Best Music Production Software For Beginners

We reviewed a lot of cool things lately, to help you in your software-producer way. And we really tried to reach the whole ensemble of Hip Hop Production Culture. But today, we will grab the hand of those most vulnerable ones. The absolute beginners. If you are passionate about your audio art and you`re skimping all over the internet to find the best music production software beginners can use, stop right here.

Music Production Software Beginners


This article will not only be useful in showing you the DAW you can start your career on, but will also give the accurate WHY it is your best way in. Put that beat idea aside for a moment and pick the best music software for your beginner character.



What`s Your DAW?

Best Music Production Software Beginners

Before we introduce our digital working stations for starter level, it is crucial to know that we are also narrowing our focus based on our main genre we proudly represent. So this is not all genre type of DAW recommendation text, but also will not differ much from the already picked up audio software posted on other site sources.

best music production software beginners

In The Studio

Especially if you`re a bedroom producer, and most of you are. The best music production software beginners will appreciate fairly when Hip Hop is at stake will define the exact thing you will have to have in mind to know where to start.


Studio One 3

music production software beginners

Studio One 3 package

Let`s start with the new ones. The guys from PreSonus released as they describe it “The Next Standard In Music Production”. Studio One 3, released two years ago, was split in two producer more types: Artist and Professional EditionIts first big characteristic asset is that it is available for both Windows and Mac platforms.


A Feature Thing

The first tryout feedback shares an easy to navigate and fast workflow critiques. Look at the main features here:

  • Hands-on editing, mixing, and arranging via Mac and PC multi-touch displays
  • Customizable high DPI user interface
  • Studio One Remote for iPad® control
  • AudioBend time and pitch manipulation updated with élastiquePRO 3 algorithms
  • Rotor and Bitcrusher audio effects
  • Automation curves
  • 1:1 Track view/console sync
  • Step recording
  • Smart, definable Alternate tool
  • Context-sensitive help, documentation, and tool-tips
music production software beginners

Studio One 3 review

Best New DAW Category Winner?

So as you can see, it allows you to endlessly arrange and re-arrange your tracks easily within the Arranger Track feature. Just drag-and-drop whatever you feel the need to. In Scratch Pads you get a parallel Timeline where you can further more experiment with new arrangement ideas separate from your main project, still simultaneously. Even the Browser is made more useful than ever before, offering simple and fast finding.

Extended FX Chains let you link effect plugins in series or parallel and frequency and Multi Instruments allow multiple instrument combinations in just one track and play them as one. Pretty cool for a beginner creativity level ain`t it? 🙂

music production software beginners

Studio One 3

And there`s so much more for you to explore without causing you too much confusion as a rookie tester. There are two new instruments called Mai Tai and Presence XT. Mai Tai is a modeling synth made for modern electro sounds, which is, you must admit not far at all from today`s new era Hip Hop (just look at all them distorted, crazy synth lines that Trap defines its dope swag on). 

Presence XT is a sampler (again another highly needed tool for any Hip Hop producer), 

Studio One 3 is maybe a best beginner offer because of light weighted cool multi-creative editing options allowing you to test every idea before you put in in the main mix. Rich library to pick your sounds from, only confirms its quality. If that doesn`t spread your producer horizons, don`t know what will. 😉

music production software beginners

Studio One 3 (making a beat)

And for the end, here is an awesome 20-minute introduction to it. Your first pick for best music production software beginners wise can undoubtedly end here. Agree much?





music production software beginners


Bitwig is another great starter app for easy beatmaking and from a new born family too. Created by former Ableton developers, Bitwig offers a similarity to its ex-alter ego Ableton Live. Layout and workflow being very alike, but the rest of the featuristic lines are completely independent.

You will get such a slick flow when cruising down from mixing, to editing and arranging, that will make your beginner producer life an ease of completion. And the most important thing, whether you`re a Hip Hop producer or not, it`s a lot easy to comprehend and very mature for its age.

Best Features?

music production software beginners



  • A re-conceptualized modulation system with 25 brand new Modulators
  • Numerous device updates, including remote controls, dynamic displays and spectrum analyzers
  • 17 entirely new devices
  • Better hardware integration, with improved MIDI handling and several dedicated MIDI and CV devices
  • Fades and crossfades
  • VST3 support
  • sandboxing (no plugin latency while in the workflow)
  • spectrum analyser
  • phaser
  • Pitch Shifter
  • Dual Pan
  • Treemonster (ring modulator effect)

It`s nice to see the Arranger and Editor panel window have separate sets of tools. Also, there`s a new add to the Studio 2 that will help you bedroom artists get your MIDI shaped more deeper than in previous version. The newer version of possibly the next best music production software beginners will adore lets you manage your MIDI files with couple of tools. From controlling note`s length and velocity, note latch tool, you also get Midi Harmoniser and MIDI echo effects to play with. And a Multi-Note device grants access to generating several chords from a single MIDI note.


A Few Extra Notes

Expression modulator for routing MIDI note in a velocity, pressure and timbre manner into devices; Sidechain inputand maybe to most interesting for our genre of work, the Performance modulatorsThey enable you to enter a Dj Style Mix control toolwhich is something of the greatest assets to have, especially at the starting point.

The oscillator mix section has been expanded too, upgraded to six new operating modes. You can get even more precise control of the oscillators interaction. Polysynth got a high-pass filter and a feedback loop making this DAW way more attractive then debut version. And regardless its short timeline, it still has impressive scale of showcasing capabilities. Great job.

Get the latest version of Bitwig Studio 2and watch the video presentation in the link below:





music production software beginners

Working In Studio With Audacity

The most known audio app of them all, the Audacity, even though still maybe the ugliest simple-made UI, is the most rated music software on the side of functionality. Its ease of use and rich features got this app the mark of music production software beginners most lust for.

And although this is no great production tool if you are serious about your Hip Hop art, but if you never worked in any DAW before, this may be your first born. You will acquire everything from the basics of knowledge on audio recording, editing and mixing. And will get a firm grip on how everything in the audio world functions.

But, since there are few other really great opportunities of DAWs to start from, and you are more focused on composition and arrangement of the production, not the mixing and editing, then other DAW options are maybe much more suitable.

It`s available for Windows, Mac and Linux and it`s free for download, so feel free to try it out


Video review is available here:






GarageBand from Apple is another of the most popular DAW gems among them newbies. But since it`s Apple`s, it is only available on Mac`s OS, it may bring a bit of an out-of-tune mood to the Windows and possibly Linux players. But for those fit for the Mac team, GarageBand is a good music production audio beginners charm to kick start your notes on.

Extremely easy to use and get familiar with, GB also offers a lot of nice and firm features, from one version to another. Even the ordinary everyday people user critiques find this DAW super productive for your beginning stage. From music enthusiasts to teachers, everyone agreed that GarageBand is the best program to start your producer journey.

6 new features in the latest version include:

  • new sound browser
  • Alchemy (new synthesizer) 
  • multi-take recording
  • vocal effects
  • graphic EQ
  • third-party plugin effects

But then again, it is OS restricted so, may come more of a miss that a bulls eye. Your choice. It`s free and available hereAnd watch the introduction video to get the full impression:




Fl Studio

I saved the best for the last. Maybe not all of you will agree with me here, but it is my personal favorite. FL Studioformerly Fruity Loops from Image-Line Studiosoffers all-in-one package solution. And it is pretty much highly rated and favored among Hip Hop producers all over the world, beginners to semi-pros.

The twelfth studio version  is probably the best so far, the guys in Image-Line really put their best effort so far. Still, there are some usual FL bug things remaining. But that`s not completely FL Studio dependable. I thought it was for a long time, until I figured out it was always the key to the system preferences you are working with.

No matter how much you upgrade on the system hardware, if your CPU is not a top-notch one, don`t expect to level up from Starter to Pro, especially if you plan to install some of the more demanding third-party plugins for mixing like Waves It`s impossible for any DAW running on an moderate CPU and RAM to handle it adequately.


Superman Vs Supergirl Mode

I even fly on 8 GB of RAM which is more than enough, but have “only” i5 2,50GHz Intel Core processor speed, which is Superman strong for beginner to intermediate level of production, but for Supergirl strength surfing on Waves with out any glitch, it would take a whole new PC/laptop to even begin thinking on the same level.

Back to beginners guide, this baby is more than excellent for your needs. You would be surprised how many of them great Trap hits are made on this virtual magic machine. Producers like Hit-Boy, 9th Wonder, Jahlil Beats, Boi-1da, Ayo the Producer, Lex Luger and many more keep Fl Studio as their primary production weapon.


What Is That Special Freckle

That Makes FL`s Face A Beauty?

Well, first, such an appealing user interface. Simple, yet quickly understandable, FL Studio and the latest 12 version comes with a signature clean looks with quite the amount of finest features. From Fruity Editionto get the producer glimpse on it to fully packed Producer Edition turning into a real virtual fully equipped studio.


You can play with your beat ideas, drag-and drop anything you want, almost any type of audio file. And the best part are amazing color-changing editing tools. You can color and rename everything, from main playlist, instrument in a channel rack, the mixer. Everything you want. You can easily draw and paint like a true artist. And after you do that, Fl becomes a beautiful forest of endless rainbows, making your work so much more appealing.

Navigation is also super-easy, and I am not the only one guaranteeing this is the best DAW for beginners and Pros to handle. But again, as his nemesis GarageBand, Fl Studio comes only for Windows users, so again, those Apple eaters won`t be so lucky this time. They`l just have to adopt to the festive chorus.


New Cool Features On 12

Fl Studio 12 comes, as mentioned before, in its best edition so far. The moment it was released it blew out on the positive criticism and got the highest rates as one of the best DAWs of this year for sure. And its new features had a lot to do with that. Here they are:

  • multi-touch support (if you have any kind of multi-touch screens, this will come more than handy, especially when mixing comes)
  • time markers in the piano roll (not available in the previous versions; another great add to make your job much slicker)
  • new plug-in looks ( 3xOSC, Edison, Formula Controller, Envelope Controller, Keyboard Controller and Peak Controller)
  • installation and managing of third-party plugins has never been easy (one of the biggest pluses)
  •  new mixer features like different variations of mixer modes and overall look is another great new feature
  • running the entire DAW as VST
  • last but not lest lifetime free updates 

Overall verdict? Don`t think on it too much. Try the basic, and get the Pro if you are really serious about your Hip Hop crafting. Will this be your best music production software beginners could own? Most definitely yes!

Get FL Studio 12 and don`t forget to peep the video tutorial here:



 The Roll-Call Number

No matter your first pick, which will most probably affect all of your future steps on ugrading and further jumping between DAWs, it`s important to feel free while doing the one thing you love the most. If that is music production, composing, arranging, recording and editing Hip Hop, then these few great picks are the best of the best you will find on the internet market today.

Maybe not all will fit your pocket`s mood or your character, and they are not suppose to. But it is crucial to understand that, if you want something that bad, you will find a way to own it. Whether it`s just knowledge or your overall passion and experience, you will get there. Now, take a deep breath, place your fingers on your touch-pads, mouses and/or touch-screens and browse away! Good luck!

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