Dj Khaled “Grateful” (Album Review) [Stream Online]

Dj Khaled’s Greatful Songs Broken Down

Released via “We The Best”/”Epic Records” label, Dj Khaled`s tenth studio piece just hits the no. 1 Billboard spot for Best 200 Album Chart. Major Key- maker fires up a son`s birth inspired album in 23-track project with serious features from Rihanna, Drake, Lil Wayne and Calvin Harris to star names like Beyonce and Jay-Z, Future, Niki Minaj, Chance The Rapper and so much more.

And although publicly golden-crowned, first music critique impressions didn`t quite seem to fit the same frame. But with the more thorough listen, we will get the clearer picture either way. So let`s waste no more time, and hit the pedal up.

Grateful Track List

1. (Intro) I’m So Grateful ft. Sizzla
2. Shining ft. Beyoncé & JAY Z
3. To the Max ft. Drake
4. Wild Thoughts ft. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller
5. I’m the One ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper & Lil Wayne
6. On Everything ft. Travis Scott, Rick Ross & Big Sean
7. It’s Secured ft. Nas & Travis Scott
8. Interlude (Hallelujah) – Betty Wright
9. Nobody ft. Alicia Keys & Nicki Minaj
10. I Love You So Much ft. Chance The Rapper
11. Don’t Quit – w/ Calvin Harris ft. Travis Scott & Jeremih
12. I Can’t Even Lie ft. Future & Nicki Minaj
13. Down for Life ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR, Future, Travis Scott, Rick Ross & Kodak Black
14. Major Bag Alert ft. Migos
15. Good Man ft. Pusha T & Jadakiss
16. Billy Ocean ft. Fat Joe & Raekwon
17. Pull a Caper ft. Kodak Black, Gucci Mane & Rick Ross
18. That Range Rover Came With Steps ft. Future & Yo Gotti
19. Iced Out My Arms ft. Future, Migos, 21 Savage & T.I
20. Whatever ft. Future, Young Thug, Rick Ross & 2 Chainz
21. Interlude – Belly
22. Unchanging Love – Mavado
23. Asahd Talk (Thank You Asahd) – Asahd Tuck Khaled

 What A Start

With a high-pitched falsetto starting introduction did come true in a dark light of Critic hits. You better skip this one quick. A whole different story with the first club-jam “Shining” with Bay and Jay.

Cheerful kicks with sassy R`n`Bassy Bee vocal slay kills the swag right from the door.  This is one of Khaled`s top hits, as his brand new boss/manager Hov accepted and liked the beat and agreed to even do a feature. And on top of that, Hov`s wife as one of the biggest stars today is also known for not doing the features so easily, so Khaled really hit the lotto here.

Dj Khaled Grateful

The beat was inspired by “Dionne” by artist Osunlade and with the help of Dj Khaled`s friend Danja the smashing “Shining” got polished up by top notch drum layers. Surely the jam of the year.

New Heights

Right after the most-famous music couple breach, Khaled wastes no time and hit us with Drake collabo “To The Max”. The track is super-bassy, distorted and boxy, fast-percussion arranged and talks about both of their successes and how their career highs differ from others.

Dj Khaled Grateful
With Rihanna

And when RiRi and Bryson Tiller jump in for the Santana`s “Maria, Maria” flip, the “Grateful” record gets a whole new slick design mode. “Wild Thoughts” slows down the tempo, but not the mood. The piercing through Santana guitar did nothing in comparison to catchy phrases and accents both Rihanna and Bryson brought with their sexy voices.

Daily Dose Of Khaledness

With one of the most known tracks on the album Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper and Lil Wayne “I`m The One” for the commercial uses only banger, we Trap into the real good music with Bey-flawless joints like “On Everything” and Travis Scott`s and Nas`s first collabo ever for “It`s Secured”. After the success is locked for good and money is in a highly secured safe place, another short interlude comes in with a Gospel voice interpretation of Betty Wright. 

Dj Khaled Grateful
LOS ANGELES, CA – DECEMBER 31: Record producer DJ Khaled attends Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest on December 31, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/DCNYRE2017/Getty Images for dcp)


Then with Dj Khaled`s usual catch-phrase “another one”, we truly come to another great record. Thick lining “Nobody” is a “Black Lives Matter” anthem richfull  bravery song that Alicia Keys and Nicki Minaj managed to turn up a notch and bless us with gratefulness.

Why Family Matters

Dj Khaled Grateful
Dj Khaled With Wife And Son

Chance The Rapper comes over for another one, the soulful “I Love You So Much”, a family anthem Dj Khaled fully dedicates to his mom, dad, son and shares his appreciation and love. More cheerfulness and easy-going light songs reflect Dj Khaled`s father/husband role and the change of his record in character. This pool-side warm jam done with Travis Scott and Jeremih is called “Don`t Quit”. It`s a chic song, full of seductive vibes. Great for the summer chill by the sea on a hot summer sand that burns your feet fast.

We The Best Trap

After a short emotional display, Khaled turns the wheels to a hard 808 Trap and with tracks like “I Can`t Even Lie”, “Down For Life”, “Major Bag Alert” and album`s Trap Highlighter “Good Man”, his “Grateful” really becomes a major key to sit on.

Dj Khaled Grateful
Nicki Minaj and Khaled

From unforgettably strapping lyrics from Nicki Minaj in “I Can`t Even” that go like this:

“Keep your man off my Instagram, bitch
99 problems but ain’t one a damn bitch
G4-fly even when I land, bitch
Lookin’ like Pocahontas, yeah, they want my land, bitch”,

to some hard-hotting 808 snaps in mega-collaborative soft sounds of “Down For Life” the album keeps digging deep under your skin. But Pusha-T`s and Jadakiss`s dive in “Good Man” leaves the most impressionable feedback.


Light-Weighted Sonics

Dj Khaled Grateful

At the final steps of “Grateful”, Dj Khaled baked couple of more nice projects that kind of dumbed down the whole project`s energy. “Billy Ocean” keeps that rich sound of wellness and a typical sound-taste of We The Best music. This light-weight category continues to box in within the next one. A Ben Billions and Dany Boy Styles production piece called “Pull A Caper” although slow-motion tracked, builds its worth to a most impressionable sonics on the album.

Trap Stabbers

The last of the showing off and fancy life show casting expressions come in a shape of th hardest Trap notes. “That Range Rover Come With Steps” hosts Future and Yo Gotti with some stoking long-lining  rap spread from F:

“This dirty money help me see the devil
Sidity thots, know they ain’t forever
My trials and tribulations playing out on blogs
Spend three hundred thousand or better, that’s on all the cars
The Maybach park itself, nigga
That Range Rover came with steps, nigga
Electric tables in the back, I’m eating filet mignon
He been 44’n all year, I put that Rollie on
Trapping good all year, put the Rollie on
They parading in the streets, you gotta keep a drum
Say a prayer for my young nigga, know he dumb
The murder rate going up nigga
I done ran this check up nigga”.

Dj Khaled Grateful

Next stabber is “Iced Out My Arms” with 21 Savage, Migos, Feature and T.I. Metro Boomin and Southside created a deeply faded Trapper whos character will trip the room inside your head like 360. “Whatever” is another great work done in teamwork with Future for the third time in a roll and Young Thug and 2 Chainz. And after the last soulful interlude featuring Belly,  two more hits make a respectful closure of this “Grateful” artwork.

Loving Imprints Of A Grateful Dad

Dj Khaled Grateful

Mavado is the last guest artist who wonderfully delivered his creativeness in “Unchanging Love” and brings a subtle and rightful ending of musical part of the “Grateful” project. Khaled gives the final touch to it with the outro dub “Ashad Talk” where he thanks his son for being an executive producer on this album, expressing his endless love for his boy.


What To Expect When You`re Grateful?

Khaled is known for being one of the loudest in the game, with his catchy phrases, but once again he proves that even though he is not a producer man, he do have some amazing idea instincts and arranging creativity that goes beyond the ordinary.

Dj Khaled Grateful

After the deeper inside look and listen, Dj Khaled`s tenth studio edition serves well its no.1 table spot. The long tracking road did not turn me down, but it only made me want to find the starting point again and make another full circle through “Grateful”-ness of the one of the surely biggest massive collaborative project in 2017. No 9es can top this one. Grab it here and listen in the player under this. What a better way to break the pause then by an album like this! Bottoms up!


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