Chief Keef “Thot Breaker” Mixtape Review [Stream Online]

Chicago young Rap fire Chief Keef finally delivers his long awaited Mixtape “Thot Breaker” with inspiring room of thirteen tracks. The project is a firm solo act with only one feature on number 12 with Young Chop and it has already been heated up with first fan critiques. Is this the next “Hottest Mixtape Of The Month”? Stay on this notes in the next few minutes.


“Thot Breaker” Track List

Thot Breaker
“Thot Breaker” Official Cover Art

1. “Alone (Intro)” [prod. by Turbo]
2. “Can You Be My Friend” (prod. by CBMix, Turbo & Young Chop)
3. “My Baby” (prod. by D. Rich)
4. “You & Me” (prod. by Turbo)
5. “Whoa” (prod. by CBMix & Turbo)
6. “Couple of Coats” (prod. by Mike WiLL Made-It)
7. “Grab a Star” (prod. by CBMix)
8. “You My Number One” (prod. by CBMix)
9. “So Cal” (prod. by Turbo)
10. “Drank Head” (prod. by K.E. on the Track)
11. “My Head” (prod. by Turbo)
12. “Slow Dance” Feat. Young Chop (prod. by CBMix)
13. “Going Home” (prod. by CBMix & Hollywood J)


The Thot Start

Whatever meaning the slang refers to (whether it`s “hoe” or “That Hoe Over There”), Chief starts of straight, with no hidden thoughts behind his words. From slow intro to first pop-trapper “Can You Be My Friend”, Keef dives into his emotions softly rap-singing to a romantic thematic. “My Baby” sounds too good instrumentally, with wonderful rich brass hits, dancing to a hard-knocking 808 snare. Chief calls this girl to forgive him for his wrongs and join him in his lavishness.

Thot Breaker

“You & Me” dirty-minded poem did not inspired much. The beat is too weird, as Keef`s mic dubbing. “Whoa” is a experimental EDM-Trap hit that continues the slow-roll and fading element of main author. With “Couple Of Coats” brings back that seriousness and keeps “Thot Breakier” in line. Chief heads in front of the instrumental wall in the first part of the hook for a split of a second, making this even more interesting to observe hearing-like.


No Breaking Bounds

Down the middle, it`s basically the same mood. Same slow-motioned romantic expressions from truthful “Grab A Star” and skipping a few beats before the kicks drop, again in “You My Number One”. The album stays on the same lane with the same mindset all the way.

Thot Breaker

A little switch up comes up in no. 9 “So Cal”, where no difference in main feeling occurs. Keef is amazed by this girl, but he also admits he`s a playa and loves a one night stands. The beat is really energetic here, no matter the slow tempo.


Last Three Shots

Thot Breaker

“I`m A real drank head” in the key line to the homonyms single “Drank Head” where Chief explains his night life and his fast and famous life time spending.  More heads are thrown at the hater anthem in “My Head”. Chief goes on, bragging about them different girls he`s been with or he`s going to be. This is a typical young money diary imprint, with not so many great messages left behind. Seems like everything`s revolving around young-rapper`s sexual urge and nothing more. Which is kind of a mood bearker if anything here is worth breaking in the first place.

Thot Breaker

Last two tracks keeps the same desires, getting high and having intercourse. Bonus track “Going Home” also not at all impressive, finishes this torment of a Mixtape.


Chief`s Busted Hot Plate

In between corny synth arrangements that are blurring the Trap picture and wearing an alternative pop ties, the only thing that stands out in Chief`s “Thot Breaker” was a tiny portion of couple of decent tracks like “Intro”, “My Baby”, “Couple Of Coats” and “So Cal”. The rest of the Mixtape is pretty weak in energy and message it brings.

Thot Breaker

Maybe some of the young ears with similar mindset will find hooked to Chief Keef`s catchy notes, but besides a few OK deliverances, I find “Thot Breaker” to be very pale and given the Chief`s great rap skills, should have been and could have been done a lot more better.

Thot Breaker

And also minding that hot producer bag, I`m really surprised to see they fall under the Keef`s pasty influence. Final call number will have to be a devastating 5/10. And I am not afraid to say that first music Critic words did not sell me at all. Romantic? Sure, but with a lot more passionate displaying capabilities. And for all of you seeing this as a R&B Love Poem Album, you really need to check your favorite list again, and maybe your hearing taste too.

Thot Breaker

For your own feel, go grab his “Thot Breaker” and give us your notes. Or just stream in the player below:

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