thing!

The way that Giggs has dropped “Landlord”, is like he’s pulled it out of thin air. He’s presented his album in a gully/cruddy manor, the art work looks like Giggs is fresh from the streets just starting out in the industry. There is nothing glamourous about the release. However, the way that the Urban Community is moving at the moment. People are tired of gimmicky MC’s and rappers. Who have not much substance about them at all, and play there part in getting your attention, with flashy and attractive things. The one’s that are HOT this year, and NOT for the next. “Landlord” offers a place of respite for listeners. Who are becoming tired of the state, that the Urban Music Scene is currently in.

Giggs whose real name is “Nathaniel Thompson“, is now 33 years old and on his fourth studio album. He opens up “Landlord” by basically saying, that he is in no way trying to get through to the mainstream charts. Which makes sense, if you look at the overall presentation of the project. This just adds authenticity to the album, giving “Landlord” an extra boost, when it comes to the gutter affect.

Fellow rapper Dubz and mc Stormzy, link up with Giggs on the track titled “The Blow Back”. Stormzy goes hard, you can hear the experience in his voice and feel the confidence in what he’s saying. Dubz holds it down differently, in the way that he does. You never know what flow or words will come out of his mouth next.

The SN1 Landlord switches up the vibe by the time Process comes on, he explores the softer side of him. Talking to the females and expressing his passion and sexuality, mixing it in with his swag.

Landlord is a good album, at times it can feel like your listening to a mixtape because not all of the productions are exclusive. I’ve been listening to Giggs for years (2008) so I can tell when he has sat down and wrote a song, and when he hasn’t. For most of the album it sounds like he didn’t write, the SN1 boss is having fun with the music because you can hear it in his voice & you can tell by the flows that he runs with. It sounds very organic! However, when Giggs does sit in the flow he goes in & out, building the vibe up to it’s peak and that’s when he has you hooked.

The album won’t change your life or save the world, but it will give you real music to listen to! Support Giggs SN1 Landlord Stream Full Album Review & then download.




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