Best Laptops For Music Production [Hip Hop]

What Are The Best Laptops For Making Music?

When choosing the right machine for your artflow, there are few crucial things you need to have in mind. So, besides having your ears tuned and ready to record, mix and master your work, the adequate laptop performance must be attained.

Since you`ve already got most of your producer back covered with our great guide-articles (regarding Mastering SoftwareAudio Editing Software, Closed-back and Open-Back Headphones and our latest, Music Production Software For Beginners), we are confident that you are absolutely ready for our latest drop on Best Laptops For Music Production.”  

Serious Producers Invest In Thier Hardware!

This is the heart and soul of serious music producer role and one thing that, besides your impeccable knowledge, is of immense importance for your overall outcome. Whether you are a Mac or Windows user, this article will find a perfect match for your needs. But, do have in mind, that these are The Best Laptops For Music Production that are currently available on the market, so if you`re budget is tight at the moment, you may need to sit a bit longer on that budget bench. But, it`s better to patiently get there, than to just throw money on much less expensive laptops. If you need a durable, serious machine, you have to put your self out there, spread the cost, save up and then purchase something that’s for the long, rather than short term.

What`s First To Have In Mind When Choosing The Right Laptop?

First thing you need to be aware of is how much will you actually need. What`s that threshold, that lower bar, a minimum amount of performance specifications that you will need in order to ease your mind of endless and wreckless laptop search. Every tech enthusiast, and especially people who are into any kind of music, must be introduced at least with some ground knowledge on the computer`s main, or key hardware elements.

Important Specs Of A Laptop For Music Production

We have all learned that no producer will ever get lost when phrases like “RAM memory”, “CPU usage and speed”, “SSD Disc” and things like that. These are basically the most important characteristics, but do not dive into it too fast. Almost as much important are specs of laptop`s overall physical durability, battery life (for mobile producers, or on-the-go artists), keyboard/mouse pad functionality and the inevitable resolution display power, therefore, graphic card type. All this things should be counted with precision and tidiness.

 The Threshold Numbers

Turning our eyes back a few paragraphs, let`s first deal with that bottom line numbering. If you wonder what is the minimum amount your best music production hardware should have been handling, wait no more. Let`s start from the heart. What should be your normal tact? Well, the answers most professionals will deliver are all chained to the goal of a single producer.

What CPU/Processor Is Best For Making Music On A Laptop?

But since again, we are talking only about the best machines out there currently, then your CPU or processor rhythm shouldn`t go less then the i7 core ones. The latest generation possible of course. What does this exactly mean? It means that the more cores one processor has, the more workload could be handled practically and faster the job done. And that`s the most wanted goal you can wish from any of the best laptops for music production.

The Benefit Of A High Processor

Further more, means you get no bugs with not only loading and working with comprehensive third party plugins, but also with the second best producer tool: the samples. With the top-notch CPU, you won`t have to worry.

How Much RAM Should My Laptop Have?

RAM memory goes side-by-side with CPU stamina. It means nothing to only have speedy processor if your RAM is too weak to handle those demanding third-party VSTs and sampling. So, because we are handling the Hip Hop production deed, and that includes a lot of sample patching and of course a lot of robust, outdoor plugins, the minimum amount of RAM your laptop should posses is 8Gb. That is the fairest bottom line possible with of course the 16Gb in the golden middle.

Other Components

As for the hard drive size and type, the more the better size wise, but for the type of your storage component, the SSD over standard SATA ones are always a better choice. The main reason for this (in case you were wondering 😉 ) is the biggest difference between SSD and SATA. Some of you know this, some again never got deeper than an outside looks of any PC/Laptop, a typical SATA drive has a spinning disc that reads and writes data onto the hard every time you give that order with your mouse click.

What’s The SSD Drive?

On the other side the SSD drive doesn`t have any kind of moving part, especially not disc, so it takes a minimum amount of time to process any given data task. Which in conclusion means better, much faster and lighter HD. But, that`s also the reason why the SSDs are much more expensive.

Battery Life

Laptop`s battery endurance, may only be a problem if you`re a mobile type of producer. If you travel a lot and like to make music arrangements on-the-go, then battery life should also be one of your great focuses on the investment when browsing in the best laptops for music production market.

3 – Cell, 6 – Cell, 12 – Cell Batteries?

What is the major thing in specs about a great battery durability? Its building blocks. The battery cells. And again the same rule applies: the more the better. You`ve probably heard or read bunch of laptop battery specs mentioning a “3-cell”, “6-cell”, “12-cell” battery. More cells means more capacity and longer working hours. Yet, there isn`t that much difference between a 9-cell and 12-cell for example. It should give about 33% more power.

Solid Brands For Battery Life

Even though it`s really difficult to find the exact match and the Ultimate laptop having all the top recommended numbers, if you really need a quality-cell battery, then do not skip on this dial. Laptops with the most effective batteries come from manufacturers like Dell and  Lenovo

List Of Laptops Best Suited For Music Production

It`s finally time to check out, not so short list of the best audio production machines, the hardware that will fly your software picks on its super-wings. The hitlist doesn`t have a typical order, all the laptop machines are equally strong, powerful and pristine in their performance. It is impossible to make a mistake.

Which Aspect Of Music Production Are You Into?

Your only job is to decide which Operating system you wish to work with, as also in which specific DAW or DAWs. After you cross the debate on whether you`ll only record your art, just mix and master it or do the whole production, then you can scroll down to our top list of the “Best Laptops For Music Production”, leaning towards Hip Hop Culture as always. Dive in!

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-19% MSI GP73
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ASUS ZenBook Pro UX550GD-E2041T
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Dell XPS 15
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Final Thoughts

The minimum amount of bucks you would need is a few dollars below seven with two zeroes. These are the best of the best you will find on the internet for your producer needs. As your knowledge grows, your experience widens and year after year there will be some newer and more stronger versions of portable computers. But these 18 friends will make their appearance shadow the new Era competitors as they will give unforgettable, unimaginable performance, like every day passed is the first of use. At least we can hope so, judging by their imposing rates. Buckle up, it`s going to be a Flash-fast ride!

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