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Since not so convincing last year`s Views“, Drake had better be collecting a much more inspiring playlist in this brand new project. Is there a real chance at “More Life” of a 22 pick up lines, combined to freshen up our hearing minds? A day old, Aubrey`s first big 2017 project is promising some great potential, but can it really take the lead in our deeply curious tastes, I cannot wait to start the test. Here is the official track gauge:


More Life Lineup


  1. Free Smoke
  2. No Long Talk (f. Giggs)
  3. Passionfruit
  4. Jorja Interlude
  5. Get It Together (f. Black Coffee & Jorja Smith)
  6. Madiba Riddim
  7. Blem
  8. 4422 (Lil Wayne & Sampha)
  9. Gyalchester
  10. Skepta Interlude
  11. Portland (f. Quavo & Travis Scott)
  12. Sacrifices (f. 2 Chainz & Young Thug)
  13. Nothings Into Somethings
  14. Teenage Fever
  15. KMT (f. Giggs)
  16. Lose You
  17. Can’t Have Everything
  18. Glow (f. Kanye West)
  19. Since Way Back (f. PARTYNEXTDOOR)
  20. Fake Love
  21. Ice Melts (f. Young Thug)
  22. Do Not Disturb


A Drastic First Part


Hmm, I`m not gonna lie to you, but this is a soft disaster Drakelist right here. “More Life” opens with light joint “Free Smoke” with wonderful light introduction by Nai Palm, singing in beautifully. After that the beat mood switches and becomes a freestyle-like drop for the main spitter. Drake dubs down nicely, aligning a hook to the verse body. So the entire part goes like a one big freestyle and that is the only bright spot on this first part of not so “More Life”. 


After that, we endure in couple of not so compelling projects, and really nothing much worth standing out. First collaboration with UK cat Giggs is called “No Long Talk”, produced by CuBeatz and Murda. Guys did a great job on a typical slow-burner Trap banger. Drake and Giggs do their thing as well, lyrically not lacking in quality, yet there is still some extra energy missing.

More Life

The next three singles are a real drag in the ear. “Passionfruit” is suppose to be some kind of “Marvin`s Room” sequel, where Drake puts out his emotions on a table again. It`s a nice production by Nana Rogues, but I am really not into this light weight category rhyme layout for Drake`s strike. After really exhausting “Jorja`s Interlude”  with amazing Jorja Smith, English singer/songwriter, the emotional emptiness becomes drastically widened as boredom gradually overcomes the entire sensing system.

More Life

“Get It Together” feat. Jorja and Black Coffee follows the same scenery from the interlude and besides Jorja`s blissful vocal performance that takes the whole track on hinge. But again it is just too weak to withhold the full spectrum of pesky, pixilated beat.


Caribbean Sanding In Trap Shoes

LAS VEGAS, NV – SEPTEMBER 23: Recording artist Drake performs onstage at the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Festival at T-Mobile Arena on September 23, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/WireImage)


“Madiba Riddm” and “Blem” continue to rock in the rhythm of that African vibes. I`m skipping the first one, because of my over-saturated ears from this unpleasant audible effects. “Blem” is maybe a slightly better touch with Drake`s innovative mind adding another new slang to this massive culture. “Blem” talks about Drake being high on marihuana while trying to sing to his girl.

More Life

Sampha jumps in to another slowly-blending emotional track “4422”, referring to  an IRS form of discharging  ones property. But it`s actually used as a metaphor to a slow collapse of a relationship. Drake lets Sampha go solo on this one and he beautifully lingers on this spiritual insinuation stating at the end: “I’m runnin’ but can’t run away, you say you changed but you never change up”.

More Life

It takes 8 dreadful songs to finally come to that real Drake place. Trappin` finds his way out at last. “Gyalchester” produced by IBeats is the first favorite on the “More Life” even though it is still nothing that much special. Placing his gratitude, place in Hip Hop industry and loyalty, Aubrey really kills the swag on this rap. Let`s touch on some of the fine drops here:


“Yeah, October Firm in the cut
Stay at the top like I’m stuck
That’s just how I’m giving it up
She wanna get married tonight
But I can’t take a knee ’cause I’m wearing all white
Me and my broski are twins but we don’t look alike
I don’t take naps
Me and the money are way too attached to go and do that
Muscle relax”.

Skepta was called to a new interlude, which prolongs the thank God same Trappy feel and dope energy. UK legend kills the switch on an awesome bar spit making this a second favorite jam and perfect pick to bring “More Life” in this party.

Halfway There Feeling More Hopeful

More Life

Omg, did the rounds switch up in here or what. Now, that`s what is initially expected of real Drake. First big collabo and maybe one of the strongest tracks on the project is definitely the  Portland” Trap banger with Quavo and Travis Scott. Produced by once again phenomenal duo CuBeatz and Murda, “Portland” is a definite summer hit of 2017.


More Life

Second big collaboration is made with 2Chainz and Young Thug for “Sacrifices”, produced by DeeJaeBee and T-Minus. Drake brings out a gripping lines to trigger out some more of that dope energy spicing:

“Couple niggas from the city
Wishin’ on a star, could they be like Drake
Sorry, no, not today, you gotta find your own way
Big dog from the 6, I’m talkin’ Dogg like Nate
My shit be raw out the gate, I don’t need another take
40 got house on the lake, I ain’t know we had a lake
She complainin’ how I’m late, I ain’t know it was a date
Niggas see me in person, first thing they say is
“I know you need a break”
Hell naw, I feel great, ready now, why wait?
Like a kiss from a rose
I could be the one to seal your whole fate
So be careful what you think, think about what you gon’ say”.

More Life
Drake And Young Thug

And Young Thug also slays it for the marvelous end:

“I’m talkin’ sweet, thin meat, I’m talkin’ suite like he sleep
We ain’t doin’ too much talkin’
I’m talmbout talkin’ like a speech
Like the President, I kill and meet, I’m talking neat like freak
I’m talkin’ neat like fleek, I’m talkin’ neat like a geek (yeah)
You come with beef, I eat the beat, I’m talkin’ B’s, spellin’ B
Double R, that’s a Rolls, paint it yellow like it’s dairy
I’m talkin’ Rose like Derrick
I’m talkin’ Rolls like a Bentley
Like a new car, I got two keys
Tryna score the bucket like a Chevy seat”.

Lighter Atmosphere, Deeper Meaning

More Life
Drake Live

After a Trap burst, Drake turns back to another heart-breaking romantic jam “Nothings Into Somethings”. Produced by Wallis Lane and G. Ry, this atmospheric down-tempo Trapper fills the room of Drake`s “More Life” with relaxing notation of pimpin` chills.

But what Aubrey did with the next unwinding jam, flipping J.Lo`s “If You Had My Love”, is something exquisite and not predictable at all.  Hagler stands on top of this great production, Canadian music gem. Here we can examine Drake`s feelings switch from RiRi to his teenage crush Jennifer Lopez, and Drake wishing on some crazy feelings confronting those strong emotions. Really nice rendition here.

More Life
Drake In Front Of The Mercedes Benz Arena

Second mic partnership with Giggs comes in possibly the best track on “More Life”. A super-soul-melting dramatic “KMT”. Aka “Kiss My Theeth”, the joint digs up that fierce dark booming energy. And taking aside the whole controversy about the beat ownership, Drake and Giggs prove one more time that they click like one when brought together.

And maybe the best lyrical embedment comes in “Lose You”, where Drake questions the strength of love and whether he has lost it from the hearts of his lovers and friends. We can hear him  ponder like:

“Why is my struggle different than others?
Only child that’s taking care of his mother
As health worsens and bills double
That’s not respectable all of a sudden?
I don’t get a pat on the back for the come up?
What do you see when you see me?
When did all the things I mean from the bottom of my heart start to lose meaning?
Maybe I share it with too many people
Back then it used to just feel like our secret
Back when I would write and not think about how they receive it”.

More Seriousness And More Drake Frequency

More Life
Drake black and white suit

“Can’t have everything but I want everything” is Drake`s new motto in “Can`t Have Everything” single, produced by Jazzfreezy and Steve Samson. Thumping kicks and thin 808 rolls with easily sustained atmospheric synths depict the usual and wanted more Drake signature flow. Dreezy`s arrogance in especially pronounced with deep saw bass line hoovering in the bottom of the beat. In the end we can hear Drake`s mom`s skit, where she advises her son on lowering his negative attitude. At the end she says something really deeply memorable:  “When others go low, we go high”.

More Life
Drake posing

In Kanye West collabo “Glow”, Weezy`s singful voice combines with Drakes throughout the whole piece as they switch from ones dub to another. The beat is supper light and kind of odd in the background with main riffing, still that doesn`t mess the project up. I`m still digging this. Second part gets even more soulful. Nice job here.

Next teamwork comes with PARTYNEXTDOOR for another slow-motion Trapping. “Since Way Back” reflects on guys lust for their girl, yearning to stay with her. Nice rendition here also.

We all know the most compelling  hit on “More Life”, the super-addictive “Fake Love”, an ultimate anthem every person can relate to. This crazy constructed beat is made by Vinylz and Frank Dukes.


The Final Double Blast

More Life

Two last tracks thankfully stay true to Drake`s usual style. Very impressive “Ice Melts” feat. Young Thug brings this cheerful ticks and peaks of half-Jamaican, half-USA turn-up energy. Young Thug really gives out his highly representative performance. The whole beat will turn your best mood up, with Young heating up that Wyclef Jean swag. Another top favorite hit banger!

Closing up with “Do Not Disturb” sign, we hear the most of that Drake taste dip. Instrumental samples Snoh Aalegra`s “Time” and Drake spills hard in the realest possible mind set:

“Waking up to public statements about my private life
I can never sleep til’ morning on all my quiet nights
But you can rest assure that my mind is right
Can’t get no sick days
I leave for like 3 months and 6 days
Never stick around to see shit change”.

Startling Turn Out Of The Craft As A Whole

More Life
Drake laughing

After finishing this looong Aubrey road I can say that it greatly surprises and that my fears of another big failure are completely gone. Although it started amazingly disappointing and extremely weak at all points of view, Drake`s “More Life” succumb to all those positive effects afterwards.

From the half-way down, the fans can thoroughly relish in Drake`s playlist and patiently pick and play with a number of their favorites. The diversity of it allows a sweet tooth for everyone`s  flavor.

More Life
Drake in an NBA game

I`m glad that finally our wishful thinkings and true bids turn out to be Godly blessed therefore leaving authentic trails on a rails of success. I whiplash this piece with fat 8/10. Strongly recommend the “More Life” circle which you can quickly purchase hereor stream directly on Spotify just below this article. Salute!

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