French Montana “Jungle Rules” Album Review

Even though he is French Montana, this Moroccan/American rapper, singer and songwriter is maybe having the year of his career. “Excuse My French” owner premiers his second studio piece on July 14th called “Jungle Rules” with monster numbered mega features like The Weeknd, Travis Scott, Pharrell Williams, Quavo, Future, T.I., Young Thugh, Mark E. Bassy and more.

French Montana Jungle Rules
French Montana

And with his most highlighted single so far, the “Unforgettable” feat. Swae Lee, this 18-track long LP seems to be barring a lot of good promises. Here`s what the rest of “Jungle Rules” wares.


The Hitlist Of Jungle Rules

French Montana Jungle Rules
Jungle Rules Official Cover Art

1. “Whiskey Eyes” Feat. Chinx
2. “Unforgettable” Feat. Swae Lee
3. “Trippin”
4. “A Lie” Feat. The Weeknd & Max B
5. “Jump” Feat. Travis Scott
6. “Hotel Bathroom”
7. “Bring Dem Things” Feat. Pharrell
8. “Bag” Feat. Ziico Niico
9. “Migo Montana” Feat. Quavo
10. “No Pressure” Feat. Future
11. “Push Up”
12. “Stop It” Feat. T.I.
13. “Black Out” Feat. Young Thug
14. “She Workin” Feat. Marc E. Bassy
15. “Formula” Feat. Alkaline
16. “Famous”
17. “Too Much”
18. “White Dress”


In The French Wilderness

With the wild creeks and roars, Montana intros the first track and feature “Whiskey Eyes” with Chinx. But surprisingly the track is light headed, in musical meaning translated as easy on the ears, very emotional and passionate. The chorus part is reserved for amazing female vocal Fe, who voice-portraited the Twilight-like emotional twist and brought the dramatic, yet exiting overture to the Rick Steel, Shaun Lopez and Ben Billions crafty beat.

French Montana Jungle Rules

Right after we passed the few first steps of the jungle, we bump straight onto the “Unforgettable” slow-banger. Swae Lee does something like The Weeknd with his vocal imprinting and shapes out the entire single with unique twist. A song inspired by French`s birth and a beautiful memory of his parents, Montana among other things explains the “Unforgettable” sonic meme:

French Montana Jungle Rules

“my father had a hard time and wanted to move back. My mother knew we couldn’t because there weren’t any opportunities there and she sacrificed a lot for us to survive in the states. We were on welfare and she worked overtime to keep us fed, clothed and a roof over our heads. I promised my mother that I would hustle and make my accomplishments unforgettable once I found my opportunity. I want other people who might be struggling to know that the sky is not the limit… You can do unforgettable things,”.

Deeper In The Branches

Still rolling on the same tempo stairs, this next slow-trapper, “Trippin” is produced by Ben Billions and talks about Montana`s cold-headed status. “I Ain`t Trippin` On A Bitch” tells of a rapper`s focus on his game and true emotions. A lot better energy can be found in catchy-made 2009 instrumental made by Masar and Harry Fraud. “A Lie” features Max B and The Weeknd and forces the story of originality and power. French spits up some interesting lines:

French Montana Jungle Rules

“She, she say the baby mine’s, that’s a lie (that’s a lie)
If I ain’t the hottest in the city, that’s a lie (that’s a lie)
School, teach you how to read the lines (read the lines)
In these streets, gotta read between the lines
Room, room full of ether clouds, you don’t want no smoke
‘Fore, before I choke, baby, I’ma choke ’em from their choker (yeah)
Only the red in my eyes see where you come from
We, we the gang, either you run with or run from
I, I’m the head, rockin’ bet it’s re-up in the sock
Me, me and Max hit the block like Karl Malone, Stockton
And if I ain’t the new Chapo, that’s a lie (that’s a lie)
And if he try and tell you we gon’ stop, that’s a lie”.


Heavy Trappin`

The lightness still stays preserved as we “Jump” onto the masterly-done art-joint Montana and Travis Scott smashed in. Produced by Soundsbynova, this addictive beat is my first favorite on the “Jungle Rules”. It`s a typical club banger, with simple. yet very witty lines and extremely catchy accents that will keep your repeat button stuck for a while.

French Montana Jungle Rules

“Hotel Bathroom” can be best described as another smartly arranged project with long-sustained attention and amazing 808 drop with French Montana`s slick vocal integration. Even though talking about a simple day in his hotel room, Montana managed to top that experience with fresh rap/sing approach. Great job!


Half Way There

One of the nicely done sampled pieces must be the phenomenal Harry Fraud-made magic of “Bring Them Things”. This new schooled old head-knocker brings the rain of amazement. Pharrell Williams brings out a beast of rap skills, it is nice to finally hear him drop some serious stuff on the mic. Kid Daytona sits on the chorus. And French kills the rapers in second verse:

“Coke boy white, Mac Miller, Reggie Miller
Shoot to kill her, canary quarterback , Steelers
White villa from crack dealing
Now Cîroc French Vanilla, garage like a dealer
I kill ’em softly, Lauryn Hill ’em
Get above ’em, crib Calabasas on the hill, I
Had ’em on a needle, 45 plate
Beatles wore revolvers on the red carpet
Alcatraz bars, crash cars
Ain’t no future in fronting, my homie rip yo mask off”.

French Montana Jungle Rules


Next collabo is done with Ziico Niico and it`s titled “Bag”. A bit still on the energy, “Bag” holds the elementary feel of Montana hustle. But more suited for ambum`s end then the golden middle. “Migo Montana” continues the Trap legacy with thick-cooked beat mood. Produced by London On Da Track, J Holt, A1 and Detail, “Migo Montana” is typical Trap banger bringing that satisfactory and well needed rawness of a good spilled Trap. 


Heavy-Filtered 808 Pipes

When you featuring Future, you must go super-heavy on them 808s in every single manner. “You Don`t Want No Pressure” keeps rolling around hook link in “No Pressure” heat. You won`t be able to get enough of that 808 sub-bass arrangement, it`s simply mint!

if you are ready for gym, add this next one to your motivation boosting playlist and rip that workout. “Push Up” although not related to workout, still serves as a dope ego booster. The post-hook explains the single most accurately:

“Ridin’ in a V, like to feel the breeze
Pray to the high, for my enemies”.

French Montana Jungle Rules

More dark-noted killer Trap keeps heating the Montana kitchen oven with another great work. “Stop It” collabo with T.I. plays intelligently with words giving double meaning of collaborator`s second acronym. Cut-edged instrumental and rap, is another album favorite. Perfect job on the production by Diego Ave.



Six Down

In the last drops of “Jungle Rules”, French Montana brings three more guest mic appearances. Young Thug on the rocky rolling singful club-Trap “Black Out” that smashes the whole album with dramatic brass hit arrangement. Marc E. Bassy on the Pop-nourished grinder “She Working” (album topper) where boys let their deamons out because of this girl. And Kingston`s Reggae artist Alkaline for “Formula” to wake up the dance-hall sleepers.

French Montana Jungle Rules

Last  three spices fill in the similar mood space. Emotional “Famous” creates a special vibe around its aura. Montana expresses the love for this girl and again layers one of the prettiest bars in the second verse:

“Baby live your life, just how you are
Shining star
Hope you never get famous
Flying low with the angels
They said “fake it ’till you make it”
I guess you fake when you make it
I told you “stick to the basics”
Built an empire started in the basement
If you tryna fix a glass that’s broken
You know it might cut ya
Never want to see you with another man
Truth might eat you if your mama know
When they get too close for playing
Need you hugging me
Because no one gonna love you like I do”.


Too Much?

Jungle Rule no. 17 says “Too Much”. And it gets you wondering is it really? Too much of music in this LP and is this really a necessary one? Well, it can go both ways. It`s a typical French Montana signature work, and for me a bit too much for this. The “Jungle Rules” could easily be done with 16-th one. But maybe not that much with “White Dress” insert. Although very loud in hearing perception, the track has one of the sickest chorus lines for a hyped Trap banger. It finishes the “Jungle Rules” book with a stamp bar coding like this:

French Montana Jungle Rules

“‘Cause you control my vices
I just want to fuck you on your nice shit
Driveway lookin’ like midlife crisis
You control my vices
We was up grindin’ on the night shift
I’ll bet, gave my dog suicidal crisis
Priceless, I just want to fuck you in your white dress
I’ll bet, oh I think she like it
Talk to me nicely, oww
Talk to me nicely, oww”. 



Montana`s Gold Digger Or Cold Trigger?

After a great debut start and not so publicly well handled “DC4” even though still don`t know why exactly, it has been difficult to trust this man`s next sonic steps. But whatever scenario you imagined, I am sure Montana made sure your French stays cleared and filtered away automatically. Actually you will not only like this, but will have not a single twisted dirty word against in in your critical mind.

French Montana Jungle Rules


“Jungle Rules” raised some animal dust of the deep Trap grounds with the major family gathering to show support and respect to one seriously underestimated super-skilled microphone magician. If this Jungle Book doesn`t get French Montana at the widely wanted peak, nothing else will. It has been a anti-light road of emotional combustions and not only with this project, but within French Montana world in all.

French Montana Jungle Rules


But “Jungle Rules” writes down the simple instructions for a multi-translated figure of speech and variously-accepted interceptions of obtained intelligence. I give it a 9/10, you give it a try hereOr drop your ears down below right away.

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