Fredo TrapSpot North London UK Rap {Must See}

Fredo TrapSpot North London, UK Rap On The Rise!

Fredo TrapSpot North London UK Rapper. Fredo is doing very well at the moment and just goes to show that he’s not a one hit wonder. He Released “They Aint 100” back in March 2016, it was the song that put Fredo on the map & got his name out there in the Urban Community musically.

What Do We Know About Fredo?

He was about in other rappers music videos from his area (2010, 11. 12) He was more so in the background, and he did not look like he was doing as well for himself back then as he is now. It’s amazing how things change and it’s clear to see that he is well connected.  The visuals are quality and portray Fredo living that rich lifestyle, breaking bread at the table with his people.

Fredo appears to be one of those real ones, from the surface he looks calm & humble. Although, he might have flashy things, he doesn’t give off the impression that he is boasting or trying to stunt on any one. He is just doing his thing. You have to rate that about him!

Fredo’s biggest music video’s so far {Must See}

Fredo Was Stabbed

Around Oct 2016, a video was flowing around on youtube showing Fredo laying in a hospital bed, with what appears to be stab wounds.

Uk rapper who was stabbed and shot {Must See}

Fredo Was In Jail For An Alledged Shooting, Frau* & Dru* gs

We don’t know much about the in’s and out’s of what happened, but a video surfaced online showing Fredo in prison giving a tour of his pad.

Fredo’s Friend’s (Ratilin) Car Smashed

Ratlin appears to be extremly calm considering his car has been smashed up, this video popped up a few months ago that shows ratling smoking whilst looking at the damage of his car.

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