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Desks Built With Audio Production In Mind

We often forget how important are other, seemingly not so relevant things when our studio hustle comes to the table. And it`s funny because this tables are the the exact thing we are focusing on when talking about turning them around and changing the game. Today`s topic is “Best Music Studio Desk”, one thing that we neglected here, the base for your studio equipment nesting.

Best Music Studio Desk – How To Pick Them

The correct audio production furniture doesn`t give you just the aesthetics. Its main goal is so much more than that. The material maters the most. You would want to go for the wood off course, and you would also want to pick the most quality one. Of course your budget will have the last word on this.

But, regardless, its crucial to consider the type of material the desk is made of. You need a solid wood, that will be durable enough. Because you are aware of the amount of pressure our audio equipment can apply to a piece of a furniture it sits on. Monitors and studio mixers come packed with some extra pounds.

And besides being durable your best music studio desk also must have enough space for all the extra instruments and/or audio equipment you may have. Or will upgrade in the future. Also, dealing with frequencies, we know that the right desk material also means less reflections and less artificial frequency build up. That said, Oak, Mahagony, Teak, Birch, Maple are just some of the most common best music studio desk materials.

These are the most important things you need to have in mind whether you decide to to a DIY on your best music studio desk. Or you just wanna cashout for that last released model. Here are some of the best music studio desks on the market.

Best Music Studio Desk List

AZ-R Midi Controller Desk

Main Features:

  • Dimensions:64.75” W X 30” D X 29.5 33”H top of the desk
  • material – Maple
  • 6 Rack spaces total

AZ-R Midi Controller Desk


AZ Studio Composer Workstation Desk

Main features:

  • Fits an 88 keyboard
  • 3 adjustable heights
  • 4 rack spaces

AZ Studio Workstations – Composer Workstation Desk

Argosy Halo Workstation – Plus

Main features:

  • Finish: Black ends with Gray top
  • Rack Capacity:2 x 8U rack bays
  • comfortable
  • simple, clean and sturdy
  • bigger, resonant sound from the desk`s isolation mounts

Argosy Halo.G Workstation

Zaor Miza 88 XL – Black Cherry

Main features:

  • Premium studio desk for production spaces
  • Extra-large drawer fits the largest 88-key controllers, with dual guide rails for maximum stability
  • 3 x 4-space rack bays for your interface, converters, preamps, and processors
  • Rear cable tray reduces clutter
  • Adds a high-class look to your studio

Price ~ $1,599.00

Zaor Miza 88 XL Studio Desk BOX1/2 Titanium/Wenge

Zaor Marea – Cherry

Main features:

  • Premium studio desk for multimedia production
  • Specifically designed for PreSonus StudioLive, Behringer X32, and similar digital consoles
  • Integrated cable management for a tidy workspace
  • Solid-wood design for low resonance and maximum stability
  • Three 2U rack bays put your hardware at your fingertips

Price ~ $1,899.00

Argosy Halo.E Workstation – Ultimate, Sit-Stand

Main features:

Argosy Halo.GE Sit Stand Workstation Ultimate Package

  • Sleek production desk for recording studios
  • 2 8U rack bays
  • 2 rack shelves for non-rackmount gear
  • CPU shelf keeps your computer off the floor and protects vital connections
  • 2 IsoAcoustics speaker platforms hold your monitors
  • Pull-out accessory drawer for your notepads, pencils, and more
  • Monitor arm provides perfect positioning for your computer screen
  • Monitor mounting bracket included
  • Steel legs are durable
  • Floor levelers keep your desk flat and wobble free
  • Padded armrest adds comfort for long sessions
  • Internal cable pass-through makes cable management easy
  • Electric legs adjust from 36.7″ to 52.5″

Malone Design Works MC Desk – Black

Main features:

  • Purpose-designed for Artist Control and Artist Mix studios
  • 15 rackspaces conveniently located above the worksurface
  • Upper space for widescreen displays and studio monitors
  • Slide-out keyboard tray
  • Made For Euphonix Control Surfaces
  •  3 x 5U racks
  • 62.5″ Wide x 36″ Deep x 30″ Tall
  • 30″ wide Keyboard pullout tray 
  • cable thru holes for easy cable snaking
  • easy to assemble

Price ~ $1,699.00

Sound Construction AVM 6×2 Audio/Video Mixing/Mastering Desk

Main features:

  • Desk features high-quality gray laminate finish
  • Legs and wire trough feature tough black polyurea finish
  • Ergonomic rack placement
  • Large under-desk wire trough/modesty panel
  • Two six-rackspace bays
  • Two speaker pedestals
  • 27.6″(table top height) X 72.4″(width) X 41″(depth)
  • 32″ Speaker Pedestal height

Price ~ $1,349.00

Sound Construction C|24 S1-1-1 Iso OAK

Main features:

  • Each handmade desk comes to you 99% preassembled
  • Cabinet-grade plywood for durability
  • 3U top rack for convenient access to often tweaked gear
  • 12U IsoBox rack with thermostatic fans, right swing door, and other great features for your rack gear
  • Dimensions: 64.875″ W X 43.75″ D X 35.25″ H
  • Metal legs offer less reflectivity for your mixing space
  • Adjustable monitor shelf lets you customize your workspace
  • Gliding feet makes it easy to acheive perfect acoustic alignment within your space
  • Made For: C|24
  • Finish: Oak
  • Rack Capacity:3U Top; 12U Bottom

Price ~ $4,844.00

Sound Construction TFT32-1-2-OK

Main features:

  • Custom console for Toft ATB32
  • Features two upper 5RU racks
  • You have your choice of lower rack configuration: A) 1 leg and 1 12RU rack (on either side). B) 2 12RU racks (one on either side). C) 2 legs (no 12RU racks).
  • Made For: Toft ATB32
  • Rack Capacity: 12U

Price ~ $4,085.00

Final Thoughts

Finishing the search for the best music studio desk, our final cut can be put up in a few sentences. First of all, you cannot get wrong here. The size of your pockets will be the ultimate decider.

But, still, there are some slight measures you can take as advice on your first or the upgrade version of purchase. Your best music studio desk depends on your main needs.

If you own a smaller home studio, then we recommend buying models like AZ-R, AZ Studio Composer Workstation or Sound Construction AVM 6×2. If looking to upgrade or go more Pro, or maybe looking for something more specific for your audio gear, then any of the rest models will work more than fine.

Of course if you decide to go for the best material, your no. 1 choice for the best music stufio desk is undoubtedly the Oak desk from Sound Construction. Before you go out shopping, check out our latest read on “FL Studio Power Tips” to get your producer flow on. Stay tuned for more!

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