Everybody Looking Gucci Mane Album Streaming 1017 404 Atlanta

Everybody Looking Gucci Mane Album Streaming 1017 404 Atlanta

Everybody Looking Gucci Mane Album Streaming 1017 404 Atlanta is a good mixtape!

After spending a few years in jail, The ATL Trap God has returned back to doing what he knows best. Since he has been away the game has been a free for all, an open invitation for every and anyone.

If you look at the state of the industry, it’s heavily influenced by his signature sound. He has put his city on the map, and has managed to Pied Piper the new generation with his sound. Rappers like Young Thug, Young Dolph, Wacka Flocka, Nikki Minaj and many others. Started of their careers from being on a Gucci Mane mixtape. Gucci has a cult like fan base, he releases material constantly. If a new rapper features on a` Gucci Mane tape, it won’t take long for their popularity to rise.

With all that said you would of thought, his new mixtape/album  would of clearly shown you why he’s the originator of this trap shit. Everybody Looking lacks variety and the hooks are mostly him repeating the song titles. There a few  bangers on the album! Not that many features though, Gucci said he only wanted Kanye West as a feature. Reason being as they are both narcissists, Gucci mane said in an interview.

It’s been rumoured, that Guwop recorded the album in 6 days. After he was released from prison.



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