French Montana`s Net Worth, Cars, Houses, Girlfriend List, Ethnicity & Other Interesting Facts, Learn More

Take A look Into French Montana`s Net Worth

Born Karim Kharbouch in Rabat, Morocco, we can confidently say French had a pretty well suited up-front planed lavish life. But, that`s not always the usual expected milk and honey life. After moving to South Bronx to attend Roosevelt High School with no what so ever English knowledge at age 13, Montana`s struggle between two great passions finally got its final cut.

Deciding to follow music before soccer, he starts building his rep by creating a series of Mixtapes titled “Cocaine City”. It was the 2009 when he scoops his first big deal with Akon`s “Konvict Muzik”. And from there, well, the rest was a great wealthy history for Montana man. 


The House Deal

French Montana

Residing in a pretty impressive five-floor mention in New Jersey, this superstar rapper didn`t last long. Just recently he brought a $3.3 million mansion of Selena Gomez in Calabasas, California. That was in April last year. Known for keeping his earnings well, he also shows good social manners too.


What About That French Montana 2017 Net Worth?

Well, according to the latest data, the MC has managed to collect impressive range of 10 milli. Yes, 10 million in US dollars. That`s just as good as it gets. From his debut project Excuse My French”, which did not pass as expected, to his continuance of Mixtape releases and latest big banger album, last year`s MC4“, French builds up his quality to the highest standards.

French Montana

But, as many of the patient fan-followers know, Montana is everything, but a quitter. And apparently a great businessman as well. Aside from his music, he expands his entrepreneur horizons to bring some more milk in the fridge.

One of his deals include the fashion mega-brand Pelle Pelle, and the other made him ambassador for the word-known shot beverage Ciroc vodka. And of course he stops at no cost. So, in June last year, French releases his mobile game “Speed Gods”, that was free, but Montana offers an extra addition inside the game. They range from $1 to $99.

French Montana

With couple TV appearances like “The Perfect Match” and “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, seems like his money flow doesn`t have a switch off button.

Now back to his musical career for the finishing add, it is also known that he collects a decent amount of $30,000 per a live performance.


All That French Cars

French Montana

When it comes down to wheels, French can keep it as real as possible.  White BMW i8, a white Rolls-Royce Ghost, and a red Laraki Epitome are just some of the dope exclusive names laying in his private garage. Red Lamborghini,  orange one, white Bentley, white Ferrary and white Audi along with SUV`s are just as polished.


French Montana Exclusive Dating List

French Montana

This Moroccan originator, is known for having not only a cool style in Rap, but also in his love life. Some of the most desiring female companions have been capturing his heart, starting from sexy model Deelishis. American model and Tv personality, Deelishis started dating Montana in 2012. The time when the word French could only be used as the synonym for a curse speech.

French Montana


And just before his most talked-about relationships with Khloe Kardashian started, Montana dates strong-minded Rapper Trina. Supposedly, young Khloe snatched her friend`s boy. After separation from NBA star Lamar Odom, Khloe stars dating French back in 2014. But, even that public boom, didn`t last long.

French Montana

French And Trina

September of 2015 brought another unexpected shock when beautiful actress Sanaa Lathan admits in an interview for her movie that she is dating French Montana. Next year, the couple is rumored to have a baby on a road, but Sanaa debunks it all quickly. And in May, French finally spoke, saying: “Uh, we good people. We great friends. She’s a great person. Shout out to Sanaa Lathan”. 

French Montana

French And Chloe

And there`s always more romance gossip clouds. As of August last year, French Instagramed his next-to-be-lover according to the press buggers. His next pick is a 26-year-old Pop songstress Iggy Azalea, who supposedly warms up to Monatana a month earlier, on one of J.Lo`s July concerts.

French Montana

Iggy And French


Brothers, Religion And “Coke Boys”

As for more personal info on French, it is also verified of him having not one but two brothers. They go by the name of Zack and Ayoub Kharbouch. There is also a mention of his sister, in the time when French at the age of 13, has moved with Zack and a sister from Morocco to Bronx with their Mulsim faith steps.

French Montana

Zack Kharbouch

Zack is also a Rapper, taking the steps of his older bro. And he is the president of the “Coke Boys” record label, aka Cocaine City RecordsIt was founded in 2008, and is now a branch of Bad Boy Records and Maybach Music Group. “Coke Boys” has several current and former artist, and here are the lists:

  • Former – Chinx, Max B, Lil Durk
  • Now – French Montana, Meet Sims, Velous and Zack
French Montana

Ayoub Kharbouch (left)


Now, all that is left to say is that, this Tony Montana lover, that came from French colony of Morocco is shaping himself into a very generous, well-guided wise man. His artistry and lavish spree aren`t the only things constructing his firm character. His humble heart helps many in various charities he has hosted. And he will surely be remembered as a much positive influencer in the Hip Hop industry, for sure.


Check his side of the Apple here

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