Fredo (UK Rapper`s Biggest Songs To Date)



Although we mentioned this guy before and not so long ago, but in a shortly manner, I think many would agree that this young MC deserves a bonus proper introduction. Or at least reflection on his latest and best work so far. And just to make a quick recapitulation, Fredo`s year of success came last, 2016 with the crew called “Harrow Road Boys” with the smashing single “They Ain’t 100”. 

From there Fredo went solo in action and proved even more that UK underground rap still raises the most fire. Now, here is Fredo`s best career work so far.



Fire In The Booth Freestyle

At the beginning of March Fredo mic-guested in Charlie Sloth`s “Fire In The Booth” where he opened about his real life situations. His first freestyle talks about his “old days” and the whay he came up to be who he is today. Still young, but with a hood knowledge and friends locked up, Fredo keeps the booth warm while unraveling his nostalgia for them good days without any criminal activities.

He also touches on a hard work that he appreciates and how many would do anything for a slice of fame. He talks about his fame too and how people change immensely when you get to any type of higher state of recognition.



Second Drop

The second freestyle is a dark-tapped Trap that brings that drama, and so Fredo synced in perfectly to it. For the friends that are behind bars or those not among us anymore, Fredo kicks in a nice slick bars of sassy raps. This savage roll portraits a street, gangster side of a young rapper with lost of dirty lines and criminal thoughts, of course all in the service of great art.



Third Piece

Next and the last one keeps the same pace of tamed Trap with a little bit of lighter melody, and much stronger interpretation from Fredo. He elaborates on a questionable mind state, asking if this music thing is fate or not. His young boys time, police on his neck and street hustle were entangled with his current fame days. Started from nothing he asks how can he be blamed for raising up and finally making it thanks to his music passion. At the end he nails down the whole session with silver lining:

“I don`t know how how I started,

Don`t know how I`m rappin`,

I used to still bags,

Now I`m in Hartland

Feel so fly, I had to ride with Aladdin”.

Watch the full clip below:






On Jan 22, Fredo dropped his big collabo project on “Link Up TV” officially with guest-friends Ratlin and Ayo Beatz on the track. Boys talk about same thematic issues, the bringing up, starting from having nothing and making in in the music industry. Their gritty, active attitude with a strong ego, keeps the powerful energy up high. Check out the video now:




Pattern Gang


Violent artist expressions that are in art`s form only as noted in the beginning of “Pattern Gang” official video are one of Fredo`s most impressive work so far. Strong Trap dubs and cocky lyricism with super-catchy word accents, bring out the best in Fredo`s passion for music.


Also promoted via “Link Up TV”, video was dropped at the middle of December last year and depicts main author in multiple cuts, from the morning kitchen chill surrounded with lots of girls, to down town jeep cruising and a club night hanging with the crew. Get the glimpse of it now:



Get The Pot


Following his latest work “Get Rich Or Die Recalling” published on March 24th via “GRM Daily”, Fredo`s brand new video for “Get The Pot” was dropped a month before the album drop. Another dark-featured Trap roll out was delivered impressively. The main topic is centered around cooking drugs and dealing with that business. Thug life mentality floats around Fredo`s words as he continues to paint his life one puzzle at the time. Peep the vid below and cop the “Get Rich Or Die Recalling” now:




Get Rich Or Die Recalling Album Cover Art

This young man has proved more than enough he can be a real taste to our Trappy ears, so keep him in track, I mean playlist, for a good thick dose of “Trealing” feel.

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