Best Earbuds Under $100 Buying Guide [Hip Hop Producers]

Best Earbuds Under $100

Staying on the monitoring system, today we are picking up the best groceries from the so-called “in-ear monitoring” market or more trendy best earbuds. If those big cans made your ears saturated and you need a lighter baggage break, we present “Best Earbuds Under $100”

Earphones To Headphones Game Of Play For A DJ

Regardless the obvious difference and the object of work, there are Djs who actually use earbuds aka earphones for their live events. I honestly haven`t got the courage to try this idea, because, first I like to hear a full bass response. Second, because the little ones cannot bring the desired noise cancellation as the big ones can. But, don`t underestimate the power of these small caps. There`s a reason why they exist in the music world, especially live events. Here, you will discover why they are in the world of music production and for what purposes you`ll sometimes need them.

Best Characteristic Of The Earbuds

  • One of the best characteristics they bring with them is the most visible one: the portability. Giving the size, they can be folded in and packed in the pocket for the most easy carriage.
  • Second best thing is actually a great noise-cancellation role. Of course, not all earbuds could do this. But the ones that can, by inserting them into your ear canal, they reduce the urge to crank up the volume to hear better. Instead, they cancel any outside noise and give you the perfect monitoring system for singing, djjing and even mixing in your work. Again, since our genre requires a lot of low frequencies monitoring, the earbuds are best to be used when referencing. 
  • Accuracy is another great feature in-ear monitors will provide. Best earbuds are really a hard challenge for the engineering team to make. They have the extremely serious task, to create the best sound reproduction system in the smallest working space. And still, with some pro models, they actually manage to achieve that perfectly.
  • Another great character line here is the so-called PRaT factor. The Pace, Rhythm and Time. In further explanation, it`s the earbud (or on or over-ear headphone) system`s ability to make you tap your foot to the music. The enjoyment factor scale. The best earbuds do have this implemented very well.

How To Use The Best Features When Producing  Using Ear Buds

Now, we`ve come to the main reason why this article is made in the first place. To answer your already pinned question from the start, why would you buy any in- ear monitors under 100 bucks, we will explain how to adequately apply them in your studio.

  • In my personal opinion and my best advice is that you use them as mentioned a couple of times before, to reference your tracking. Keep them by your side after you finish the mixdown session on your main monitors. And after you try the second monitoring system if you have one. This could be another great pair of professional studio speakers, or your on-ear or over-ear headphones. And after all that, leave the small ones for one last hearing touch.
  • They can produce a lot of accuracy in mid and high frequencies that will create a picture for you what you can hear and reveal some errors, like where did you get wrong, what you missed. They can so to speak, reveal the gaps or the frequencies that are not there. Or give you the image of frequencies that cannot be reproduced on such a small system, again pointing you to your mixing in mistake. So, as you can see, as useful as having a pair of commercial classic cheap desktop speakers and mono speaker, it is also very important to monitor on earbuds. And don`t forget the last station for testing your production project. The unforgivable car space. 🙂 Without further ado, here are The Best Earbuds Under $100 For Hip Hop Producers. 

Best Earbuds Under $100 [Hip Hop Producers]

For all of you producers on a budget, looking to upgrade on your monitoring system, here are best earbuds on the market genre specified. But just before we jump on the in-ear reproduction, see which are the “Best Headphones For Djs” in our latest post here. 

ThinkSound MS01


Buy From Amazon – Thinksound ms01 in-ear monitor with passive noise isolation (Gunmetal Chocolate)

Main Specs:

  • type – In-ear / canalphones
  • driver size – 8 mm
  • noise isolation – yes
  • connections – 3.05 mm stereo
  • impedance – 16 Ohms



  • great sound
  • great design
  • bass quality
  • balanced frequency response
  • good noise isolation
  • comfortable


  • no in-line controls
  • soundstage

1More Triple-Driver In-Ears

Buy From Amazon – 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones (Earphones/Earbuds) with Apple iOS and Android Compatible Microphone and Remote (Titanium)

Main Specs:

  • type – in ear
  • enclosure – closed-back
  • mic – yes
  • sensitivity – 99 dB
  • impedance – 32 Ohms
  • frequency response – 20 Hz – 40 kHz
  • microphone – yes
  • connection – 1/8 “


  • good sound reproduction
  • lightweight
  • portable
  • low leakage
  • design
  • good harmonic distortion


  • poor soundstage (soundstage is perceived to be in listeners head not in front)
  • hi-bass is overemphasized
  • 4dB dip around 700 Hz will push lead vocals to the back
  • treable dip around 6kHz will mud the lead vocals 


Shure SE215

Buy From Amazon –Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones with Single Dynamic MicroDriver

Main Specs:

  • Detailed sound with enhanced bass so you can hear the details of your music
  • Sound-isolating design locks in sound and blocks out noise
  • Lightweight, low-profile shape with optimized nozzle angle rests comfortably in your ears
  • Detachable, Kevlar-reinforced cable is durable enough to withstand wear, yet allows easy replacement in case of an emergency
  • Over-the-ear configuration keeps cables out of the way
  • Gold-plated MMCX 1/8″ connector has a lock-snap mechanism allowing 360-degree rotation for a comfortable fit
  • 2-year limited warranty (see warranty information)
  • Includes Fit Kit, which contains small, medium, and large sleeves, as well as a soft carrying case
  • Single dynamic MicroDriver speaker
  • 20 ohms impedance
  • 22Hz-17.5kHz frequency range


  • great for drumers
  • comfortable
  • good isolation
  • great soundstage
  • amazing low end and clarity
  • great for vocals and guitars too
  • clear mids and highs



  • no in-line controls
  • accuracy 


Buy From Amazon –SONY MDR-EX650 T Inner ear Headphones Brass brown

Main Specs:

  •  driver – 12 mm, dome type
  • frequency – 5-28000Hz
  • output – 107dB/mW
  • volume Control – Yes
  • lmpedance – 16 ohms at 1kHz
  • sensitivity – 100dB/mW
  • cord length – 3.93ft(1.2m) Y-Type
  • plug-3.5mm Four-conductor L-shaped gold-plated plug for iPod with remote function
  • weight – 0.3 Oz. (9 g)


  • good bass
  • firm brass build
  • crisp mids and highs


  • durability
  • wiring


Brainwavz S3

Buy From Amazon – Brainwavz S3 Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphones | Earbuds | Earphones with Remote and Microphone

Main Specs:

  • Wearing Style: Canal phones
  • Frequency Response: 16Hz-22kHz
  • Sound Pressure: 96dB
  • Jack: 3.5


  • nice bass response
  • warm, detailed mids, responsive enough
  • solid design
  • soundstage and imaging
  • nice overall detail



  • weak treble (cymbals lack accent)


Trinity Audio Delta

best earbuds


Main Specs:

  • Drivers: 8mm neodymium
  • Impedance: 16Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 110 +/- 3DB
  • Frequency response: 19 – 21000Hz
  • Cable length: 1.2 meters


  • superior buld
  • all interchangeable tuning filters working more than fine
  • great response of all three frequency spectrum segments
  • good soundstage
  • sturdy cable


  • average sound with the purple filter ( treble)

Filters explained:

  • SILVER = Enhanced bass. Offering a V shape signature while retaining plenty of musical detail
  • GUNMETAL (Smooth) = Natural. Offering a more balanced sound signature across the frequencies.
  • PURPLE  = Treble. Offering a reduced bass signature with an focus on upper mids and treble.
  • GOLD  = Perfect balance between gunmetal and purple filters SILVER (Fun) = Enhanced bass. Offering a V shape signature while retaining plenty of musical detail
  • SILVER (with damper) = Enhanced bass. Offering a V shape signature while retaining plenty of musical detail with smoothed treble
  • PURPLE (With damper) = Treble. Offering a reduced bass signature with an focus on upper mids and treble. (treble smoothed)
  • GOLD (With damper) = Perfect balance between gunmetal and purple filters (treble smoothed)
  • RED (Black damper) = This is a new version of our silver filter with the treble rolled off for more of an L shape signature
  • BLACK (Black Damper) = Re-imagining of the purple filter, this filter is quite neutral with the high frequencies allowed to shine a little over the mids.
  • GREEN (Black damper) = Much like our Gunmetal filter with controlled highs and midrange lifted a little
  • BLUE (Black damper) = Whole range in balance nothing over done, bass heads need not apply
  • ORANGE (Black Damper = Very lean signature and won’t be for most people, treble rolled off

Price ~ $88

The Rest Of The Best Earbuds Family Empire

Basically, the presented earbud pairs above are the best of the best for Hip Hop music production. But we still left couple of more in-ear monitoring system choices for you to test, just in case. With the biggest hope that you will thoroughly inspect them one by one and find your perfect little sweet pair. We also hope you enjoyed your spare reading time and that we helped once again in finding the right solution for your audio art fixes. Here is the rest of the earbugging crew:

    • Audio-Technica ATH-ANC23

    • Marshall Mode EQ

    • AKG Y20U

  • Optoma NuForce BE6i

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