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David Banner The God Box
David Banner

This “Art Exhibit” as the author calls it, is finally out, after the several years in the making and the same amount of delays, David Banner`s “The God Box” arrives on May 19th with 15 tracks in all. It`s Banner`s seventh studio piece of art and it features an envious amount of guest stars, from CeeLo Green, Big K.R.I.T., Trinidad James and Raheem DeVaughn and bunch more.

David wants the listeners to take their own unique taste each on his own, will I be able to find my own for you? Let`s test this out and hear for our own selves.


The God Box Hit List

David Banner The God Box
The God Box Official Album Art

We Look Inside David Banner’s The God Box

1. Magnolia f. CeeLo Green & Raheen Devaughn
2. My Uzi f. Big K.R.I.T.
3. Who Want It f. Black Thought & WatchTheDuck
4. Elvis
5. Amy f. Trinidad James
6. August
7. Cleopatra Jones
8. Marry Me f. Rudy Currency
9. Judy Blare f. Devon Lewow
10. Traffic on Mars f. Kap G, WatchTheDuck, Tim Wise & Kenya Jori
11. Black Fist f. Tito Lo
12. Ak f. Raheem Devaughn & Big Rube
13. Burning Thumbs
14. Wisdom Selah (Outro)
15. Evil Knievel (Bonus Track)

Inside The Box

The “God Box” opens with powerful “Black Lives Matter” anthem, “Magnolia” with CeeLo and Raheem. Banner uses his intelligent mind to patch up some really mesmerizing lines. He goes back to the slavery days, describing the pain reflected via a Magnolia tree. He says:

“She was talkin’ to me, said
“Son do you know who I am? Who I happen to be?”
And I told her, “The Might Magnolia that stand tall for the shoulders of slaves and soldiers when the days get colder”.

David Banner The God Box

And couple of lines later:

“Then she started to tell me
How she was used in the lynching of blacks
Branch cracked, broke her arms so his neck would snap
And if I wouldn’t rap I’d probably meet the same damn fate
From the same damn rope, I’m ’bout the same damn weight
I said, “Wait man, wait”
I still got the nooses just loose and they tighten that bitch up
When I’m speakin’ the truth
They need proof that God exist
So I gave The God Box”

And you basically get the meaning of David`s album right from the start. As all great preachers, you couldn`t expect any less from Banner himself.

Firework Production

Super-heavy culture attack hits are firing up the Banner Box as we continue down this slick lane. From fiercely pokes at the police in “My Uzi” with Big K.R.I.T, and slamin` beat productions in “Who Want It” and “Elvis”, “The God Box” forms it`s shape to the one of the hottest albums in many years.

David Banner The God Box

As one of my prime favorites, the amazingly crafted musical piece “Who Want It” with incredible production by THX  touching more on dramatic history of the black people and the injustice of the human system of worth. Second favorite kick “Elvis” is one of the most impressive thumping jams I`ve heard in a long. Brutally-made beat with the Banner swag lyricism architecture brings the electrifying fuse of your body`s emotions, cracking the stereotype walls around the world.

Serious God Discussions

The pondering critical room opens with David`s discussion on the use or more precisely misuse of the “N word”. In “Amy” Banner questions the way the people express and use the work with such an ease, especially the white folks and puts another strong criticism note on the overall culture.

David Banner The God Box

With “August”, Banner again tries to explain the whole meaning behind “The God Box” and his “Cleopatra Jones”, a heavy Trap hitter, David talks about that bad chick that caught his eye.

Some more, deeper romance comes with “Marry Me”, where David Banner addresses the issues of black men not believing in marriage. It`s a light breeze of a sonic embodiment that brings a nice cool off time inside the box.


Back To Pop Box

A new switch up of the rhythm comes with “Judy Blare”, Pop/Rock/Hip Hop, or let`s just call it Alternative Hip Hop single drop. Devon Lewow gives that Pop/Rock glare with his raw catchy vocal and syncs in just nicely to the whole love theme.

David Banner The God Box

“Traffic On Mars” stays on that extreme Rock note with Trap dips to create another unique motion of sound waves. Kenya Jori gives soulfully delicious help in Hook, transforming this hard knocking piece to a blooming tree elegance. Banner again touches the topic on injustice, the racial one this time, talking about black and latino race getting less respect that the white one by the police force and the system in whole.

“Black First” with Tito Lo, brings back the clean Trap ticking, with David God Boxing his black fist and pumping up that black power raising the awareness higher.


Painful Reality

The last fraction of “The God Box” stays on the same preach, with David Banner imprinting his final drops of raptured emotions he`s been carrying around like one big burden. He`s tiered of being black in America and he feels the drama around him more than ever. That`s rendered in every last song on "The God Box". He`s trying to get not only his soul back, but the soul of every unfortunate man, who`s been under the heavy load of the corrupted society. 

As the last bonus track says “this is the way against evil”, David Banner`s “God Box” strongly accuses the immoral actions of a man`s hand and wonders if love which seems to be buried in some secret place, can still be the most powerful weapon of defense and offense both.

“The Bog Box” is one of the most impeccable pieces of art that has been worth this long wait and David Banner still remains one of the biggest Superheroes of the real Hip Hop culture world. This is an fantastic, breathtaking, heart-restoring masterpiece that justifies the purest 10/10.  Get the “God Box” here and stream in the player below:


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