Cubase 9 Review, Elements Vs Artist & Pro, Find Out The Best Version Of Cubase For You

Cubase 9 Software Review

As usual as it can get on the start of December, Steinberg is known to be releasing its DAW babies year by year. Ninth edition of Cubase was pushed out in the public on 7th day of the last month of 2016 with a new face and character upgrade that is guaranteed to blow your mind away. Even though this software did show as pretty high quality one, still I stay by my taste law that it all depends on the producer`s point of need and flavor. If you haven`t been able to touch on it yet, here`s everything you need to know about the latest version of Cubase- Cubase Pro 9.


Brand New Features

Coming straight forward, Steinberg shoots its best new features first. A new add to the DAW`s interface is so called “Lower Zone” option. This allows for your workflow to run with smoothest ease, whether you`re on PC, laptop, mobile phone or anywhere else. Speed up your navigation with clean overview of your most crucial options. In configuration mode there are three separate tabs for the mixer: “editor”, “chord pads” and “sampler control”. 

In the “mixer” tab, you now own all the main functions directly. From “linking” to “panning”, “color”, “track name” etc. There are also “filter” and “search” tools and “channel width” which is pretty cool option you must admit. You can even open the full sized mixer window with just one click, all in the same tab. And there`s so much more. The “undo/redo” function gives you space of a God in the mixing world, so your creativity can spread even wider than usual.


Editor Tab

Cubase 9

“Editor” tab reacts on your every click on the main playlist. You click on the sample, the sample details and waveform shows up in the editor. Tap on the midi, it instantly shows on the editor`s main screen. You can match the timelines between the main playlist and the editor, so you follow your work on both sides. There are couple of more extra options that you can surf through, like direct recording into the editors and so much more.


What Else?

Cubase 9
Sampler Track (Cubase 9)

The “Lower Zone” get even lower with tab arrangement on the simple click and drag. And bunch of new options and set-ups for your detailed personal maintenance. Last but not least, the “sampler” tab gives you the option of dragging any sample onto it and automatically creates a new track, called “sampler track”. And not just that, you can also enjoy in sampler`s rich library, made of various sounds and presets for you to juggle.


EQing Cubase 9

All new “Frequency EQ” brings a healthy pill to your mixdown sessions. It offers eight bands with Mid/Side support, Linear Phase for each band, Spectrum Monitoring and a dedicated keyboard to aid in reaching that correct note. It personally reminds me of my favorite EQ plugin, A.O.M`s “tranQuilizr”. 

Cubase 9
tranQuilizr from A.O.M.

Steinberg`s new EQ enables you to mute each band individually, pick between four different EQs for each band plus a bonus add to band and 8, with five additional “cut filters”. 

Cubase 9
Frequency EQ

“Auto Listen” is another cool option that Steinberg created that lets you enter a live monitoring of your every move from the moment you enable the option. What this means is that, whenever you start using the filter it automatically solos out only the appliance you are creating with your mouse move, until you release it, which after it returns to the whole song project monitoring. Awesome right?


What Is Left To Say

Another great feature is Cubase`s “MixConsole History” that not only lets you go back to your previous changes, but lets you listen to every step you`ve done made and keeps you in loop with your little producer sphere in here.

Cubase 9
MixConsole History

So you can have multiple “Mixing Settings” to switch from by creating them by intention or just by going through your mixing decisions. Another great gift from Cubase guys.


But What About The Cons?

There is only a tiny portion of products on which you can`t find any cons. Well, unfortunately, Cubase 9 is not one of them. First downside is that you still cannot export a video file directly from DAW. Which is still a huuuge minus from Steinberg house. 

Cubase 9
Exporting Video Clip

Other fails include inability to export the exact stems you`ve selected and couple of more tiny things, regarding 32-bit plugins and loosing some of your files from older version projects, so be very careful there.


Should You Go For 9 Yards?

So if you are a Cubase producer or a fan, you will probably upgrade in any time soon, but if you are just getting to know this DAW, I suggest you either start with older versions or at least check out some of the tutorials, because it may seem a lot more complicated on the first try.

Cubase 9
Cubase Pro 9 Review

Cubase 9 did work on a lot of new great features, but they did miss one large yard with the video export, which will make all you film score producers very anxious, but as Steimnberg team is working pretty fast and quality with this upgrades, I`m sure they`ll eventually fix this bugger too. You can get the software here try it and test your first reactions, see if it fits your daily needs.

Stay creative!


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