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best electronic drum set

Electronic Drum Set example model

A few days back, we collected the “Best Beginner Drum Sets” for this year and showed you the Pros and Cons of using them. Now it`s time to dig into the other side of the drummers skills, so we are testing the “Best Electronic Drum Set” and choosing top few to serve you along the way.

But first, let`s see all the “Hows” and “Whys”. 


Best Electronic Drum Set – How To Pick Them

best electronic drum set

Drummer playing the electronic drum kit

There are few simple rules that determines your ultimate choice for the best electronic drum set. Some are applying the same way as with any drum kit. Others are slightly different and depend on the biggest contrast here: the electronic vs. acoustic type. 

Here`s what you need to know:

  • how big is your budget
  • basic 5-piece kit or more – how much do you need
  • which type of pads do you prefer (rubber or mesh)
  • the overall features (number of INs and OUTs, the software etc.)


The prices of electronic drum sets vary and as with the acoustic ones, depends on the overall quality of the kit. But also comes with the adaptive value. If you need a starter kit, then you won`t need much cash to spend.

best electronic drum set

Electronic drum set display

But, if you look to upgrade to a more professional level, then you must be ready to splurge a bit. When buying a budget electronic drum set, you also need to pay attention to the type of the drum sticks. They come in different weights and the most popular ones are the 5As. 

Check out these “4 Best Drumsticks For Electronic Drums” to help with the  final decision on best electronic drum set. 



Why Do You Need Them?

Now as for “WHYs”, as why do you need an electronic over the acoustic drum set, we have couple of solid reasons too. Your actual taste and maybe the desired genre of play will determine your final pick. But still, if you`re in doubt, or unsure which should be your first owned model, here are few things to consider.

best electronic drum set

Roland Electronic Drum Kit On Stage

First of all, electronic drum sets have a little box called “module” through which the pads actually work their magic. In other words, a module generates all the sounds, so it`s like a main processor to the drumming machine kit.

Module has real recorded drum samples placed in the genre specific order. And more expensive models among best electronic drum set category have bigger sample library and higher quality samples. So, another thing to consider before you jump to ultimate conclusion.

Other module features include record and play songs settings. As well as metronome option to keep you within the rhythm of your project. As well as with the acoustic, the basic electronic drum set consists of a basic 5-piece kit body.


The Biggest Acoustic To Electronic Difference?

One of the most crucial things that can direct you to the right path is the main difference between the two models. Best electronic drum set is a lot quieter than the acoustic one. Electronic kits have the volume control, because the original sound is coming from the external source (the module we just mentioned).

With acoustics, you get a live sound from the material the drum set is made of. So your loudness level is always going to be higher.

best electronic drum set

Electronic Drum Set In The Studio Setup

Second, the pad`s sensitivity and/or latency. Another thing that makes a big difference within the electronic world. The latency is the common issue with all electronic equipment. But you won`t find this problem among the best electronic drum set tough.

Mesh pads can be tuned, allowing you to change the amount of reverb of the head. And they are leaning towards the more acoustic drum kit feel. And that`s why most of the drummers prefer them over the rubber ones. Although the rubber heads are more durable.

best electronic drum set

Electronic drum kit

And the best electronic drum set feature is the inevitable portability option. They are lighter, smaller in size and therefore very mobile friendly. Also they can be a lot cheaper than the acoustic types. And more  durable too. Not to mention the versatility mode. 



Best Electronic Drum Set – Top Picks

best electronic drum set

Best Electronic Drum Set – Top Picks


We found more than ten models for the Best Electronic Drum Set and to make everything easier, we sort them out by price. From the highest to the lowest, these are the best model types of electronic kit on the market.


Video Reviews

For the very end we leave you with some of the best electronic drum set reviews available. Check your every angle and chose nothing but the best for your taste. Happy holiday shopping!
















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