Drake Signs With BBK – Skepta’s Record Label

Drake The 6 God

Made it public that he is now signed to BBK, Boy Better Know which is a grime collective independent record label. Owned by the two brothers Skepta and Jme. Drizzy took the stage at the Brit Awards with Rhiana performing Work. When their performance was over instead of going home Drake made a surprise entrance with the Section Boys, at a small venue in London. Not too long after that is when he announced the news, of him signing to BBK.

drake signs to skeppta bbk

drake signs skepta bbk

What Has Drake Got Planned?

Its no secret that he has been fascinated with the UK. From Sneakbo to the Beetles. He however confessed his love for BBK, when he brought out Skepta to perform Shutdown at the Wireless which he was headline for back in 2015. He praises Skepta and gives him credit for his inspiration on the mixtape; If Your Reading This Its Too Late.

Drake being signed to Boy Better Know more than likely means big things for the grime scene, with him being from Canada, single handed took over America is he about to do the same thing to the UK?


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