Best VST Plugins For FL Studio (Hip Hop Production)

Best VST Plugins For FL Studio

Back into the creative room and our dear Hip Hop producers, today it`s all about the “Best VST Plugins For FL Studio”! And not just FL Studio, but specifically our favorite genre, Hip Hop music production. Now, we already gave you so much to start from regarding my personally most fav DAW. My latest post includes “FL Studio Power Tips” for hip hop production, which you can read here

With this write up update, you will have all that you need to make that radio ready hits. We will show you the best VST plugins inside and out of the FL. From some of the most used virtual instruments among professionals to the most essential effect VSTs, we are putting all on the table for our FL Studio gang.

Now first things first, turn your DAW on!

Best Fl Studio Factory Plugins

If you`re a long-experienced Fl Studio producer/dj/beatmaker or a musician, then you are probably familiar with most of its default plugins. But we cannot talk about the best VST without highlighting the factory products first.

To start of, same for the third party plugins, we will devide the best VST picks by the purpose-specific target type. First of, we will review some of the best virtual plugin VSTs, then best editing software, efx and so on.

In FL Studio it`s pretty much all straight forward. There are couple of great instruments, two or three VSTs for working with your track mixing and mastering. But, not so many understand the real purpose and the way they work. Even though everyone use and apply them on a daily basis.

The question is do you really understand what are they actually doing? Stick with us to find out!

Best Virtual Instrument VSTs – Sytrus

One of the best VST plugins made from Image-Line Studios is the Sytrus. This fly virtual instrument is an additive and subtractive synthesizer with tons of great pre-installed instrument patches.

In translation, Sytrus lets you play with different frequencies adding a new timbre to your finalized sound. And manipulate with parts of the sound, cutting them off or subtracting thanks to many different filters in the Sytrus library. 

Six oscillators give this best VST mire than enough energy to build any kind of sound you desire. At first, the plugin may seem a bit intimidating. I know it did for me. But once you get the hold of its features and the meaning behind every knob, it`s pure joy to work with it.

If you`re a beginner, I highly recommend sticking to only basic features and try on the cool pre-sets Syrus offers. Later progress to some envelope editing oneand controlling the filter sections. To help you more, here is of the many great video tutorials available.


Another great product from Image-Line. FL`s Harmor is known as an additive synthesis maker with as much rich library of presets as its brother above. I am simply amazed by the factory settings and capabilities this best VST plugin gives.

But we simply do not have enough of this virtual paper to fill in all of the blanks bragging about these two. The futuristic features include manipulation of almost everything. The envelope, the filters, sound timbre, waveform, you name it.

Automating the envelope window is a bonus winner! And everything you do you can actually see. The Harmor visualizer so to speak, lets you visually control your every step. See all the harmonics and what your tweaks actually do to them.

And automation is available to every single function, so let your creativity bust in and enjoy your time with second best VST in FL. Adding any external audio by dragging it into the Harmor gives you a whole another dimension to control. Sound designers would love this best VST pick! Check out the rest of it in video tutorial here


Third best VST FL Studio offers is Harmless. Another additive synth much simpler, but equally good in sound creation. But it also quickly becomes a subtractive with some cool filter phase cut techniques.

Watch this cool video here to catch the whole picture.


Our best VST virtual instrument category ends here. The last, but certainly not the least is the 3XOSC. Basic, but strong and versatile, 3XOSC simply stands for a 3 oscillators. This baby offers 6 waveform, custom waveform option and a waveform randomizer. 

Detune, phaser, panning, volume, OSC3 AM this tutorialwill make you thing again about not using it. You can basically make every type of instrument with this baby. From drums, to brasses, bass sounds, I mean everything. If you learn how. To work your Trap 808s up, check out this tutorial !

Best Drum VSTs

As for FL Studio drum machine plugins, you got three choices: Bass Drum, Drumaxx and FPC. The first two are actual drum machines. FPC is actually a drum sampler. Either way, all three are awesome when it comes to layering some dope kicks and drum percussions.

Bass Drum is simple and most convenient for Beginners. Drumaxx is a bit tighter with a lot more editing options. yufor Beginner sound designers. 

The third piece the FPC is my favorite drum sampler. So easy with no glitches and no stress on the CPU. There are bunch of editing knobs for messing around like volume., pitch, slicing, velocity, octave/key. And some nice presets to keep you in line with the way things work around. Great stuff all together.

Best Stock VST Plugins For Mixing Hip Hop

When it comes to the second part of audio production, this is when things go even more serious. The Mixing process. With Hip Hop music, it`s all about that fat bottom and tight percussion rolls and snare hits.

Don`t forget the low filtering and the use of the reverbs and delays. And the sidechain and parallel compressions are all a must here. So let`s dive in the factory pack of FL Studio`s best VST plugins for mixing. And keeping our focus on Hip Hop. Here`s what`s in the offer.

FL Studio Edison

Starting of with the basic sound editing.  And the lovely FL Studio Edison plugin. Now, most of you producers use this cool editor for, well yes, our main thing in Hip Hop: sampling. Chopping sounds, making new samples, transitions etc.

But Edison can do a lot of crazy dope things like recording any sound and MIDI which also comes in handy when manipulating with vocal tracks. De-noising or removing background noise also known as cleaning vocals is crucial when working with live recordings.

And your best VST here does it perfectly. Gating, reverse leads, you name it. Also what is most interesting for our genre is that you can do your 808 tunings here too. Curious how? 

Here`s the link.

More on this, you want to add some reverberation to it? No problem. Want to EQ it while you still here. Sure! Go ahead! There`s even an amplifier. So half of your mixing is already checked by just entering one plugin. One of the best VST for audio editing.

Fl Studio Vocodex

This wonderful VST is becoming one of my favorite for audio manipulation. Creating different sound timbres, drum and synth patterns and all sort of crazy effects is a true joy. It seemed like a dense science to learn to use it. But one you get a hold of it, it`s actually pretty simple and logical.

Vocodex best VST role translates like this: in order to work the VST needs two types of inputs – the modulator and the carrier. Modulator sends only the sound information into the Vocodex, not the actual sound. It can be a vocal track, a drum loop etc.  That information will be used by the Carrier. So insert a synth (Carrier) on a new track and create a Carrier input in Vocodex. 

This is the quickest possible explanation. To dumb it done a bit more, you basically have three mixer tracks. One track contains the Vocodex. Other to will be sidechained to it. And the possibilities are endless after that. Adding harmonization to already existing sounds has never been more fun! Image-Line made it work side to side with Sytrus as a carrier, so make sure you test the duo up!

Great tutorial clearing the learning curve more can be seen here

Fruity Love Filter

Another of my favorite plugins. I love me some dope filtering with Fruity Love Filter. Eight channels for filtering which could be used to feed one another before returning to the channel.

I use them for some snare and hit roll filtering, to get that different sound. In transitions to add versatility to the project. Automate it and set it by your best VST to your taste. Want to make a Low Pass/Drake Underwater Effect? Here`s how. 

FL Studio Grossbeat

One of the most versatile stock plugins Djs adore! Best VST for making those crazy scratches, glitches, repeats etc. And you can automate your steps, which opens your creativity window to a full blast.

And here`s the video

Best Stock VST Plugins For Mastering Hip Hop

As with drums, you don`t have a lot options for best VST factory plugins for Mastering. You have Maximus and Multiband Compressor. Both are equally important, but what`s even more important, is that you understand the basic role of mastering first.

They are both pretty easy to use once you learn what they actually do and why you need them. But if you mix everything well, you won`t have trouble bringing the levels up to the radio standards. Check them out here and  here

And now it`s finally the time to jump to those so called third party plugins to properly take care of our Hip Hop production. Here are the best VST plugins from external sources!

Best Third Party

VST Plugins For FL Studio

Finally down to our best VST third-party plugins. And we have a real treat for you! Most popular sub-genre of our culture in music production is undoubtedly the Trap/R`n`Bass one.

For that matter, we dug out the best of the best virtual instruments for your best quality creations possible. You will also meet some of the hottest plugins for Mixing and Mastering the favorite genre. Enough with the intro, let`s bring the curtains up!

Native Instruments Komplete – Massive

First up, it`s completely necessary to own a plugin like Native Instruments`s Massive. And not just for the Hip Hop. Not only you get the richest library a virtual instrument can give. But you get such a distinctive, high-quality sounds that you can play with endlessly.

Our main weapon is a tight bass. With Massive here, you get the definition of a well rounded, fat bottom. A foundation of bass synths. Plus you have all this editing knobs to trigger your creativity even more, so don`t go cheap on us here. Get one of the best VST synths here

Also peep how to work your Hip Hop/R`n`B basses up with this nice tutorial.

Spectrasonics – Omnisphere 2

Another top plugin that is a must in a best VST category is most definitely the Spectrasonics`s Omnisphere 2. The second edition of a powerful synth is no. 1 production tool among most Pro Hip Hop/Trap producers. Some of the most known producer-stars are using it on their hits on a daily basis.

If you interested in that Metro Boomin Trap type of production, Omnisphere 2 is your to go synth. Yes, it`s a bit expensive for us budget bedroom producers. But since you already investing in your every artistic aspect, this one will surely turn your money around.

But, please note that this virtual power synth house is super-heavy for your CPU. So first make sure you have a machine strong enough to support it. Buy Omnisphere 2 here and check out how to make some dope Trap beats in the short tutorial here

Lennar Digital – Sylenth1

Next in line is irreplaceable Sylenth1If you don`t have it, you`re not serious about your craft. This analog synth can easily compete with the sound quality with its above competitors.

4 alias-free unison oscillators produce 8 unison voices in full stereo. 2 filters, Modulation envelopes and the Master Effect section full of FX choices. You have Arpeggiator, Distortion, Phaser, Chorus/Flanger, Equalizer, Delay, Reverb and Compressor to sculp your arrangements with. Isn`t this one of the very best VST you can have?

The most important thing is that regardless its rich high-quality sound library, it doesn`t take any heavy load on your CPU. So this, is a MUST – MUST. This dope tutorial shows why Sylenth1 is one of the most popular synths in Hip Hop/ Trap music production.

Purchase Sylenth1 here

Arturia – Analog Lab

Another massive virtual instrument gem is Arturia`s Analog Lab plugin. Defined as analog synthesizer, Analog Lab serves nothing but the Best VST meals for your next club hit. A fully-stacked library gives a stellar-wide preset options. Here is a nice article review with individual performance ratings as well as a video review to bring this beast a bit closer.

The one thing you have to remember is that this one is another of them slick tools most used in the Hip Hop industry. And here is where you can buy itIt`s very affordable giving what you get.

REFX – Nexus 2

The last plugin that falls under the best VST section that will be a bit more thoroughly reviewed (before we lay out the list of all the other ones) is ReFX`s Nexus 2. I mean, can this low-CPU plugin bang out in your FL Studio! 

What I love about Nexus 2 is that, first, it`s quick. Second, its big and fancy sound library keeps you inspired constantly. And it`s another of your favorite producer`s to go VST. The electronic musicians/producers/djs love it too. Some of the Kool G Rap hits are made with this exact virtual synth. And let`s not start on the huge expansion pack library the guys from reFX are offering.

Don`t get it twisted, it`s one of the most expensive plugins out there, but for a good reason. But, fortunately, I have a nice solution for you producers on the budget. Now, if interested in complete Nexus 2 bundleclick on the best VST`s name to purchase.

And if you just want the plugin with basic library, you can contact me direct at to get it for a much decent price (same goes for other VSTs that I have, just make your request) .I`ll sent the link directly to your email.

Unfortunately we don`t have enough space to talk about all of the plugins and what they can do. But we can leave you great video tutorials to follow. So the next headlines will only be described with the direct links to all the best VST plugins for Hip Hop. 

The Rest Of The Best VST Bunch

Before that, here are the rest of the instrument plugins great for our genre of play (click the name of the plugin to watch video tutorial;click the “buy here” link to purchase):

  • Retrologue 2 
  • Trillian
  • Native Instruments Razor
  • FM8
  • Addictive Keys and Addictive Drums  – My Favorites
  • Celemony Melodyne
  • Gladiator 2  
  • Ignite Heat Up 2
  • Serum
  • Xpand 2

Best Third Party VSTs – Mixing Hip Hop

We come to the very best and most important part in music production. The Mixing. Now, you know nothing you previously do will make any sense, if not mixed in well. Shaped in the FL Studio Mixer channels. So without further ado, these are the most used and therefore the best VST plugins for Hip Hop.


  • Fab Filter Pro Q2
  • Waves SSL G-Equalizer
  • Pultec Passive EQ Collection
  • Waves Renaissance Equalizer
  • Waves eMo Q4 and Q10 Equalizer 

Best Reverb And Delay Plugins

Here are some of the best VST Reverb plugins again recommended by Pros for Mixing Hip Hop:

  • Fab Filter Timeless 2 (buy here)
  •  D16 Repeater Vintage Modelled Delay Plugin (buy here)
  • UVI RELAYER Precision Creative Delay (buy here)
  • UVI SparkVerb (buy here)
  • Fab Filter Pro-R (buy here)
  • Valhalla Vintage Verb (buy here)
  • NI Replika Delay (buy here)
  • RP-Delay (buy here)
  • Valhalla Ubermod Delay (buy here)
  • H-Delay (buy here)

Best VST – Saturation And Distortion

And here are the best VST Saturators and Distorters:

Best VST Compressor Plugins (Mix And Master)

Best VST Compressor Plugins to glue and punch-in your individual tracks as well as the whole project. They are:

 Best VST -Vocals

Best VST plugins for vocal processing are:

Fully Stacked And Ready To Roll

best VST

Producer in Home Studio

Down to a 3K here, but I just wanna make sure you are fully covered regarding the best VST plugins possible. For you, your artist friends and all the other Hip Hop cats out there. And not only a producer/dj gang. But also those enthusiastic Pros and struggling artists doing their own unique production at home.

Especially beginners who are endlessly surfing down the internet trying to find the right fit for their genre. It doesn`t even matter if you on FL Studio DAW. All of these super-powered plugins work on any type of DAW. So get your artist gloves on and start operating!

Again, as mentioned, if you having problems with getting to some of the VSTs or you`re on the budget, feel free to contact me at so I can provide you with some of the plugs for a much cheaper price. And don`t forget to read our latest piece on FL Studio Power Tips“, as well as Best Music Studio Desk” and Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100“. Peace! 

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