Big Lean California Water Ft Nipsey Hussle

Big Lean California Water Ft Nipsey Hussle Music Video

Big Lean California Water Ft Nipsey Hussle is a big link up! Big Lean is a dope artist, he’s got a nice flow and his swag is on point.

Big Lean is doing his thing, and people are gravitating towards him. which means he’s got a fan base, his niche, his own lane.

The music right about now coming from him is fire, but he’s going to have to be consistent with his content. To earn his place in the game, and to stamp his sound.

Nipsey Hussle has got a cult following, his supporters and fans love him. They feel like he has been over looked and slept on, but his featured verse goes hard. You can’t deny it.

Nipsey is also in his own lane, he’s managed to remain relevant throughout the years. Without having a major record label behind him. It’s clear to see why the pair work well together on the song.

California water has banging visuals, catchy hook, nice beat and good lyrics. Check it out.

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