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acoustic levitation
Devin The Dude

Has the time finally come for us to be aurally lifted? Can we actually fit those shoes? Will a long break strike revive our hearing senses at last? All these questions ringing in our ears can maybe be resolved by this project standing in waiting room, ready to be reviewed. One of the most wanted Rappers, your favorite Rapper`s favorite Rapper, Devin The Dude is back! After a four-year brake, returns with his ninth studio album named “Acoustic Levitation”. 


The fourteen tracks are packed in the next order:



acoustic levitation
Album Cover


1. “Can I”
2. “Are You Goin’ My Way” Feat. Tony Mac and Lisa Luv
3. “Please Pass That to Me”
4. “We High Right Now” Feat. Rob Quest and Jugg Mugg
5. “By” Feat. Tony Mac
6. “Acoustic Levitation”
7. “I’m in the Galaxy” Feat. Roe Hummin
8. “Tonight”
9. “Apartment #8216”
10. “It’s Cold in Here”
11. “Due Yo Thang”
12. “Don’t Get Naked”
13. “You Know I Wantcha!”
14. “Do You Love Gettin’ High”


What Can Really Be Expected From The Start

acoustic levitation
Devin The Dude

Well Houston rapper is known for never letting a listener down. Not even a bit. “Can I” starts a bit alternatively, like Red Hot Chilly Peppers-type of way. The “acousticness” begins with RHCP`s type of smooth guitar riffs. Devin drops in lightly asking “Can I Be The One You Can`t Turn Down And Won`t Say No”, opening an emotional window straight up.

Second of the top “Are You Going My Way” feat. soulful vocals Tony Mac and Lisa Luv, again shows Devin`s insidious intentions of acoustical lift. Very smooth. There`s no better word explaining the feeling. It`s raw, funky, soulful and dope at the same time. You won`t even feel the drag from slow-motioned roll.

Super-old schoolish “Please Pass That To Me”, reminds of 90`s Hip Hop swag. Those same kicks, cymbals and bass lines paint just clicks in the legendary time with D`s singful Gospel rapping.


Page Turner Wave

acoustic levitation
Devin The Dude

After a subtle warm-up, no. 4 turns a page to a Trap roller jamming. “We High Right Now” featuring  Rob Quest and Jugg Mugg doses up the turn-up level. Classic 808 Trap arrangement keeping up with the similar tempo while boys clap back. They nail down the bar game in E-40/Twista style.

“By” features another dope electric guitar looped riff. Tony Mac joins Devin to Nate Dogg the house down. It`s exactly what you would expect if you were listening to Nate. 

Thematic single “Acoustic Levitation” hits us from number six. Still riding that smooth slow ride, which does not bother at all. Au contraire, it feels you in with this relaxing touch only Devin knows how. Reminiscing and defining his view on the life, Devin speaks about the philosophy of the way of the living. About peace of mind that he tries to find in each and every day. Being completely spiritually separated acoustically levitated.


Beyond The Stars

acoustic levitation
Devin the Dude Live

Roe Hummin gives his authentic vocal dub for “I’m In The Galaxy”, following the album`s softness. I must admit, I didn`t like the high-pitched instrument piercing through the jam. The idea was good, but the type of the instrument was out of my acoustic proportions.

“Tonight” has some really ear-catchy synth lines. Devin raps a nit Reggae-like which the beat also tries to follow nicely. Also a couple of really painless brass hits really refreshes the whole atmosphere. Love this craft so far.

In “Apartment #8216”, we hit the 808`s again and some dope Moog bass drag. And while Devin talks about a lady waiting in the apartment #8216, the beat goes on simulating the movie picture main author constructs.

My first favorite is definitely this next stop. Amazingly made instrumental for “It`s Cold In Here” just grabs my adors in a heart-beat. I`m instantly, instinctively thinking Timbaland for Aaliyah type of banger. I`m seriously in love again. This kind of production is what drives my mojo out. Great work!


Back To Classics

acoustic levitation
Devin The Dude posing

Smoothness continues on, and I`m at minus four. “Due Yo Thang” talks about a girl keeping Devin on a string. He is not pleased with the way his girl is treating him. He feels like he`s giving too much, getting nothing in return. Hence, asks for cutting him off of this relationship.

D`Angelo emotional drop can be heard in “Don’t Get Naked”. “I Don`t Thing We Gon` Make It, So Don`t Get Naked” is what Devin suggests. The Dude is hurt and disappointed with his girl cheating on him.

With “You Know I Wantcha!”, acoustic levitation expands further more. Devin asks about girl`s feelings, this time acting on a more dirty character. Again, he keeps that old school vibes in the pockets.

Last one ends this project just right. “Do You Love Gettin’ High” picks up those mellow arrangement lines, and Devin kicks in Ice Cube-like. His soft singing riffs sum up the classic and legendary dips of never ending 90`s R`n`B/Soul endowment.


Acoustic Levitation Final Verdict

It`s not without saying that Devin The Dude definitely knows how to cook up a tasty dish. Whether you like it or not, you must get the hold of that good overall feeling Devin is trying to re-define. With “Acoustic Levitation” he surely did. I`m giving this auditory assignment a straight 7,5/10. A highly gradable deed a one should posses. Get the inside peep right away in the player below or grab it here


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  • FAB12

    9/10– The Galaxy track was unpleasant. Otherwise, sound like good ol Devin.

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