Best Multitrack Recorders On The Market

MultiTrack Recorders

Fellow producers, audio engineers, composers, beatmakers and all of you zealous Hip Hop artists, are you ready for your next best studio equipment pick? Now, this next thing really beats the seriousness out of most tech in your working space, home or not. Your next certain win-list will help you decide between “Best Multitrack Recorders On The Market”. 

Time Is Important, You Should Save Some!

We are here to help you cut that research time surfing through many different sites and spending all of your time on reading countless texts before getting to the actual tech machine for your needs. Before you start reading this down and picking between your best mutlitrackers, maybe you should also take a look at our great write-ups on Hip Hop music production on the next links here: “Best Budget Studio Monitors (Hip Hop)”, “Top 13 Closed-Back Headphones For Music Production”, “PreSonus Audiobox iTwo Review”, “Best 88 Keyboards On The Market”, “Top 9 Hardware Drum Machines For Hip Hop Production”.

Save Even More Time!

And so much more! If you interested what are “10 Best Audio Interfaces For Hip Hop Producers Home Studio” or which are “Best Laptops For Music Production (Hip Hop)” , maybe “Best MIDI Drum-Pad Controllers” is your top interest. If not, then we got some pretty cool “Best Music Production Software For Beginners” to start your day up. And many other versatile topics to browse through enthusiastically. So get your clicking fingers and your hunger eyes ready. Best Multitrack Recorders On The Market are here!

Pick Your Best Option For Your Primary Goal

Multitrack recorders work for every type of artist. From singers, rappers, composers to producers, if you want to track your work easy, then you do it by multitracking. What do this recorders actually do? Well it`s simple as their name. They let you record multiple tracks at once. Further meaning, it lets you record couple of instruments (including your voice of course) on a multi-channel rack. So you can have your vocal recorded in one channel, your guitar on the other and so on.

Options, Options, Options

There are also simple and more compact versions of multitrack recorders. Some lets you only record your stuff so you can further edit and produce in your DAW. While other have a pro build of a real digital recording studio with couple of integrated effects, routs and editing tools. Which type will be at just one fingertip range from you, is completely your decision after we show the best of the best.

 Be Aware Of The Track Rule

Now, before we dig into the recording revolution of a digital multitrack machine, it is inevitable that we clarify couple of terms. It is very important to know what you are buying before you figure out what are you working with. On the way of gazing through some of the best multitrack recorders on the market, you would see many different tracking names. And if you see something like “8-track recorder” or “32-track”your logic goes on a natual way of thinking there are actually 8 or 32 track available to record onto. But, that`s actually not so much of a complete truth.

8 Tracks

And here is why. Let`s take 8-track recording into consideration for example. 8-track actually means you will have only 2 inputs available to record your art at once. So you can plug in your mic and keyboard for instance and record the idea. Other tracks will let you record two more dubs to add as a layer to the first two.  And so on until you reach your 8-track peak. So it`s inputs that should be look out for, not just the title-numbered channel amount.

Virtual Tracks

There are also so called virtual tracks that are much bigger in number and that allow you to re-record your stuff multiple times on a single track. Without loosing your previous track recording. Which are called takes. After you`re done taking your ideas, then when in 8-track recorder environment, as a final mixdown you will only be able to use 8 of them to mix in your end project. Got it? Good. Now, let`s get a hold of them, track by track.

Best Multitrack Recorders On The Market

Zoom R8

Lightweight, but durable, the R8 brings versatile possibilities for a Beginner to Pro artist. Nice sound coming from installed drum-kits, mics too make this small boxer a useful studio tool in your home base or even on the field. Even though the tracking issue has already been explained, still it`s not a bore to state it again. The 8-track option gives you 8 channels to record into and unlimited virtual tracks for your takes.

More About The Zoom R8

Some slight complains from users include little space left on the given 2GB SD Card, where integrated drum-kits take most of the space, leaving user with only couple of hours left to record on each individual channel. But, it`s SD Card right so its an easy fix, just buy a bigger memory. Very clear and quality sound production, great majority of effects and lovely sounding instruments with a more than desirable price make R8 stand out in its category. And another issue not included in the Zoom`s Manual is that you can`t track when using the effects if your recordings are at 48kHz. Yes, this may be an issue for most, but you still have 41kHz of resolution left.

Take your time on this one.


  • Simultaneous recording tracks: 2
  • Tracks playback/mix simultaneously:8
  • Virtual tracks: Unlimited (actually limited by storage space)
  • Inputs: 2 x Balanced XLR/TRS Combo Inputs
  • Outputs: 2 x 1/4″ main out, Stereo 1/4″ Headphone Jack + USB
  • Sample rate: 44.1/48kHz for recording, up to 96kHz when used as a USB audio interface
  • Bit rate: 16/24-bit
  • On-board effects: 150+ DSP effects which includes amp modeling and mastering effects
  • Effects send: Internal
  • USB audio interface: 2 channels
  • Storage medium: SD/SDHC card – up to 32GB
  • Export tracks to computer: Yes

Zoom R8 Multitrack SD Recorder Controller and Interface


Other options of this are the Zoom R16 and  Zoom R24 with a bit more options and money in the bank. But no matter the bigger channel number, R8 stays much highly rated than its two bigger brothers.

Video Review





Tascam DP-32SD


With Tascam`s DP-32SD Multitrack Recorder you should have a real artist/musician/producer perspective on your work. The versatile side can be more explored via YouTube video tutorials then by the actual Manual, but once you unravel all the capabilities, you will be in love with it.

Traking in 24bit/48kHz resolution is a real treat, and in use showed a real workhorse muscles. Recording quality, editing features, phantom power, ease of use and very decent price giving the great offered options, makes DP-32SD even a basic equip within the stars like Lady Gaga. Record, Mix and Master your work in no time!

Maybe this is your next favorite among the best multitrack recorders on the market.



  • Simultaneous 32-track playback
  • Eight mono tracks and 12 mono/stereo selectable tracks
  • File transferring via USB 2.0 (cable sold separately)
  • 21 faders (19 track-faders and one master fader)
  • Simultaneous 8-track recording
  • Built-in mics: 2
  • Configuration: Stereo
  • Type: Not specified
  • External mic input: Yes
  • Audio formats: WAV
  • Headphones: 1
  • Audio in: 8
  • Audio out: 4
  • Capacity: Up to 32GB
  • Hard drive No
  • Width: 20.2 in.
  • Height: 4.1 in.
  • Depth: 13.4 in.
  • Weight: 13.7 lb.

The biggest issue here for users is a No MIDI ports. If that`s not the case for you, then check out the video tutorial below:

video review


Tascam DP-32SD 32-Track Digital Portastudio Recorder



Soundcraft Ui24R

best multitrack recorders


Now this masterpiece of hardware has a dual play in your producer/artist handle. First it`s defined as a digital mixer. With 24 channels, 10 mic inputs with phantom power, 2 main outputs, 8 busses, 2 EQs and more, the Ui24R gives that pristine quality of a Soundcradft. 

On the other side, that`s more of a concern to our main theme, the “Best Multitrack Recorders On The Market”, is its multitrack recorder role. You can record to a USB stick  directly and record your live set. Digitech effects on channels one and two for guitar and basses  and Lexicon effects on every channel (reverb, gates, compressors, limiters, de-essers). And it is all controlled by Wi-fi! Very cool feature include the mixer interface automatic mic type recognition the moment you plugged it in. So this is one very powerful machine to own.

best multitrack recorders



  • Parallel multitrack recording to USB drive & DAW
  • 20 Mic / Line inputs: 10x XLR, 10x 6.3 mm jack combo
  • 2 RCA thomann line inputs
  • 2-Channel USB media player (MP3, WAV, AIFF playback)
  • 22-Channel USB direct-to-memory recording
  • 32-Channel recording interface (I/O via USB-B port)
  • 2 Additional USB ports for controllers & updates
  • 2 XLR & jack main outputs
  • 8 XLR AUX outputs
  • 2 Headphone outputs
  • RJ45 Ethernet connector
  • HDMI port for mixer control via a monitor
  • Integrated dualband WLAN & Ethernet thomann (2 antennas, 2.4 / 5 GHz)
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, Linux (via HTML5)
  • Accepts up to 10 devices simultaneously (tablet, smartphone, PC)
  • Signal processing from dbx, Lexicon, Digitech
  • 20 High-quality Studer designed mic preamps
  • Input channels with 250 ms delay, 4-band parametric EQ, gate, compressor, de-esser, HPF
  • 2 Channels include DigiTech thomann amp / guitar modelling
  • 8 AUX buses with 31-band graphic EQ, AFS2 Feedback Suppression, and dbx compressor
  • 120-Band real-time analyser (inputs and outputs)
  • 500 ms (approx. 170 m) of delay on the output busses
  • 4 Lexicon effects busses (reverb, delay, chorus, room)
  • Design: 19″ / 4 U
  • Weight approx. 5.1 kg

Price ~ $1000


Video Review



Tascam DA-6400

This latest Tascam edition brings a beast among them big-channel hardware practitioners. Currently maybe the baddest of them best multitrack recorders available on the market. DA-6400 has impeccable list of great features and still so little actual user review marks because of its fresh paint. Still the price says it more than any word. This is a serious expert machine you don`t wanna play with. 64-channel rack console that can be used either as a recorder or a playback device. Has both SD and HDD drive to record onto, built very impressively with a really extravagant looks.

Two power supplies  keep your workflow going even after you loose ground power!


  • 240GB 2.5-inch serial ATA SSD
  • With cooperation with parts manufacturers, TASCAM uses a specific control IC for stable, reliable operation
  • SSD operation has been tested with the DA-6400
  • One included with each DA-6400/DA-6400dp; additional drives can be purchased separately
  •  Total recording time: 7h12m@48kHz/24-bits, 64 channels
  • Recording media: SSD
    Note: HDD support also planned in addition to the SSD.
  • File system: FAT32
  • File formats: BWF(.wav)
  • Number of channels: 64(1xFs), 32(2xFs)
  • Sampling frequencies: 44.1k/48k/88.2k/96kHz
  • Quantization bit rate: 16bit/24bit
  • Clock reference: INTERNAL, WORD IN, VIDEO IN
  • Timecode frame: 23.976 / 24 / 25 / 29.97DF / 29.97NDF / 30DF / 30NDF

If you have the budget, don`t thing too long.

TASCAM DA-6400 -Channel Digital Multitrack Recorder
Video Review



Zoom LiveTrak L-12

For a much better price range, you have this amazing piece of multitrack recorder from Zoom. The LiveTrak L-12 is also one of the best newcomers on the multitrack market and comes with a pretty good price tag too. Giving you the opportunity to do great live mixes, wonderful sound quality recordings with feature to add up to five custom headphone mixes, L-12 really stretches out your creativity. It is so much more than just a digital mixer/recorder.

12 channels (8 mono, 2 stereo), 3-band mid-parametric EQ and 16 built-in effect make sure you get your professional “on-the-go” studio workflow intact. 

best multitrack recorders

Zoom L-12


  • 12-channel digital mixer (8 mono/2 stereo)
  • 14-in/4-out USB audio interface for your Mac, PC, or iOS device (Apple Lightning-to-USB Camera Adapter is required for iOS)
  • 12-track 24-bit/96kHz recording directly to an SD card
  • Record up to 48kHz to a computer and an SD card simultaneously
  • Create customizable, savable headphone mixes for up to 5 band members
  • Complete your entire project on the mixer, or transfer all 12 discrete tracks to your DAW for editing and mixing
  • 8 combo jacks accommodate both XLR and 1/4″ connectors
  • 8 great-sounding mic preamps with phantom power and +60dB of gain
  • Channels 1–2 offer hi-Z inputs for your electric guitar or bass
  • Channels 9/10 and 11/12 have TRS and RCA connectivity for keyboards and other audio devices
  • Each channel features a 3-band mid-parametric EQ and 16 built-in effects
  • Channels 1–8 include a dedicated compressor for controlling dynamics
  • Channels 3–8 have a -26dB pad for capturing loud sources
  • Clear 12-segment LED metering for keeping an eye on your levels
  • Save up to 9 scenes and recall your custom settings automatically
  • Record automatically when the master fader detects a certain dB level
  • Capture data up to 2 seconds before recording starts, in case a performance begins ahead of time
  • Built-in slate mic for recording comments or talk back
  • Onboard metronome for keeping the band in sync


Zoom LiveTrak L-12
Video Review


What`s Your Best Option?

Even though there are many other different options to choose from, these couple of picks were selected as delicate as possible to aim our Hip Hop style of signature work. And as you can see the best doesn`t always have to mean the most priced one. Yet we gave the best models that can make your workflow durable, entertaining, inspiring and versatile in skill-giving. 

best multitrack recorders

Multitrack recodding

If you are just starting with getting to know the whole world behind the multitrack recorders, then it`s maybe best to start from smaller-sized ones, with less channel inputs and less options, until you get a hold of it. Therefore try R8. Then as time goes and you get better at it and hopefully make some cash out of your project recordings, you can aim for bigger types of multitrack gems.

If you`re more experienced and working in home studio, as our main oriented group, a good choice would be the DP-32SD or L-12. For the real Prosthe two most expensive solutions are a must. Take it to the next level and do a full quality production all on your own! Stay tuned for more of the awesome articles about Hip Hop music production equipment that we cannot wait to share with you! Good luck!

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