Garage Band For PC?! Legend Or A Myth?

One of the most popular virtual studios with complete set of musician`s needs, “Garage Band” stands strong among it`s egocentric competitor DAWs offering wide range of musical skills in touch screen world. Available for Apple users only, this compound software is known for it`s magical powers of transforming any iPad, iPhone, iPod and Mac into a virtual touch instrument.


What It`s Like?

Garage Band For PC

New upgrade brought an extension called “Live Loops” enabling you to create new music and jump behind Dj decks and show off your masters.  Will all that greatness, Garage Band has become a single star among virtual music production, and as it`s fame spreads across the world path, one question still, logically remains unanswered. Will Apple guys ever give the PC/Windows version.


The Whole Truth

Well, to take of the bandage and take away the torture, the answer goes both ways. It`s an official NO and unofficial YES. While Apple didn`t approve the Windows version, our hard working hackers did find a shortcut, having a thin line between their actual hair and bald head. If you get the memo. If you are a junkie though, feel free to try this method out.

Garage Band For PC

In the following instructional site, you can explore and see the additional steps for the use of Garage Band on your very own PC. After the application download, read carefully and share your experience if possible. There are a few sites that offer this PC alternative. The give instructions and download links to you to successfully install Garage Band for Windows XP, 7,8 and 10. Do they work? I haven`t tried, but if curiosity level boosts up after this article, maybe we drop some first hand impressions too.

Garage Band For PC

Safety First!

How safe are the sites is also incomplete, but you can easily test them at one of the IP addresses that are called online site test scanners (like this one right here). As for your Garage Band, here is thefirst site option, and here is your second URL alternative.

Garage Band For PC

And there`s one more thing. If you`re not a risk-taker, these 6 Garage Band Alternatives could maybe be that ace in a sleeve for your virtual studio rights. Try it out! Hope this works for you! Give us your feedback. Thanks!

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