DVS Rapper Courtney Hutchinson Life Sentence Charged For Rape And False Imprisonment Full Update

DVS Courtney Hutchinson Rape Allegations

DVS Courtney Hutchinson Rape Allegations. He alledge1y abused {***ually} a girl, and physically attacked her, which caused one of her eyes. To be at a different level with the other. Apparently, the incident took place at DVS’s flat. Near London city’s airport, where he allegedly kept her, and put the young woman through an horrific ordeal.

DVS whose real name is Courtney Hutchinson is alledgely inside jail. pleading guilty to the offences he was charged with. It’s believed that DVS, filmed footage on his phone. Of some of the activities that supposedly had taken place.

Hutchinson says that, “whoever’s dumb enough to believe I could ***e a 17 year old girl, so be it.”

DVS feels as if, he is being put on blast, and people are trying to slander his name. He expressed how he feels, about the allegations on Twitter.

DVS Courtney Hutchinson Jailed 17 Year Old Girl Seriously injured

DVS says

We will have to wait until the sentencing, before final judgements can be made. These are no accusations that any man, would want to be associated with.  So it’s understandable why, DVS won’t entertain much conversation about the situation.

DVS Courtney Hutchinson Jailed 17 Year Old Girl Seriously injured

DVS blocks @ExposetheLies

Rumours Spreading In Jail About DVS

Apparently, DVS tried to take his own life. This was said to have happened, in his jail cell. Also leaving a letter behind for his mom, and a note to his cell mate. Talk spreads when your in  prison, and word gets about fast. If DVS didn’t commit any of the accusations, that have been claimed. Going out like that Is not a good look for his character (If the rumour turns out to be true).

DVS Courtney Hutchinson Jailed 17 Year Old Girl Seriously injured

DVS tried to kill himself

DVS Played A Role In A Movie, Where He Carried Out Similar Acts

The intent is a new British street film, it’s about an undercover police officer, who infiltrates a gang. Dvs plays a character called Brownie, one of the local gangsters in the film. One of the scenes show DVS aka Devious’s character Brownie, carrying out similar acts. as to the ones he is being allegedly charged for.

It just seems very bookie, that Brownie (DVS) played a character in the film (The Intent). Committing crimes, that in real life he (Courtney Hutchinson) would then act out. Something just doesn’t add up, until the final court hearing. Nothing official can be said about the incident, but this is too much of a coincidence. It makes you wonder if the DVS Courtney Hutchinson Rape Allegations are true. The truth will come to light soWe are deeply sorry if this article has upset or offended you in any way, it is our job to keep up to date with the Urban Community. Unfortunately, we have to report about these type of incidents. To give our visitors and users a like, a better if not clearer understanding of what Is going on concerning the Urban Communty. This article was originally publshed whilst the case was still on trial. DVS was found to be guilty.

Dvs Courtney Hutchinson Sentencing Update

Source – jamaicanmateyangroupie

“DVS has now pleaded ‘not guilty’ which means the trial will have to restart and the girl will have to attend court and give evidence. Smart move by DVS. This means he can say that he is not guilty and that he is innocent. He hopes that the road will not condemn him and that the jailhouse man won’t lick him down. He is gambling though. If he gets found guilty he will lose the automatic third off of his sentence and he will be finished. He will get ‘life’ and serve a minimum 16 years in jail and then be on licence for the rest of his life. I personally like DVS and always found him warm and polite. Lots of people were jealous and envious of him which caused him to be seriously harmed on a couple of occasions and also robbed. As much as I like him though I have to say that if he did this to my sister or daughters then he would not be in this world any longer. He has thrown away his life. Shame. I hope his victim recovers.”

DVS Courtney Hutchinson Sentenced 23 Years

It turns out that the allegations, were actually in fact true. Metropolitan police today announced that DVS will be sentenced to 23 Years in prison, Courtney Hutchinson aka DVS pleaded guilty for tortur* and rap* back in July. On Monday 9th January he was sentenced, and will now be on the se* offenders list for the rest of life.

Detective Jimi Tele Shares His Thoughts

Detective Sergeant Jimi Tele: “I would like to praise the bravery and determination of the victim of this truly harrowing ordeal. Her resoluteness in coming forward and working with the police in securing the imprisonment of a truly dangerous offender is worthy of the highest recognition.

“Courtney Hutchinson subjected his victim to the most shocking and repeated levels of violence. It was her determination, in company with the skill of the investigation team, that allowed the full severity of the attack to be revealed and that ultimately led to Hutchinson’s arrest and conviction.

“The level of violence he inflicted was so severe it demonstrated his total disregard for the victim as a human being, subjecting her to levels of callousness and danger that are rarely seen. The evidence against him was overwhelming but the fact that he decided to plead guilty, removing further ordeal for the victim, can only be welcomed.

“The victim and the public can be safe in knowing that Hutchinson no longer poses a risk to them as he begins a significant term of imprisonment. Finally, I would like to add that the Metropolitan Police Service is committed to pursuing those who commit violence and particularly those most dangerous offenders. I am conscious that there may be others who have suffered similar violence, whether at the hands of this offender or another, and I would urge them to approach the police.”

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