Devlin “The Devil In” (Exclusive Album Review)


James Devlin or just simply Devlin, delivers his third studio album piece less then month ago. Riveting title “The Devil In” intrigues more with it` standalone edit than anything else. But what this intimidating word-play theme holds inside, stay on this lane with me to find out.


Inside The Devil`s Hitlist


  1. The Devil In 
  2. Blow Your Mind (feat. Maverick Sabre) 
  3. Cold Blooded
  4. 50 Grand (feat. Skepta)
  5. Corned Beef City
  6. Bitches
  7. Just Wanna Be Me 
  8. Life (feat. Harry James) 
  9. Blue Skies 
  10. Crack Baby (feat. Tom Prior)
  11. Stay 
  12. Castella Freestyle


Entering The Gates Of Hell

What hides behind big gates of Hell, well, an honest dark emotions of self-fighting wars. Devlin talks about his inside turbulence and time he spends away from his music. Nicely controlled beat was produced by Term And Ratchet. In self-criticism, Devlin explains:

“When the fans ask ‘Where’s Devs gone?’
Taking a slut to a fancy restaurant
When I should have been headstrong
To then feel stepped on, life’s harsh”.

Wonderfully made “Blow Your Mind” featuring Maverick Sabre, captures your desire in one shot. The classic instrumentation of boxing drums where Devlin super-intelligently raps in a quality closest compared to something that Kendrick Lamar does. Sabre gives a smooth Jazzy vocal rendition in the hook part, reminding of Nas`s slick work. Great performance here.

New school rap comes in on “Cold Blooded”, with Devlin`s continuance of Devil`s take on his soulThis time gets “hunted by these streets” as he mentions in the hook. His quick rap flow impression is mostly felt in the third verse:

“You want raw Devs?
I’ll drag you back inside of your mum with rusty forceps
I love packin’ big but wanna be big before death
So big I circle the globe in four steps
You can’t spin me, get left in an infinite vortex
I’m more vexed, men don’t dress like men no more
Girls want rat like their out for the war
Act like a man, get banged in the jaw
I’m that sure
Whoever controls us from their platforms is bad for
Everyone of us
So I just spaz more”.

Next track is collaboration with amazing Skepta and it`s a DubStep/Trap banger that fascinates immediately. Both acts distribute a fine mic correspondence making the “Devil In” so far soooo hot.

Slaughtered Lines And Life Philosophy

The real lyrical slaughterhouse is defined in “Corned Beef City”. Devlin relly kicks out his Devil inside with heart-puncturing rhymes like:

“When I’m spittin’ on grime, I bring it to life
I roll like a menace at night, the venomous type
I’m back with the venom inside
The Devlin guy, the fella that was fed up of life
And went in, step back from the mic
You don’t wanna scrap nor fight
Corned Beef City is haunted and gritty
Run for the hills, be scared for your life
Or else be down to ride just like phillies
Silly isn’t it they listenin’ but don’t hear me
Man this shit can’t stand
So that’s why I’m cuttin’ their achilles
One by one ’til they all fall down
They’re sayin’ that they’re ready, are they really?
I ain’t Van Dan but I’ll run up on your clan
Kick your girlfriend straight in the kitty
Oh God damn, what’s wrong with this man?”.

More frustration comes with “Bithces”, describing the ones that are snakes, fakers and snitches. Verse 2 shows one part of this dope play:

“I don’t need no more new friends
Unless I come across Rachel Green (Rachel Green)
Eyes black like the Thames (yeah)
Fed up of the drama and beef
Why have grown men gotta get feelings
I blame shy FX’s beat (one)
Its mad how loud that your actions speak
Poker, I’m sat whilst I’m reading faces
I don’t like what I see
They got their eyes on me
Sheep wanna follow a grown men, me
Sleep in the hollows and hang from the trees
I don’t like what they’re talking, keep walking
Them man can’t come around me”.

A brief emotional break comes in “Just Wanna Be Me”, with slow layed-down classic Hip Hop production. And another time to highlight Devlin`s impeccable lyrical skills:

“I look back now and I can’t explain it
Always knew that i was waiting for greatness
Mum wanted me to work in the slave shift
But I was writing my lyrics in the grave shift
Perfecting the style so amazing I rose through the ranks so quick I was blazing
Sorry to upset you mother but right now I’ve gotta do me. Time’s wasting
I had a scheme and a dream. Time that I prove I could stand on my feet
Jab or weave here in the city full of feats and fiends
Life don’t stop, time don’t sleep
I feel like I’m lost
My ears are on fire, they speak
And they all think they know what’s best but…”.

Another collaboration comes with Harry James for “Life” joint. Very emotionally constructed, this slow-rating Trapper enables Davlin to reflect of his life and the mistakes he`s done. In the chorus, Harry sings:

“Should have listened to my mother
She told me think before you speak
You better run for cover
When your head is hiding from the police
Now look at what I started
Lord I beg your pardon
I need to leave this secret garden
They say home is where the heart is
Home is where the heart is”.

This thorough lyric presentation depicts Devlin`s soul state and a deep desire to wash away his sins. Highly-impacting piece of work.

Kupid`s Curved Arrow

Keeping the slow pace, Devlin continues to celebrate the respect to his mother, reflecting some more on his early beginnings in “Blue Skies”. But as he continues the mentioning of his mom, the song is actually about his teenage love. From his blossom fall to a hear-breaking recognition, Devlin despairs:

“Inseparable, now my love’s unmeasureable
Until I got a name and fame and blew up inside this game I weren’t Devs at all
Just James, but James was Jimmy and Jimmy was busy
Making songs like London City spending nights in a hundred cities
And ladies called me out and that’s when you caught me out
I ain’t never seen pain like it and to know it was me that applied it
Made me sick to the bones why would I wanna hurt my sidekick
The girl that would ride with me die with me and saw more inside of me
And believed in me and what I could be
When I nearly stopped my writing you told me to keep on fighting
I wish I would have fought for you half as much as I’ve fought for this
The industry’s an illusion how the hell did I fall for tricks
Paused I’m pissed
With a head full of awkwardness”.

Most impressive lyrics so far.

Hight-impression scale just keeps rising the bar. With the next single “Crack Baby” ft. Tom Priror, Devlin spits about a boy whos mother is a crack addict. He talks about his dark-clouded city, profounding the story to where this wrecked child returns home as a broken, angry man.

Tempt to stay, Devlin writes another page in his audio-diary. “Stay” defines a story of Devlin`s trip to Spain and his obsession with it. Is it only about that city he stays in or is maybe some girl involved, keep listening through.

Last track is a thick-Trapped beat made for “Castella Freestyle”.  Devlin`s creativity seems unstoppable. Like, this man can go on and on, never leaving you blunt, so diverse on every new drop. In the long lane ironing I will just underline a few rows to kick your curiosity in:

“No snake, I’m a crane in flight
The dangerous heights
Painting a page like Damien Rice
When it’s late and I’m high
Tryna bring the painting to life
Like my boy Rawz Artilla, I can do what I want, I can say what I like
I can make dead ravens fly
In the jaded sky when I spray these rhymes”.

Purgatory Madness

If any UK artist proves his undisputed lyrical brilliance it`s this boy. “The Devil In” is the most outstanding studio album piece on the UK scene in the 2017 so far. With thrilling, blood-stopping word-play gestures, errorlessly combined with smartly-made instrumentals, “The Devil In” rays-through gushingly.

This act of artistic madness controls all the creativity in the creative purgatory of ones rapper`s mind. It is more than a masterpiece of work. It`s a total heart-bounding experience. An experience drafted with complete out of 10 for it`s wonderful causes.

Stream this as soon as possible and get “The Devil In” in your A MUST HAVE collection shelf.


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