Best Gaming Headsets Under $100, The Best Budget & Wireless Headset For Xbox One, PS4, PC & Musc Production

 Best Gaming Headsets

This is good for two reasons. We will not only help the gaming side of passionate players. But also, you producers/djs, audio engineers who are also in the business of creating music for the games. These headsets were made to give a user the most comfortable and live presentation via  wide spectrum of sound image as they can. That`s why it`s not so much a must as it will be a good step to own a pair. Just so you know what gamers actually hear and feel while performing in their virtual assignments.

Features Of A Good Gaming Headset

In the world of professional gamers, an adequate communication with teammates is one of the most important things. That`s why one of the main featured additions here is a microphone.  Of course you can always buy the mic separately if the headset has a really good reproduction of the main sound output. But, integrated microphone give you more stability, mobility and better sound quality in most cases. Unless you own a studio with a pro equipment. But, like we mentioned, for the outdoor/indoor activities, it`s best if you have all in one package.

Noise Isolation

First and most important feature besides integrated mic on best gaming headset under 100 bucks is noise isolation. Or more popularly known as noise cancellation.  When you`re in your gaming zone, time is different. And your focus must be pinned to the tasks inside the game. Especially if you`re training for some type of the competition. It`s even more crucial to music producers to make sure nothing distracts them from their goal. So for the best gaming headset, this will be the first thing to test.

Wireless Or Not?

Second thing is a bit more debatable than usual. And it entirely depends on gamer`s personal choice. Cordless or not, just make sure you also test either choice. If you decide to go wireless, test the connectivity before you grab your pair. If you decide to go all wired up, make sure the cords are well attached, and that jack fits nicely to the headphone input. One more thing. Be careful which free port you actually have. Therefore which cord do you actually need. There are two types of gaming headset connections: 3.5mm AUX and USB. 

Surround Sound Experience From Gamer Headset

Ah yes, the Surround Sound atmosphere. How can we forget about that. The virtual tasks of the game don`t require just a great graphic card and visualization. For the game to feel as real as possible, the reproduction of natural Surrounding sounds keeps the gaming realm as authentic as possible.

Whether you go for 5.1, 7.1 it is really up to your personal taste. The first-person gamers knows how important a good Surround Sound is on your best gaming headset. Having this feature lets you orient properly. And helps you determine your enemy`s position. So this is a must either way.

Are You Comfy Enough?

The last but not least: the comfort level. As good as they may come, they mean nothing if they are not comfortable enough. And this is of course not so easy to accomplish. But aim for the comfy feel of at least 4-6 hours. 

If you have the chance to test that, that`s great. If not, maybe you can find some of the already tested user reviews out there. Better comfort provide headphone sets which caps go over your ear-shells. Not on top of them but over. But this doesn`t have to be the case with all. Best to check some of the options first or at least dive deeper into the material of the cushions of your best gaming headset rush.

Driver Size And Shape

Just one more tiny thing that besides comfort, brings enough audio quality to your best gaming headset. That`s driver size and shape. You`ve already seen this in many gaming phones, where the shape varies the most. From classic rounded, to oval and custom made ones, only confirms that outer design maters as much. As for the driver size, as usual never go under 40mm. 

Best Gaming Headset List Under $100

Not that we`ve covered all the important features to care about when out for your next favorite best gaming headset, we are ready to deliver the winning models. 11 models find their way into our ultimate Best Gaming Headset Under $100 List. 

HyperX Cloud II – BEST RATED

Logitech G633 

Razer Kraken Pro

SteelSeries 61443 Arctis 5 RGB

Sennheiser GSP 300


SteelSeries 61433 Arctis 3



Creative Sound BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition – BEST 7.1 SURROUND SOUND – OUR WINNER

Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma V2 

Final Thoughts On The Best Gaming Headsets

Game On. We`re officially done and ready to hit the gaming fever. Or should I say heat? Yeah. You have all the necessary tools to pick your best gaming headset. Now, what are you waiting for?  Check your account balance and if you`re good for a $100, let`s go shopping! Take your time, test as many of the above given models as you can and pick your gaming pair. Plug in and enjoy your next team or solo win! Good luck!

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